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1BarnOwl was primarily written by Nelson Elhage and Alejandro Sedeno at
2the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
4The following people have provided patches or other contributions:
5  Alex Vandiver
6  Kevin Chen
7  Arun Tharuvai
8  Sam Hartman
9  Derrick Brashear
10  David Glasser
11  Eric Price
12  Matthew Goldstein
13  Geoffrey Thomas
14  Anders Kaseorg
15  Greg Price
16  Chris Lesniewski-Laas
17  Alex Dehnert
18  Edward Z. Yang
19  Karl Ramm
20  Evan Broder
21  David Benjamin
22  Cathy Zhang
23  Joshua Oreman
24  Leonid Grinberg
25  Kevin Riggle
26  Brian Sniffen
27  William Throwe
28  Jason Gross
29  Adam Glasgall
30  Tim Hill
31  DD Liu
32  Betsy Riley
33  Robert Jacobs
35BarnOwl is based on code from Owl, which was originally primarily
36written by James Kretchmar.  Erik Nygren also made substantial
37contributions and improvements to the program.
39The following people provided patches and other technical support for
42  Stephen Gildea
43  Greg Hudson
44  David Resnick
45  Marc Horowitz
46  Jeremy Daniel
47  Roman Mitz
48  Derrick J Brashear
49  David Glasser
50  Mark Eichin
52Mark Eichin is also maintaining the Debian package of Owl.
54The following people helped with beta testing the earliest versions of
57  Andy Ellis, Erin Panttaja, Gisele Proulx
58  Ron Hoffmann, Jag Patel, Tara Holm
59  Heather Wakefield, Emiliy Havens,
60  Matt Braun, Jeff Schiller
62The ASCII art owl was created by Anne LaVin.
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