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Fixing the jwrite from gtalk bug . We were setting the from attribute in outbound messages, but google appends some random crap to the end of our resource and we're not aware of what it is, so we were sending from not out resource.
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1* We generate jwrite -i command lines, but don't do the right thing
2  with them yet. [nelhage]
3* The jabber roster looks ugly with multiline status messages and
4  long JIDs [nelhage]
5* Hangs on Ubuntu 6.06 [nygren] (see email)
6* Building barnowl on Athena and then running it on Linerva results in
7  sadness finding apparently related to having an incorrect
8  @INC. [kchen]
9* reply to resource names from ichat (foo's computer) fails badly [hartmans]
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