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Last change on this file since 1354456 was 5eeea3b, checked in by Erik Nygren <>, 22 years ago
Modified the behavior of last so that "> >" will clear the screen. The new behavior of last is: Moves the pointer to the last message in the view. If we are already at the last message in the view, blanks the screen and moves just past the end of the view so that new messages will appear starting at the top of the screen. Fixed a typo in the help for smartzpunt. Fixed functions to handle curmsg being past the end of the view.
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4        Added the 'search' command.
5        '/' is a keybinding for 'search'
6        '?' is a keybinding for 'search -r'
7        Fixed stristr, which was completely broken
8        renamed owl_fmtext_ztext_stylestrip to owl_function_ztext_styletsrip
9             and put it in functions.c
10        Attempts to stay near the current message when switching views.
11             When switching from an empty view to one we've previously
12             been in, the new current message position will attempt
13             to be close to the current position from the last
14             time we visited that view.
15        Fixed bug in readconfig.c that prevented building under perl 5.005.
16        Switched "C-x C-x" to only "startcommand quit"
17        'getsubs' prints closer to the order you sub in.
18        Modified the behavior of last so that "> >" will clear the screen.
19        The new behavior of last is:
20              Moves the pointer to the last message in the view.
21              If we are already at the last message in the view,
22              blanks the screen and moves just past the end of the view
23              so that new messages will appear starting at the top
24              of the screen.
25        Fixed a typo in the help for smartzpunt.
26        Fixed functions to handle curmsg being past the end of the view.
29        New framework for command handling.
30        New framework for keymap handling.
31        Added commands for everything that is bound
32             to a key (do 'show commands' to get the full list).
33        Added 'multi' and '(' commands to allow multiple commands
34             to be specified on a line.             
35        Added user keybindings with bindkey command.
36        Added command aliases (eg, "alias foo bar").
37        Added undelete command that parallels the delete command.
38        Added additional options to delete command.
39        The reply command now takes arguments.
40        Added 'edit:insert-text' command.
41        Added 'show zpunts' to show active punt filters.
42        Added 'show variable <name>' and 'show variables'.
43        Added 'show command <name>' and 'show commands'.
44        Added 'show keymap <name>' and 'show keymaps'.
45        Added 'M-u' to undelete all messages in current view.
46        Fixed dotsend so that the zephyr will still send if there
47             is whitespace after the dot but not on the same line.
48             This should resolve an issue where dotsend wouldn't work
49             if you'd gone up and edited a zephyr.
50        Bug in page down fixed
51        C-t will transpose characters
52        Fix the scrolling bug where we would sometimes fail to scroll
53             the screen down, leaving the current message off
54             the bottom of the screen.
55        Refixed 'login or login' typo in help
56        Fixed M-u description
57        Removed 'first' and 'last' from basic command help
58        Added M-N to basic key help
59        Added M-D, M-u to basic key help
60        Fixed a quoting problem in
61        Changed top of help to use 'show' instead of M-x
62        Fixed a bug in the summary field for user-created aliases
63        Added "reply zaway" which sends a zaway response to the current msg.
64        Added "edit:delete-prev-word" command and bound M-BACKSPACE to it.
65        Some buffer overruns fixed
66        Variables now have a summary and a long description.
67                Only the summary is shown with help.
68                The long description is shown with "show variable foo".
69        Added a 'scrollmode' variable which determines how the screen
70             will scroll as the cursor moves.  The default behaves
71             identically to previous versions of owl.
72             The following modes are supported:
73             normal      - This is the owl default.  Scrolling happens
74                           when it needs to, and an attempt is made to
75                           keep the current message roughly near
76                           the middle of the screen.  (default)
77             top         - The current message will always be the
78                           the top message displayed.
79             neartop     - The current message will be one down
80                           from the top message displayed,
81                           where possible.
82             center      - An attempt is made to keep the current
83                           message near the center of the screen.
84             paged       - The top message displayed only changes
85                           when user moves the cursor to the top
86                           or bottom of the screen.  When it moves,
87                           the screen will be paged up or down and
88                           the cursor will be near the top or
89                           the bottom.
90             pagedcenter - The top message displayed only changes
91                           when user moves the cursor to the top
92                           or bottom of the screen.  When it moves,
93                           the screen will be paged up or down and
94                           the cursor will be near the center.
95        Added owl_sprintf which returns the formatted string, or NULL.
96                The caller must free this string.
97                This will allocate enough memory and thus
98                avoid potential some buffer overrun situations.
99        Simple implementation of 'zwrite -m' (doesn't yet log an outgoing
100                message as having been sent.)
101        The "Not logged in or subscribing to messages" error
102                now includes the name of the recipient.
103        The "disable-ctrl-d" variable may also be set to "middle"
104                which will result in ctrl-d only sending at the
105                end of the message.  This is now the default.
106                This also added a command "editmulti:done-or-delete".
107        Fixed a bug in the "reply -e" command.
108        Always clear the command buffer before executing the command.
109                (So that interactive commands can sanely do start-command.)
110        Fixed preservation of e->dotsend across owl_editwin_clear().
111        Added history for multiline edit windows (eg, for zephyr composition).
112                The M-n and M-p keys will cycle through the history ring.
113                In particular, it is now possible to edit the command line
114                of a zephyr being composed:  C-c it and restart it
115                and then M-p to get the aborted composition back.
116        Added owl::send_zwrite(command, message) to the perl glue
117                to allow for the direct sending of multi-line messages.
118                For example:  owl::send_zwrite("-c foo -i bar", "hello");
119        Changed owl_fmtext_print_plain to return an alloc'd string to
120                avoid buffer overrun risks.
121        Added owl::ztext_stylestrip("...") function to perlglue
122                 which returns the ztext with formatting stripped out.
123        Added colorztext variable which can be used to disable @color()
124                 strings arriving in messages after it is set.
125                 (Currently, changing its value won't reformat messages).
126        Outgoing zephyr logging now obeys the logpath variable.
127        The '~' character in logpath and classlogpath now gets
128                 replaced with the user's home directory.
129        Added simple implementation of smartnarrow-to-admin that
130                 creates a "type-admin" autofilter.
131                 This was done mostly so that M-C-n and M-C-p do something
132                 sane on admin messages.
133        Added opera to the allowed options to the webbrowser variable.
134        Fixed some buffer overruns in the "reply" command.
135        When repying to "all" on a message that begins with "CC:" (eg, sent
136                 with "zwrite -C", the reply line will be constructed
137                 from the sender and the usernames on the CC: line
138                 of the message being replied to.
139        There is no such thing as C-R, so left C-r as it is but added:
140                 M-r --- edit reply to all
141                 M-R --- edit reply to sender
142        Added RCS Id strings to all files.
143        'show keymaps' shows details of all keymaps after summary list.
144        Added --no-move option to delete command.
145                In particular, delete-and-always-move-down may now
146                be implemented with
147                '( delete --no-move ; next --skip-deleted )'.
148        Folded the nextmsg and prevmsg commands and functions together into
149                one command which takes arguments.
150                Added '--filter <name>' option (eg, for next_personal),
151                '--skip-deleted' option, and
152                '--last-if-none'/'--first-if-none' options.
153                Help updated accordingly. 
154                In particular, the 'personal' filter is now used
155                for 'next personal'. 
156                Added --smart-filter and --smart-filter-instance options
157                to the next and prev commands.
158        Updated examples/owlconf.erik with the above.
159        Made owl_function_fast*filt return a string and not do the
160                narrowing, to make it more general.
161        Added a smartfilter command that creates a filter
162                based on the current message and returns the name
163                of the filter.
164        Added M-C-n and M-C-p keybindings to "move to next message
165                matching current" and "move to previous message
166                matching current"
167        Added variables edit:maxfillcols and edit:maxwrapcols which
168                will limit how wide editing paragraphs may get before
169                they get wrapped.  This is a max and may be narrower
170                depending on the current size of the window.
171                If 0, the max is unlimited.  Default is 70 columns for
172                edit:maxfillcols and unlimited for edit:maxwrapcols.
173        Added smartzpunt command with key binding of "C-x k".
174                This starts a zpunt command filled in with
175                the proposed zpunt.
176        Fixed a memory reference bug in delete and undelete commands.
177        Added support for perl to call directly back into owl.
178        Changed the implementation of owl::command("...") to immediately
179                call back into owl.  This allows perl to get the return
180                value of strings returned by owl commands.
181        Added the getview command which returns the name of the current
182                view's filter. 
183        Added the getvar command which returns the value of a variable.
184        Added an example to examples/owlconf.erik which uses TAB to
185                narrow and restore the view. 
186        Added an example to examples/owlconf.erik which uses M-c to
187                color messages matching the current one green.
188        Integrated change to fix problem with popup blinking on new zephyrs.
189        C-l and resizes will now refresh an open viewwin (eg, help).
190        Updated doc/code.txt to include info about filters, commands,
191                contexts, and keybindings.
192        Exec commands cleaned up to not have buffer-size limitations
193                and to not mess up spaces.  exec also returns a string
194                of the output now.
195        Integrated changes from 1.1.3, and added docs for "zlocate -d"
196                and new show commands.
197        Show with arguments produces help on show.
198        Fix a bug in readconfig caught by efence (where we'd try to read before
199                the beginning of a string if it was empty).
200        The perl command doesn't do makemsg directly, but instead
201             returns the string and it will get printed if it
202             was run interactively.
205        'show subs' and 'show subscriptions' are now the same as 'getsubs'
206        zlocate now takes an optional -d argument
207        'show terminal' / 'show term'
208        '>' / last doesn't set the last message at the top of the screen now
209        implemented _followlast as an unsupported feature
210        include 'default' in the 'show colors' list
211        added help for 'zpunt' and 'zunpunt'
212        changed the bug address in the startup message
213        can now do 'show status'
214        can now do 'show version'
215        'status' / 'show status' includes the owl version number now
216        'show terminal' includes whether the terminal can change colors
217        fixed off by one bugs in paging / scrolling viewwin
218        don't downcase the sender when getting the log name for personals
219        support @owl::fields as well as @fields
220        downcase class/inst filter names in auto filters
223        Fixed memory mishandling bug
224        Fixed bug in redfining the filter attached to the current view
225        M-n will narrow to message, instance on non-personal, class
226             MESSAGE messages
227        M-N behavies like M-n except that on class messages it narrows
228            to class and instance
229        line wrap earlier, to account for tabbing
230        fixed typo in help
231        'status' command now displays info on terminal color support
232        zephyr @ formatting is now case independant
233        added support for color terminals
234        zephyr @color(foo) now works
235        'D' for deleted messages is now not bold, unless it's the current
236          message
237        F1 displays the help screen
238        added filter colors
239        added the 'colorview' command
240        added the 'show colors' command
241        users who don't have a .zephyr.subs get a simpler format for
242          incoming messages
243        If colors are available 'show filters' will show a filter in the
244          color associated with it.
245        Added the zpunt and zunpunt commands
246        Lines in the subs file starting with '-' are zpunted
247        Include login/logout messages in auto user filters
248        'V' changes to the home view ('all' by default)
251        Fixed perl, aperl, and pperl commands to deal with quoting
252              and spaces in a saner manner.
253        Removed all owl_get_* methods for booleans and switched
254              cases where they were used to owl_is_*
255        Changes to owlconf.erik to use some new features.
256        Increased the size of the help buffer (as it
257              was overflowing and truncating the help message).
258        Variables prefixed with a _ are not shown in help
259              or by printallvars (and prefixed Not Yet Implemented
260              variables with this).
261        Fix typo in help
262        include stdio.h in functions.c
263        remove stale "q to quit" from bottom of info message
264        fix downward scrolling more than a page
265        use authentication for zlocate, by default
266        fixed buffer over run in info command on long messages
267        call 'perl <file>' from Makefile to avoid hardcoding perl paths
268        in Makefile don't build owl_prototypes.h unless necessary
269        store the time for admin messages
270        display admin message time in 'info' command
271        fixed an editwin M-> last character bug
274        reply is a normal function now
275        'R' does reply to sender
276        'T' tells you how many messages were marked for deletion
277        local realm removed from login / logout messages
278        added command history
279        better runtime / starttime reporting in 'status' command
280        leave the pointer near the current message after expunge
281        C-l recenters editwin
282        implemented zlocate
283        @italic works the same as @i
284        on reply only quote class / instance when necessary
285        C-r allows you to edit the reply line
286        don't use unecessary options in reply line
287        display 'info' errors in msgwin, not popup
288        impelemnted aexec, pexec commands
289        the zsig now goes through ztext formatting
290        messages have id numbers now
291        'info' prints the msgid
292        added the 'filter' command
293        added the 'view' command
294        added the 'show filter' command
295        added the 'viewclass' (and 'vc') commands
296        added the 'viewuser' (and 'vu') commands
297        M-n will filter to the current class or user
298        'v' starts a view command
299        M-D will delete all messages in current view
300        added the 'delete' (and 'del') command
301        load-subs with no argument loads the default subs file
302        '<truncated>' is now when the *current* message is truncated
303        the reply-lockout filter (with default) specifices messages that
304           cannot be replied to.
305        in the configfile owl::receive_msg is run whenever a message is
306          received
307        added the beep command
308        added the contributors file
309        declare ZGetSubscriptions and ZGetLocations since the includes
310          don't seem to
311        fixed bug in displaying last line in popwin if no final '\n'
312        'T' uses the 'trash' filter now
313        zaway_msg, zaway_msg_default and zaway are all user variables now.
314        zsig variable overrides zsigproc
315        If there's no appendtosepbar don't interfear with the sepbar
316        Changed: owl_message_get_numlines will return 0 of m is NULL
317        Added login messages to messages marked by owl_function_delete_automsgs
318        Added owl_function_delete_by_id(id) which acts independent of view
319        Added "-id <id>" option to delete command
320        Fixed an arg checking bug in delete command
321        Added owl::id to perl namespace with message id
322        Fixed a memory corruption bug in readconfig.c (where right
323              after the strdup to "out", we'd strcat a \n onto the end.
324              This would be triggered whenever owl::format_msg returned
325              a string not ending in a newline
326        Added 'X' keybinding which expunges and then switches to
327              a view defined by the variable "view_home" which defaults
328              to "all"
329        Consolidated readconfig.c somewhat to remove duplication.
330              owl_config_execute now returns a string.
331        Added an example config file that does vt-style formatting.
332              (examples/owlconf.vtformat)
333        Added the 'perl', 'aperl', and 'pperl' commands which will
334              evaluate perl expressions.
335        Fixed bug where pclose zsigproc would cause zombies
336        Can set zsigproc or zsig to "" to disable
337        Added support for multiple browsers (galeon and none were added).
338              Configure with the "webbrowser" variable.
339        Changing typewinsize height triggers resize event.
340        Added zsig variable which will be used if no zsigproc and non-empty.
341        Added "make test" rule to Makefile which will run regression tests,
342              and added regression testing framework to tester
343        Fixed to ignore static declarations.
344        Added dict.c which contains string->ptr dictionary routines
345              and the owl_dict type.
346              These include regression tests.
347        Overhaul/rewrite of variable handling.  Variables are now managed
348              in an owl_vardict (in g.vars) which contains a dictionary
349              of owl_variable's.  Each owl_variable has dispatch functions
350              for validating values, setting it and getting it,
351              and for setting it to and from string values.
352              The variable.c file contains the list of variables.
353              Stubs for the owl_global_<varname>_get functions and friends
354              are generated from variable.c by
355              The help.c messages for variables now calls into variable.c
356              so all information about most variables is in one place.   
357        Cleaned out code from global.c and command.c that was made obselete
358              by variable overhaul.
359        The set command now takes a -q option to not log a message.
360        Fixed a bug where set and print with no arguments would
361              print "Undefined variable" in addition
362              to running owl_function_printallvars.
363        debug is now a variable that can be turned on and off.
364        Fixed mail,inbox message parsing in examples/owlconf.erik
365        Made zaway_msg and zaway_msg_default into variables
366        Changed owl_function_makemsg and owl_function_debugmsg
367               to use varargs (ie, so they can now take a format
368               string with args).
369        Don't allow " and \ characters in URLs with the "w" command.
370        Removed lots of build warnings.
371        Popwins are wider by default so help messages fit better.
372        Added an atokenize_free function.
373        Fixes to work with an older version of libzephyr.
374        Added dependencies on header files to
375        Added pageup and pagedown key bindings to message list
376        Added pageup and pagedown to viewwin
377        Added configfile section to doc/intro.txt (from example config file)
378        Added appendtosepbar variable which may contain text which will
379              be appended to the sepbar.  This allows the configfile
380              to put information about pings and logins into
381              the sepbar.  (It may be worth also providing a variable
382              which enables this by default, but for now this allows
383              for experimenting with what works well.)
384        Added doc/code.txt which gives a brief overview of the code.
385        Added tags makefile rule and added TAGS to distclean rule.
388        fix frees in loadsubs and loadloginsubs
389        don't return in owl_free
392        'print' and 'set' with no arguments prints all variables
393        Added the 'unsubscribe' and 'unsub' command
394        Renamed the 'unsub' command to 'unsuball'
395        Added the 'getsubs' command which is like zctl ret
396        Fixed bug in logging messages sent to more than one recipient
397        Support '-C', '-O', and '-n' options to zwrite
398        Fixed bug in owl_editwin_delete_char when there are no later chars
399          after the cursor
400        Make "more" and "truncated" work in the status bar
401        enable printing of zsigproc and loginsubs variables
402        only allow message scrolling if the message is actually off the
403          screen
404        'T' will mark all automated message for deletion
405        'P' will go to the next personal message
406        'M-P' will go to the previous personal message
407        replying to a login message goes to the user now
408        added a status command
409        added the intro doc to the release
410        fixed off by one bug in viewwin
411        added complete online help
412        pass $owl::realm in configfile
413        fixed editwin wordwrapping on the last line
414        fixed editwin problem with key_right past the last char
415        print an error and quit if the configfile can't be parsed
416        got rid of owl_mainwin_calculate_topmsg
417        fixed off by one error in calculating topmsg upwards
418        you can now reply to an admin message
419        don't display an error about keypress on window resize
422        fixed bug in viewing messages longer than the screen
423        indicate in the sepbar if there is a non zero vert offset
424        send on '.' on a line by itself
425        added disable-ctrl-d variable
426        fixed bug where C-k did not delete the last \n in the buffer
427        make non-character meta keys work
428        use ZSendNotice instead of ZSendList
429        implemented <, >, M-< and M-> in viewwin
430        removed the spaces at the bottom of viewwin
431        added 'about' command
432        fixed bug using 'M' with no current message
433        changed message object to use char *'s to save on memory
434        change malloc, realloc, strdup and free to use owl hooks so that
435           debugging can be added
438        fixed a trailing space bug in the parser
439        impelemented the "burning ears" feature
440        have admin messages do ztext parsing
441        fixed bug in reporting which M- key was pressed
442        C-g will now cancel commands like C-c
445        implemented owl_function_full_redisplay().
446        C-l uses owl_function_full_redisplay().
447        when a popwin exists to a full redisplay.  (fixes bug)
448        improved the owl_editwin_process_char logic
449        removed all unnecessary wrefresh's and replaced with wnoutrefesh
450        owl_editwin_redisplay now takes an argument to optionally doupdate()
451        improved the cut-and-paste speed by not doing a usleep the first
452          time through the loop after getting a keypress.
453        nuked typwin.c and associated stuff.  It's useless now.
454        added viewwin code for paging windows
455        curly braces work for zephyr formatting
456        @i in zephyr formatting will be displayed as underlined text
457        turned off idlok
458        implemented viewwin
459        implemented viewwi in popwin for pageable popwins
460        help, info now use pageable popwins
461        bound 'M' to bring the current message up in a popwin
462        return, space bar, 'b' and backspace now scroll within a message
463        turned off resize message
464        C-v and M-v page the main window
465        implemented owl_message_is_mail
466        some build cleanup
470        added owl_message_is_personal and have things use it
471        added owl_message_is_private
472        fixed 'print personalbell' and have 'set personalbell'
473           print a message
474        bold only on message_is_personal
475        display the realm if not local
476        implemented M-f, M-b, M-d, M-<, M-> in editwin
477        implemnted word wrapping in editwin
478        implemented M-q (paragraph-fill) in editwin
479        fixed bug that caused owl to segfault logging a 'weird' class
480        M-x is a keysym for ':'
481        added smart bolding and userclue
482        fixed a bug causing pings to beep even if rxping is off
485        fixed bug in logging code
488        implemented personal logging
489        implemented class logging
490        implemented resize of typewin
491        fixed the backspace problem
492        -v command line option prints the version number
495        load-subs will report error opening file
496        skip comment lines in loadsubs and loadloginsubs
497        changed internal references to rxping and txping
498        fix replying to a blank instance
499        added subscribe command
500        subscribe to login messages from .anyone by default
501        'loginsubs' variarble controlls automated login messages
502        redisplay the editwin after a resize
503        leave the cursor in the editwin if active
504        fix problems in the build system
505        added displayoutgoing variable
506        temporarily removed error printing for zlog in / out
509        fixed bug in "message sent to <foo>" for zwrite
512        help updated
513        zaway key set to caps A
514        support zephyring other realms
515        rxping variable for receiving pings
516        txping variable for sending pings
517        function in place to resize typwin
518        C-l to refresh
519        personal bell variable
520        beta message now an admin message
523        Added the debug command and flag
524        Fixed bug in printing fields in info command
525        Added owl_fmtext_append_ztext and use it
526        Better formating for pings and login zephyrs
527        make tester depends on proto
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