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BarnOwl 1.6rc1
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2 * Support filtering on whether a message has been deleted.
3 * Properly quote strings containing newlines or tabs.
4 * Check for an unset mark in owl_editwin_replace_region.
5 * Add the "narrow-related" variable.
6 * Fix a display bug under perl 5.12.
7 * Only use typewindelta when opening multiline editwins.
8 * Add some checks to ./configure.
9 * Fix a use-after-free in popexec.c
10 * Make pseudologins asynchronous
11 * Fix some bugs in editwin handling and clean up code.
12 * Add new command unbindkey for removing keybindings
13 * zcrypt: Implement AES encryption support using GPG.
14 * Add usage messages to everything in scripts/
15 * Split zcrypt into an external, standalong binary.
16 * Fix minor documentation typo
17 * Document the init/cleanup vs. new/delete naming conventions.
18 * Clean up code naming conventions to help avoid memory leaks..
19 * Add edit:help command for zsh-style in-edit help
20 * Use libpanel to simplify and improve display layer.
21 * Jabber: Mention [-a <account>] in :help jwrite.
22 * Fix zcrypt when compiling without krb4 -oremanj@MIT.EDU
23 * Send multiple PRIVMSGs for IRC messages entered as multiple paragraphs
24 * Require automake ≥ 1.7.0, and don’t warn about portability to non-GNU make.
25 * Use only direct children in SUBDIRS, to appease automake 1.7.
26 * IRC: irc-disconnect on a pending reconnect should cancel it.
27 * Complete several commands that accept a filename.
28 * Complete the 'print' and 'bindkey' commands.
31 * Fix numerous memory leaks.
32 * owl_message_get_cc_without_recipient: Don’t overflow the output buffer.
33        (Fixes CVE-2010-0793)
34 * owl_command_aimwrite: Fix a buffer overflow on aimwrite -m.
35 * zcrypt: Don’t read off the end of misaligned input messages.
36 * Fix zcrypt when compiling without krb4 -oremanj@MIT.EDU
37 * Fix a crash narrowing to certain messages.
38 * Fix a subtle bug in the perl bindings.
39 * Squelch an 'uninitialized' warning in recv:shift-left.
42 * Show the prompt in short editwins when scrolling back to the start.
43 * Improve handling of some Jabber messages.
44 * Allow ^Z to be rebound.
45 * Skip some IRC admin messages by default, controlled by irc:skip
46 * Reconnect and re-join channels on IRC disconnect
47 * Correct the --with-libzephyr help string to --with-zephyr.
48 * Improve performance narrowing to certain filters.
49 * Add completion for :filter*
50 * Fix filter*
51 * Mark the current mark with an asterisk
52 * Complete class names for the 'unsub' command.
53 * Make control characters human-readable
54 * Further complete the show command
55 * Fix a bug reflowing text in the editwin.
56 * Reconnect to MUCs when reconnecting to Jabber.
57 * Fix spurious trailing newlines in zsigs.
58 * Fix the behavior of the zsig variable.
59 * Drop owl_animate_hack.
60 * Add IRC server and channel listing to buddylist
61 * Make Jabber try to reconnect when disconnected, at exponential intervals
62 * Better documentation for jabberlogout.
63 * jabberlogout -a --> jabberlogout -A
64 * Change the default jabber resource to 'barnowl'
65 * Updated Jabber documentation for consistency.
66 * Document :bindkey more clearly.
69 * Fix description of edit:history-next
70 * Don’t loop infinitely on matching the empty string.
71 * Fix a typo in the jroster help message.
72 * IRC: Handle 'nosuchchannel' events.
73 * Add a function for perl to query whether Zephyr is available.
74 * Add a perl hook that is called once Zephyr is initialized.
75 * AIM: Decode incoming messages properly.
76 * AIM: Correctly send outgoing IMs with high-bit characters.
77 * IRC: Encode outgoing messages as utf-8.
78 * Return unicode strings to perl.
79 * IRC: Fix '-a' with commands that take a channel.
80 * Catch ^Z and display a message instead of suspending.
81 * Fix missing commands from command completion.
82 * Make kill-region stop killing extra bytes after multibyte characters.
83 * Squelch some 'uninitialized' warnings in IRC completion.
84 * Add minimal completion for 'aimwrite'.
85 * Zephyr completion: Convert fields to lowercase for completing.
86 * Implement a shift_words method on completion contexts.
87 * Export skiptokens to perl.
88 * owl_text_quote: Don’t leak a kretch-sized buffer.
89 * Spread the background color across the right hand side of messages
90 * Perl callout for zsig computation + move default to perl
91 * BarnOwl::get_zephyr_variable gets you a .zephyr.vars variable
92 * Correctly prototype functions with no parameters as foo(void), not foo().
93 * Cause unsub to warn user if user wasn't subbed
94 * Refresh popwin border when we redisplay viewwin
95 * owl_command_zcrypt: Fix a compile warning building without zcrypt.
96 * Compile with warnings enabled by default.
97 * Add equivalent long options for all short options.
98 * Remove defunct TODO and BUGS files.
99 * editwin: Properly update points inside a replaced region.
100 * Shift-R on CC zephyrs should go to the sender only
101 * BarnOwl::Module::Jabber: Quote jroster auth, deauth commands.
102 * Use automake’s silent-rules mode if available, for quieter build output.
103 * Add configurable time display
104 * Add BarnOwl::redisplay()
105 * Bind C-v and M-v in popless windows
106 * Fix an off by one error in some editwin code.
107 * Make zdots work even if the buffer has trailing whitespace.
108 * Fix pseudo-login interation with zephyr initialization.
109 * Correct the --with-libzephyr help message in the configure script.
110 * Set the UTF-8 flag on on strings we pass to Perl.
111   * aim.c, perlconfig.c: Fix format string bugs.
112 * BarnOwl::Completion: Use multi-argument quote.
113 * Jabber: Add quoting for editwin prompt.
114 * IRC: Add quoting for reply commands and editwin prompt.
115 * Fix quoting for filterappend, filterand, filteror.
116 * skiptokens: Handle quotes more correctly.
119 * Clean up the edit window code significantly. -kcr
120 * Support inputting tabs in the editwin. -kcr
121 * Support C-y for yanking text in the editwin. -kcr
122 * Implement some convenience commands for working with filters. -adehnert
123 * IRC: Fix "ARRAY(0x...)" at the start of 'whois' output. -nelhage
124 * Expands tabs to 8 spaces in incoming and outgoing messages. -nelhage
125 * Make 'zwrite -C ... -m ...' add a CC: line. -nelhage
126 * Switch the build system to use automake. -nelhage
127 * Make BarnOwl::$COMMAND to warn if it tokenizes its arguments. -nelhage
128 * Expose more editwin functionality to perl. -nelhage
129 * Quash a zephyr 3 warning by adding some missing consts. -andersk
130 * Fix crash on malformed multi command. -andersk
131 * owl_command_punt_unpunt: Plug memory leak. -andersk
132 * stderr_redirect_handler: Plug a memory leak. -andersk
133 * Jabber: Sort roster entries. -asedeno
134 * Get rid of a whole bunch of useless casts. -andersk
135 * Reimplement search in terms of owl_regex. -andersk
136 * Export owl_function_debugmsg to perl as BarnOwl::debug(). -nelhage
137 * Implement a tab-completion framework. -nelhage
138 * Tab-complete commands. -nelhage
139 * Tab-complete zephyr commands. -nelhage
140 * Tab-complete help command. -davidben
141 * Tab-complete :jwrite. -asedeno
142 * Tab-complete :filter. -davidben
143 * Tab-complete IRC commands. -broder
144 * Tab-complete the :show command. nelhage
145 * Tab-complete :vu and :vc. -nelhage
146 * Tab-complete :set and :getvar. -davidben
147 * Tab-complete :view. -davidben
148 * Improve JID resolution. -asedeno
149 * Quash some unused variable warnings building --without-zephyr. -andersk
150 * Use 'const' modifiers in the source where appropriate. -andersk
153 * Fix building with Zephyr support. -nelhage
154 * Support --with-stack-protector in 'configure'. -nelhage
157 * Fix some typos in source and messages. -adehnert
158 * Support an explicit --with{out,}-zephyr configure option. -nelhage
159 * Display a nicer error in :blist if .anyone doesn't exist. -geofft
160 * Don't zcrypt shift-R replies to zcrypted messages -adehnert
161 * Export a time_t for messages to perl as 'unix_time' -nelhage
162 * Get rid of cryptic numeric messages after IRC commands. -ezyang
163 * IRC: Include IRC admin messages in the 'irc' filter. -geofft
164 * Fix M-LEFT and M-RIGHT bindings. -nelhage
165 * Fix replycmd to use right class/instance -adehnert
166 * Allow SIGINT to interrupt getting the Zephyr buddy list -nelhage
167 * Break into multiple files. -nelhage
168 * Handle errors in better. -nelhage
169 * Don't attempt to send a Zephyr logout if we never initialized Zephyr. -nelhage
170 * Display personals better in OneLine mode. -adehnert
171 * Display context for pings -adehnert
172 * Support --program-{prefix,suffix,transform}. -nelhage
173 * Send instanced pings and give useful error messages -adehnert
174 * Add <message,*,%me%> to default Barnowl subs. -adehnert
175 * Maintain instance when using shift-R on personals -adehnert
176 * Improve handling of outgoing instanced personals -adehnert
177 * Don't require personals to be -i personal. -geofft
178 * Display context for personals, so as to make <message,*,%me> usable. -geofft
179 * Implement mark and swap in the message list. -asedeno
180 * Fix handling of C-SPACE. -nelhage
181 * Fix some warnings. -nelhage
182 * Handle SIGINT, and make ^C interrupt searches. -nelhage
183 * Fix the usage line for punt/unpunt -nelhage
184 * Small bugfixes to release scripts. -nelhage
187 * Fix bogus errors 'subscribing to login messages'. -nelhage
188 * Correctly send Zephyr login notices at startup. -nelhage
189 * Fix compilation with Zephyr support. -alexmv
190 * Fix an issue with incoming Zephyrs being delayed. -asedeno
191 * Fix display of zpunt lines. -asedeno
192 * Handle invalid regular expressions better (fix a segfault). -nelhage
193 * Correctly handle zpunts with recipient %me%. -nelhage
194 * Always send outgoing Zephyrs in utf-8. -nelhage
195 * Fix documentation for 'zsig' and 'zisgproc'. -nelhage
196 * Fix personal replies on webzephyr. -geofft
197 * Fix two memory leaks formatting messages. -nelhage, andersk
198 * Fix Makefile on platforms with Solaris tar. -nelhage
201 * Support building with -fstack-protector. -hartmans
202 * Don't save partial passwords in editwin history. -nelhage
203 * Improve IRC documentation. -nelhage
204 * Don't use the 'zsender' variable for personals. -geofft
205 * Implement irc-quote and irc-mode. -nelhage
206 * Leave a one-column margin when wordwrapping. -nelhage
207 * Remove some autotools-generated files. -andersk
208 * Include IRC in the default build. -nelhage
209 * Add a wordwrapping variant of the default style. -nelhage
210 * Don't send stderr to admin messages. -nelhage
211 * Remove a build-dependency on krb4. -hartmans
212 * Allow the creation of type zephyr messages from perl. -geofft
213 * Initialize Zephyr asynchronously at startup. -nelhage
216 * Implement initial support for real timers. -nelhage
217 * Fix some compile warnings. -nelhage
218 * Don't ignore the --datarootdir setting. -andersk
219 * Replace questionable sprintf(buf, "%s...", buf, ...) pattern. -andersk
220 * Show IRC /me messages with the conventional * instead of bold -andersk
221 * Rip out the openurl function and related variables. -andersk
222 * Stop leaking perl variables in :perl. -nelhage
223 * Display multi-line error messages as admin messages. -nelhage
224 * Fix a bug rendering multi-byte characters in the last column of the window. -andersk
225 * Map Esc-A/B/C/D like arrow keys everywhere. -geofft
226 * Fix a bug trying to disconnect from Jabber with no accounts connected. -asedeno
227 * Call perl_sys_init3 to make libperl work on several other platforms. -hartmans
228 * Bind the 'Delete' key to delete the next character. -andersk
229 * Fix a double-free in owl_zephyr_delsub. -geofft
230 * Don't fill-paragraph the ending dot of the buffer. -price
231 * Fix numerous unsafe uses of sprintf(). -nelhage
232        (Fixes CVE-2009-0363)
235 * Added a ':show quickstart' command. -geofft
236 * Allow filters that reference a sub filter more than once non-cyclically. -nelhage
237 * Make 'version' return 'BarnOwl' not 'Owl'
238 * Escape interpolated regexes in filters. -andersk
239 * Various code cleanups. -andersk
240 * Fix format string injection bugs. -andersk
241 * Clean up various code warnings. -nelhage
242 * Replace questionable sprintf(buf, "%s...", buf, ...) pattern. -andersk
243 * Show IRC /me messages with the conventional * instead of bold. -andersk
244 * Rip out the openurl function and webbrowser variable. -andersk
247 * Moved BarnOwl source control to git on github.
248 * Only call the zsig proc when we actually send a message. -asedeno
249 * Strip out BOMs from Jabber messages. -asedeno
250 * Fix logging of personal jabbers from JIDs containing / -nelhage
251 * Fix Jabber breakage under reload-modules. -asedeno
252 * Make reload-moduled correctly re-run startup hooks. -asedeno
253 * Squelch Jabbers with no bodies, such as typing notifications. -asedeno
254 * Various small spelling and grammar fixes. -geofft
255 * Fix a segfault when sending short zcrypted messages. -asedeno
258 * Fix :reload-module's interactions with PAR modules
261 * Fix a segfault on retrieving zephyr subs when the user doesn't
262   have any or has expired tickets. -asedeno
263 * Don't complain about non-existant ~/.owl/startup when starting. -asedeno
264 * Fix narrowing to personals in IRC. -alexmv
265 * Don't segfault retrieving subscriptions without valid tickets. -asedeno
266 * Load modules even if .owlconf doesn't run successfully. -nelhage
267 * Update the manpage for barnowl. -nelhage
268 * Better support for irc-names, irc-topic, and irc-whois. -geofft
269 * Display /quit messages in IRC -geofft.
270 * Add a new perl hook for all new messages. -geofft
271 * Fix a bug causing corrupted input in the editwin on end-of-line. -nelhage
272 * Add better support for adding hooks in perl that behave correctly
273       on module reload. -nelhage
274 * Added a :reload-module command to reload a single module. -nelhage
275 * Fixed quoting issues replying to jabber users or MUCs containing
276        whitespace or quites. -nelhage
279 * Remove an unneeded .orig file from libfaim/ - hartmans
280 * Update the copyright notice in ':show license' - nelhage
281 * Add a jabber:spew variable that controls whether unrecognized
282   Jabber messages (such as pubsub requests) are displayed. - nelhage
283 * Make the 'style' command assume the main:: package for
284   unqualified subroutine references. Reported by Jesse Vincent. - nelhage
285 * Rename doc/contributors to the more canonical AUTHORS - nelson
288 * Don't fail silently when sourcing a file; actually let the user know. - asedeno
289 * Only hang for 1s, rather than 10s, if there is no zhm - nelhage
290 * Merge the unicode branch to trunk. BarnOwl is now unicode aware
291   and can send, receive, input and display UTF-8 encoded
292   messages. Unicode changelog:
293   * Put glib's CFLAGS and LDFLAGS at the beginning of the corresponding
294     variables. - nelhage
295   * Unicode branch: Fix building without zephyr. - asedeno
296   * Fix a unicode branch wordwrap problem. - asedeno
297   * Fixing an obscure wrapping bug that nelhage and I tracked down. - asedeno
298   * Rename to so Debian autoconf DTRT. - nelhage
299   *  Fix a bug in owl_editwin_move_to_previousword() which would skip over
300       single letter words. - asedeno
301   * I think I like this better. - asedeno
302   * Fix nelhage's key_left bug. Don't spin at the locktext boundary. - asedeno
303   * fix a typo in OWL_FMTEXT_UTF8_BGDEFAULT
304   * fix a parsing issue for attributes - asedeno
305   * Better compliance with UTF-8 processing. Stop trying
306     to pull in a UTF-8 character as soon as we know something has gone
307     wrong. - asedeno
308   * Removing more hackery I left behind after doing things
309     the right way. - asedeno
310   * editwin.c - fix a wrapping bug I introduced in the
311     last revision. It could leave us with a buffer that was not valid UTF-
312     8 - asedeno
313   * editwin.c - lots of utf-8 cleanup that I had been
314     putting off. util.c - a can we break here'' function based on perl's
315     Text::WrapI18N - asedeno
316   * Remove more bad hacks. - asedeno
317   * Remove a debug message I accidentally left in. Remove
318     the hours old check_utf8 hackery in favor of actually marking strings as
319     UTF-8 from the C side. - asedeno
320   * editwin.c: make locktext deal with UTF-8
321   * Jabber - More utf-8 sanitizing.
322   * Pet peeve - tabs. That should be the end of it for
323     now. - asedeno
324   * Shuffling a line of code to where it actually should
325     be. - asedeno
326   * Patches to jabber libraries for better UTF-8
327     handling. - asedeno
328   * fix a typo that was causing background problems
329   * pass defaults attributes through in the truncate functions - asedeno
330   * Eliminating a warning by un-internalizing a new fmtext
331     function. - asedeno
332   * Do not use bit 0x80 to indicate meta. We have other uses for that bit.
333   * shift it above ncurses's KEY_MAX instead. - asedeno
334   * drop unused struct member
335   * fixing post-processing in the editwin. - asedeno
336   * Preserve colors when highlighting search terms. - asedeno
337   * ignore KEY_RESIZE if we know what that is. We don't need an
338     unhandled keypress every time we resize the terminal. - asedeno
339   * more strict utf-8 byte fetching.
340     This probably still needs more work. - asedeno
341   * Strip formmating characters when dumping to
342     file. - asedeno
343   * fixing bugs in editwin bufflen calculations. - asedeno
344   * Fix search code so higlighting actually works. - asedeno
345   * Remove options for libcurses and libncurses. This really only works with
346     libncursesw. - asedeno
347   * text entry:
348    first pass at utf-8 text entry.
349   * Change wcwidth() calls to mk_wcwidth() - asedeno
350   * First pass at outbound zephyr -> iso-8859-1 sanitizing.
351     Not that we can input anything other than ascii yet...
352   * Fixing bug encountered when last field was not null-
353     terminated. - asedeno
354   * First pass at incoming zephyr -> UTF-8 sanitizing.
355     This only operates on incoming data so far. We still need to clean outgoing
356     data -- the plan is to attempt conversion to ISO-8859-1, and use that if it
357     works. - asedeno
358   * Reworked the fmtext format to use in-line formatting.  Characters used
359     for formatting are part of Unicode Supplemental Private Area-B, or
360     Plane 16.
361   * include wchar.h
362   * replace hand-rolled width detection with wcswidth.
363   * pad with space if we end up halfway into a character at the start of a line.
364   * UTF-8 - first pass
365   * make owl_text_truncate_cols() and owl_fmtext_truncate_cols() understand character width.
366     This may need more work. Some code duplication - see if we can refactor.
367   * stristr() rewritten to yse g_utf_casefold() instead of downstr(), and restructured to have a single return.
368   * only_whitespace() rewritten for unicode.
369 * Fix sending jabbers to JIDs beginning with `+' - nelhage
370 * Compile zcrypt.c with -w so I don't get all these warnings in my compile
371   output whenever I change any headers - nelhage
372 * Implement /me for outgoing IRC messages - geofft
373 * Add a makefile rule to support emacs flymake-mode - nelhage
374 * Bind the combinations the iPhone sends for arrow keys [probably other
375   terminals, too] - nelhage
376 * avoid null pointer dereference if msg is NULL (or a 0 length is
377   claimed) - shadow
378 * Move styles from the current mishmash of different options to a unified
379   perl object interface. - nelhage
380 * Refactor default style code somewhat to be more easily extensible - nelhage
381 * Put glib's CFLAGS and LDFLAGS at the beginning of the corresponding
382   variables. - nelhage
383 * IRC: /list, /who, and /stats commands - geofft
384 * IRC: Make M-N mostly, rather than completely, useless. - geofft
385 * Fix two small bugs in styling pointed out by broder - nelhage
386 * Document create_style - nelhage
387 * Move time_hhmm into a format_time method - nelhage
388 * Remove prototypes from - nelhage
389 * Quote regexp filter elements with spaces in them. - asedeno
390 * Deal with smart-narrowing when the user's screenname has spaces in it. - asedeno
391 * Add a new struct member to the global to hold an escaped aim screenname.
392    populate the aforementioned new struct member. - asedeno
393 * Removed our debian subdirectory, per Debian guidelines, at broder's
394   request. - geofft
395 * Make `all' the first target so we build the modules by default - nelhage
396 * Commit inc/ under IRC so we build on systems with too old a M::I - nelhage
397 * updating contributors - nelhage
398 * Clean up licensing information and add a COPYING file - nelhage
399 * Update bugs email to a more professional looking address, and remove the
400   Development build warning. - nelhage
402BarnOwl r989 (2008-03-21)
403 * Stick modules on the beginning of @INC, not the end - nelhage
404 * Merge in the select branch. BarnOwl's main loop now uses a select()
405   based event loop rather than continually polling, and uses much less
406   CPU. - asedeno
407 * Fix a bug where an explicit (local) realm foiled
408   owl_message_get_cc_without_recipient(). (per quentin) - geofft
409 * HTML Filtering fix for BODY tag - austein
410 * Add parenthesis to fix a perl error in IRC - nelhage
411 * Make IRC admin messages actually display their content - nelhage
412 * Fix a file descriptor leak. - asedeno
413 * Fix loading PAR modules that weren't present at startup - nelhage
414 * Update documentation for the select() BarnOwl - nelhage
415 * Render IRC notices as normal messages - nelhage
416 * ensure that even if ioctl(,TIOCGWINSZ,) returns 0s we never set g->lines
417   (and g->cols) to 0 - shadow
418 * Generate less ugly error spew if a module fails to load - nelhage
419 * Added :webzephyr command with keybinding W. - geofft
420 * Fix a race condition in which zephyrs received during init are not noticed
421   until the next zephyr after entering the mainloop. - asedeno
423BarnOwl r941 (2008-02-18)
424 * unicode/glib branch Remove a debug message I accidentally left in. Remove
425   the hours old check_utf8 hackery in favor of actually marking strings as
426   UTF-8 from the C side. - asedeno
427 * unicode/glib branch Remove more bad hacks. - asedeno
428 * Rewrite ::Connection to not subclass Net::IRC::Connection to avoid stupid
429   namespace conflicts - nelhage
430 * svn:ignore for great justice - nelhage
431 * Attempt to load BarnOwl::MessageList::SQL and error if it fails. Note that
432   the aforementioned class n'existe pas - nelhage
433 * unicode/glib branch editwin.c - lots of utf-8 cleanup that I had been
434   putting off. util.c - a can we break here'' function based on perl's
435   Text::WrapI18N - asedeno
436 * unicode/glib branch editwin.c - fix a wrapping bug I introduced in the
437   last revision. It could leave us with a buffer that was not valid UTF-
438   8 - asedeno
439 * dropping one unnecessary time(NULL) call. - asedeno
440 * unicode/glib branch removing more hackery I left behind after doing things
441   the right way. - asedeno
442 * unicode/glib branch better compliance with UTF-8 processing. Stop trying
443   to pull in a UTF-8 character as soon as we know something has gone
444   wrong. - asedeno
445*        First prototype of a SQL-backed message list. This is probably
446        horribly broken, and is painfully slow at the moment. - nelhage
447 * minor changes to IRC
448 * Resizing should not leave the current message off screen. - asedeno
449 * Added initial IRC support. Not built or installed by default. - geofft
450 * Preserve colors when highlighting search terms. - asedeno
451 * Handle zephyrs to users on non -c message better [trac #39] - nelhage
452 * Make :reload-modules work correctly with PARs - nelhage
453 * Document (nearly) every public function in the BarnOwl:: namespace -
454   nelhage
455 * strip IRC coloring from IRC messages - nelhage
456 * Document ::Hook and ::Hooks - nelhage
457 * Nuke the stylefunc_default C code - nelhage
458 * Nuke some refs to owl_message_get_notice - nelhage
459 * Clearing the line should preserve the echochar. - asedeno
460 * Fix logins to - reported by gendalia - asedeno
461 * Move oneline style to perl. [trac #43] - nelhage
462 * Fix the error messages sending to users who don't exist or aren't signed
463   on. - nelhage
464 * Jabber Buddy Lists:
465  * Query the jabber:show_offline_buddies once when invoking onGetBuddyList()
466  * Don't bold online roster entries when hiding offline ones - asedeno
467 * Portability - removing C++ style comments. - asedeno
468 * Add the variable 'zsender' to customize the outgoing Zephyr
469   username. - geofft
470 * Bind M-left and M-right by default in the editor - nelhage
471 * eliminate a segfault. - asedeno
473BarnOwl r796 (2008-01-08)
474 * Define variables at the top of blocks for better ANSI C-ness (patch by
475   Chris Laas) [trac #18] - nelhage
476 * Implement :punt and :unpunt to punt arbitrary filters, rather than just z-
477   triplets. [trac #6] - nelhage
478 * Show non-personal pings like stock owl does. [trac #12] - nelhage
479 * Fix problems with jabber servers keeping the same stream id when
480   negotiating TLS tracked down by Greg Hudson. - asedeno
481 * When we're narrowing to an instance, properly include un-instances. This
482   fixes narrowing to any instance that starts with ``un-'' - nelhage
483 * Don't read before the start of the string for an instance - nelhage
484 * Adding an explicit -f - to the tar commands for FreeBSD compatibility
485   (reported by ecprice) - nelhage
486 * Some fixes for FreeBSD. - ecprice
487 * Do ~-expansion in :loadsubs. [trac #26] - nelhage
488 * Validate JIDs passed to jmuc join. [trac #25] - nelhage
489 * Show full JIDs for users in non-anonymous JIDs in :jmuc presence. [trac
490   #24] - nelhage
491 * Don't crash if we hit `i' on a zephyr containing non-ASCII iso-8859-
492   *. - nelhage
493 * added -m flag to aimwrite - matt
494 * aimwrite -m displays according to displayoutgoing - austein
495 * Make the usleep call more reasonable for less CPU usage - asedeno
496 * Add zip as build-depends - nelhage
497 * bind END in popless windows. [trac #41] - nelhage
498 * Allow C-r on outgoing messages (useful for CCs) - chmrr
499 * Identify ourselves as barnowl more consistently - chmrr
500 * Report subscription errors more accurately. - chmrr
502BarnOwl r751 (2007-08-01)
503 * Refactored message processing: All new messages, incoming or outgoing, get
504   added to the owl_global_messagequeue by protocol code, and then passed to
505   owl_proces_message, which serves as a single central code path for adding
506   messages to the message list. - nelhage
507 * Properly pass the usage when defining the jabberlogin command - nelhage
508 * Outgoing messages now log as much information as incoming messages - chmrr
509 * Fix a pointer corruption issue if we redefine the current style. - nelhage
510 * Adding 3 variables for the Jabber module: jabber:show_offline_buddies,
511   jabber:auto_away_timeout, jabber:auto_xa_timeout - asedeno
512 * Don't include self when replying to CC'd messages - chmrr
513 * Outgoing CC'd messages get logged to all recipients - chmrr
514 * Incoming CC'd zephyrs logged to all people they were sent to - chmrr
515 * Change the width at which we hard-wrap outgoing zephyrs by default so
516   that zephyrs will fit on screen with the default style. (suggested by
517   andersk) - nelhage
518 * Added a -s switch to change the location of the config dir (~/.owl) -
519   nelhage
520 * Don't allow you to go off the end of an empty message list. [trac
521   #9] - nelhage
522 * Allow you to send to -c message -i personal * - nelhage
523 * Make zephyr smartnarrow use the `personal' and `private' distinction
524   properly [trac #2] - nelhage
525 * Change the default personal filter to <message,personal,*> for
526   zephyr. - nelhage
527 * Display opcodes with the default style - nelhage
529BarnOwl r720 (2007-05-29)
530 * Correctly define a ``private'' zephyr as one that is sent to a
531    recipient that is neither empty nor starts with ``@'' - nelhage
532 * Fix builds under make -j - nelhage
533 * Fix sending of zcrypted zephyrs - nelhage
534 * Rewrite perl internals to factor out module loading. - nelhage
535 * Fix display of zephyrs with empty instances - nelhage
536 * Implemented a Module::Install plugin for building barnowl plugins - nelhage
537 * Modified the makefile to build and install perl modules - nelhage
538 * Fix the bug in which rejoining a MUC you're already in (nick change)
539   results in the MUC appearing multiple times when you show presence info for
540   all MUCs. - asedeno
541 * Implemented loading of both PAR and unpacked modules, and module
542   reloading. - nelhage
543 * Make the Makefile build and install perl modules on a clean install.
544   - nelhage
545 * Implemented an LRU cache of the message list fmtexts. This reduces
546   memory usage by roughly 1MB/kilo-zephyrs in steady state. - nelhage
547 * Escape $ in regexes (e.g. smartnarrowed instances)
548  - nelhage
549 * Adding 256-color support. This requires a version of ncurses that supports
550   ABI-6. Colors beyond the first eight are refered to by number. - asedeno
551 * Correctly escape {} and () in regular expressions - nelhage
552 * When generating filters, change single quotes and double quotes into
553   dots, so they line parser doesn't choke on them. This fixes problems
554   smart-narrowing to instances such as "this'll break it". - asedeno
555 * Improving the private/personal distinction:
556 * ``private'' means to/or from an individual, not a chat/class/etc.
557 * ``personal'' means ``matches the personal filter'' - nelhage
558 * Beep on personal messages, not private, by default.
559  - nelhage
560 * Some small doc fixes (thanks to jwalden for pointing them out). - nelhage
561 * Added the ability to define new variables from perl. - nelhage
562 * Documented said ability via BarnOwl::new_variable_* - nelhage
563 * Add a "setsearch" command which sets the search highlight string without
564   moving the cursor. - glasser
566BarnOwl r657 (2007-03-06)
567 * Fix libfaim to make it compile - nelhage
568 * Apply some memory leak patches by alexmv and yoz - nelhage
569 * Make smartnarrow un- and .d-aware - chmrr
570 * Add a `getstyle' command - asedeno
571 * Make Test failures print file/line numbers - nelhage
572 * Fixed regression tests for booleans variables. - asedeno
573 * Add a perl perl hook into owl's main loop. - asedeno
574 * Added the ability to install real commands from perl code - nelhage
575 * Fix a hang in owl_editwin_move_to_previousword - nelhage
576 * Updated the version number and startup message - nelhage
577 * Added initial support for creating and injecting messages into the display
578   from perl. - nelhage
579 * Added the ability for perl code to hang arbitrary reply commands off of
580   messages. - nelhage
581 * Expose the edit window hooks to perl - nelhage
582 * Removed references to -ldes - kchen
583 * Exposed owl_function_error and owl_function_makemsg as commands - nelhage
584 * Implemented initial Jabber support. - asedeno
585 * Implemented initial Jabber groupchat support. - asedeno
586 * Added a perl hook to the buddy list display - nelhage
587 * Added a get_data_dir function to the perl interface - hartmans
588 * Don't include the default typemap in xsubpp compile line - hartmans
589 * Cause perl to always be loaded, even if no owlconf is present. - hartmans
590 * Implemented an extensible perl module system - hartmans
591 * Exposed owl_fuction_popless_text() and owl_fuction_popless_ztext() to
592   perl - asedeno
593 * Support multiple simaltaneous Jabber connections - asedeno
594 * Fixed a segfault on subbing without a .zephyr.subs file - nelhage
595 * Implemented Jabber Roster support - asedeno
596 * Don't quit if we can't contact the hostmaster. - nelhage
597 * Support filters based on arbitrary message attributes - nelhage
598 * Rewrote and massively cleaned up the filter system internals. - nelhage
599 * Fixed the ``personal'' filter to work better with all protocols - nelhage
600 * Made `smartnarrow' more generic, and implemented it for jabber. - nelhage
601 * Changed executable name to "barnowl" - nelhage
602 * Renamed the `owl::' package to BarnOwl:: - nelhage
603 * Dynamically link perl libraries - nelhage
604 * Added background color support - asedeno
605 * Added idle-time tracking, and updated jabber to automatically set away
606   status - asedeno
607 * Implemented shortnames for jabber rosters and jwriting. - nelhage
608 * Fixed a crash when smartnarrowing to instances with lots of periods or
609   other regular expression metacharacters. - nelhage
610 * Support comments in ~/.owl/startup - asedeno
611 * Dispal tweaks for MIT's -c discuss messages. - asedeno
612 * Don't override perl's idea of the switches we need to do embedding. -
613   shadow
614 * Make the default style perl, rather than C. - nelhage
615 * Refactor the default style to be protocol generic - nelhage
616 * Prefer ~/.barnowlconf to .owlconf, if it exists. - nelhage
617 * Intern hostnames and message attribute keys for a slight memory
618   saving. - nelhage
619 * Use libncursesw when available - asedeno
622        Don't crash when sending/logging outgoing
623           AIM message and not logged in [BZ 90]
624        Don't crash when senging to someone not on AIM buddy list [BZ 94]
625           (patch from Alex Vandiver)
628        Don't crash doing zlocate with bad tickets. [BZ 12]
629        Metion the path for the owlconf in intro.txt [BZ 54]
630        Print better error message if startup fails due to unreadable
631           .owlconf [BZ 57]
632        In load-subs: Print an error message if the file is unreadable or
633          doesn't exist, UNLESS load-subs is called with no arguments.  In
634          that case only print an error if the file exists but isn't
635          readable.  Still prints an error either way if zephyr reports a
636          failure. [BZ 19]
637        Fixed some small memory leaks in logging if files unwriteable
638        If the variable logfilter is set it names a filter.  Any messages
639          matching this filter are logged.  This is an independent
640          mechanism from the other logging variables.  If you want to
641          control all logging with logfilter the other variables must be
642          set to their default (off) settings. [BZ 37]
643        Relatively substantial changes made under the hood to support
644          filter logging.  Now have more consistent interfaces to
645          creating messages etc.  Still needs more work though.
646        Deal gracefully with being resized as small as 1x1 [BZ 3]
649        Fix a new problem finding libdes425
650        Don't crash on very long hostnames [BZ 52]
651        In 'sub' command, create .zephyr.subs if it doesn't exist [BZ 15]
652        A fix for certain resize crashes (partly from alexmv) [BZ 55]
653        Turn off ISTRIP (gildea)
656        Include /usr/include/kerberosIV if it's found
659        Do OLC formatting for anything coming from olc.matisse
660        Improvements to popup size algorithm (from gildea)
661        Improved 'show colors' with non-colored labels
664        The colorclass command is added, to make colorization easy
665        Handle MIT Athena OLC zephyrs correctly
666        Updated ktools website / bug address
667        Do ntohs() when printing zephyr port in zephyr info
668        Updated man page
671        Fixed three bugs found by Valgrind.
672        Fixed a case where doing "aim addbuddy" instead of "addbuddy aim"
673          would cause a segfault.
674        pexec will now incrimentally display data as it is output
675          by the child process.  Additionally, commands running under
676          pexec may now be killed by quitting out of the popless window.
677        Added muxevents select loop dispatcher.  File descriptors may
678          be registered with muxevents and handlers will be dispatched
679          to when data is available for non-blocking read/write/except.
680        Switched the stderr_redir stuff to use muxevents.
681        Print C-\ correctly (from gildea)
682        Dropped first brace in muxevents functions for consistency
683        Catch SIGHUP and SIGTERM and do a proper logout
686        Added a licence
687        The 'personalbell' variable can now be set to 'on' 'off' or
688          the name of a filter to match against
689        The 'loglogins' variable now controls whether login/logout
690          messages are logged.  It is off by default.  For now this
691          affects only AIM messages, later zephyr login/logout messages
692          will also be logged if this is set to 'on'
693        Added 'show license'
696        Normalize and downcase AIM names for logging
697        Fixed a bug where sending a null zsig could cause a crash
698        Better 'away' toggling if only one protocol is away.
701        Added perl filter elements.  Similar to having "filter <subfilter>"
702          in a filter, you may also have "perl <functionname>"
703          where <functionname> is passed an owl::Message object and
704          returns 0 or 1 depending on whether the message matches
705          that element of the filter.
706        Don't print an error about loading subs if there is no
707          .zephyr.subs
708        Do the initial zephyr_buddy_check when pseduologin set to true.
709        Updated man page
712        removed unused filter_depth variable
713        Fixed memory bug on receiving pings
716        Filters of filters now work.
717        Removed the "possibly not readable" part of the config parsing
718          error
719        In the sepbar, reverse video the view name when it's not set to
720          view_home (as opposed to the static 'all').
721        The '!' key (bound to 'view -r') now creates a negative version of
722          the current view and switches to it.  i.e. "show me all the
723          messages that are not these"
724        Added the 'ignorelogins' variable
725        Log when outgoing personal message fails
726        Removed file descriptor from sigpipe catcher printer just for now,
727          since the field does not exist on OSX
728        Added an ifndef for socklen_t in libfaim/ft.c
729        Added the 'aim search' command.  The popup on callback may be
730          dangerous, should switch to an admin msg for results, or add a
731          new event queue
732        First pass at AIM away messages.  It is a little different from
733          what most clients seem to do, in that an away reply is sent for
734          each message received.  Most clients only reply to the first one
735          per away-session.
736        Now have a set of 'aaway' commands and variables just like the
737          'zaway' ones (except that changing the 'aaway' variable talks to
738          the server)
739        The new 'away' command does everything for both AIM *and* zephyr.
740          There is a known funkiness here, where if you turn one away on,
741          and then use 'away' (or 'A') to toggle, you will turn on off and
742          the other on.  Just leaving it for now.  Should do better in the
743          next patch.
744        The 'A' key is bound to 'away'
745        Status bar can now read AWAY, Z-AWAY or A-AWAY.
746        Changed C-n to scroll down just a line in popless
747        If the config exists but is not readable, print an error before
748          exiting
749        Only print forced AIM logout message once.
750        Don't bind F1 to help in edit context
751        Fix bug in 'getsubs' with no tickets
752        New code for getting users from .anyfile
753        Added the 'pseudologins' variable, and code to do it
754        new attributes 'pseudo' 'logintty' and 'loginhost'
755        Don't print extra new lines in popless_file
756        New zephyr_get_field function
759        Fixed missing word in startup message
760        Better 'status' command
761        Use '+' for popwin corners when 'fancylines' is off
762        Allow TERMINFO to be overridden in the envrionment
763        Command line arg -D turns on debugging and deletes previous
764          debugging file
765        Do ~ expansion in 'dump' command.
766        Current directory added to 'status' command
767        Massive changes to libfaim and aim
770        Changed startup message for new mailing list
771        blist now prints AIM info even if .anyone is unreadable
772        Catch SIGPIPE and print an error rather than crashing.
773                [It's possible that this may have some portability
774                issues under Solaris and we may need to add some
775                configure stuff around SA_SIGINFO...]
776        Handle the case in aim_bstream_send where aim_send returns -1,
777                although there is likely an underlying problem here
778                that would lead to this case.
779        Print the username on aim login failure, not something random like
780                the password.  ;)
781        Un-word-wrap text when sending AIM messages.
782        Replace the main loop continue in the keyboard handler with an else.
785        Command history now doesn't allow the last entry
786           to be repeated
787        If format_msg returns "" print "<unformatted message>"
788        Better align oneline admin and loopback messages
789        Print an admin message indicating when subscriptions can
790           not be loaded on startup
791        Set aim_ignorelogin_timer to 15 by default
792        Admin message on login/logout of AIM
793        Fixed double quoting in smartzpunt
794        Added timestamp to login/logout messages
795        Fixed replies to loopback messages
796        Fixed smartnarrow on classes/instances with spaces
797        Added the 'loggingdirection' variable
798        All loopback messages log to 'loopback' now
799        Print an error message if trying an invalid color for a filter
800        Fixed bug causing > not to go to end of editwin every time
803        Updated basic help
804        Display CC: in outgoing CC messages
805        More AIM logout detection
806        Don't proclaim "interfaces changed" on first build.
807        Added the 'loopback' message type
808        Added the 'loopwrite' command
809        Added a timestamp to the default style
810        Zpunt now works with weird regex characters
811        Smart filters now work with weird regex characters
814        Allow 'hostname' in filters.
815        Fixed bug in reporting when no one is subbed to a class
816        Added an extral newline in logging incoming zephyrs
817        An admin message is displayed when you are logged out of AIM
818        Print an error message and admin message if an AIM send fails
821        Added the 'fancylines' variable.
822        Added the 'show startup' command.
823        Added feature for capturing stderr messages
824           from commands and displaying them in the errors buffer.
825        Create an admin message explaning that a zephyr couldn't
826           be sent
827        Better reporting of perl errors (both into the errqueue
828                and also clearing the error after displaying it).
829        Allow default_style to be specified in config.
830        Added errqueue
831        Added command "show errors"
832        Fixed bug removing newlines in backup files
835        Increased size of screen name field in buddy listing
836        Fixed bug with idle times causing broken pipes.
837        New libfaim
838        Added the 'source' command.
839        Make sure that a newline is always at the end of messages
840                returned by perl style formatting functions.
841        Add owl::login and owl::auth to legacy variables populated for format_msg.
842        Additions to intro.txt and advanced.txt documents.  (Still in progress.)
843        Add base methods for login_host and login_tty
844                and others that return undef.
845        New API for perl message formatting functions. 
846                Legacy variables are still supported for owl::format_msg
847                and owl::receive_msg, but these functions are now also
848                passed an owl::Message object which contains methods
849                for accessing the contents of the message.  See
850                (and docs TBD) for the available methods.
851                *** WARNING:  The exact API for owl::Message has
852                *** not yet stabilized.
853        Added "style" command for creating new styles.
854                Usage:  style <name> perl <function_name>
855        Added support for "show styles".  Changed global style table
856                from list to dictionary.
857        Changed AIM password prompt from "Password:" to "AIM Password:".
858        Messages are reformatted after a window resize to allow styles
859                to take into account the width of the window.
860        When perl throws an error, the message is put in the msgwin
861                if possible.
862        Added perl functions for:       
863                owl::getcurmsg() -- returns an owl::Message object for
864                                    the active message
865                                    in the current view.
866                owl::getnumcols() -- returns the column width of the window
867                owl::zephyr_getrealm() -- returns the zephyr realm
868                owl::zephyr_getsender() -- returns the zephyr sender
869        Made owl::COMMAND("foo"); be syntactic sugar for
870                owl::command("COMMAND foo");
871        Added to contain perl code to be compiled into
872                the binary.  This is transformed into perlwrap.c by
874        Renamed readconfig.c to perlconfig.c and changed variables accordingly.
875        Minor bugfixes in cmd.c and commands.c
876        Improved intro doc
879        Idletimes now appear in the buddylisting
880        Failed AIM logins are now correctly reported
881        Owl will build now without zephyr, enabling it to act as a
882          standalone AIM client.
883        There is now a zcrypt command
884        Replies to zcrypted messages now work
885        Don't allow zwrite if zephyr isn't present
886        Cleaned up some warnings from linux gcc.
887        Fixed bug that can cause response stuff to crash
888        Improved status command
889        Fixed bug in buddy stuff
892        aimlogin will now accept the screenname without a password and ask
893           for the password such that it is not echo'd to the terminal
894        'addbuddy aim' and 'delbuddy aim' now work
895        Bug fix to make zwrite -m work with -c/-i
896        Fixed documentation bug in aimwrite
897        Initialze $owl::auth
898        Fix in autoconf for des425
899        Reformatted editwin.c and added capability of doing password-style
900           echoing
903        Fix in finding des for building zcrypt
904        Fixed description for alert_action variable
905        More detailed usage from -h
906        Special cased replies for webzephyr users on classes and
907          login notifications for webzephyr users
908        Fixed bug that caused a crash on zpunt with '*' for an instance
909        AIM logout and then login now works.
910        Fixed bug causing view -d not to work.
911        Added hostname and tty name to LOGIN/LOGOUT zephyrs on oneline
912          style
915        Made command line option -n actually work
916        Implemented styles, including the 'default' 'basic' and 'oneline'
917          styles.  A 'perl' style is available if a format_msg() function
918          is found in .owlconf
919        Added the 'default_style' variable
920        Added the 'toggle-oneline' command
921        The 'o' key is bound to 'toggle-oneline'
922        Internally, the one view now has a name, 'main', and message
923          recalcuations are done in place when its filter is changed.
924        Added filter field 'login' which can take the values 'login'
925           'logout' or 'none'
926        Added the perl variable $owl::login, just as above
927        Updated the 'login' and 'trash' filters appropriately
928        Fix for checking for DES in build system
929        Bug fix in using makemsg when no curses window is present
930        The variable $owl::auth now exists in perl
931        Use new internal function to delete zephyr subs from file
932        New 'sepbar_disable' variable can turn off sepbar info display
933        Updated contributor info
934        Added the 'show view' command
935        Bug fix in owl_regex
936        Fixed personal aim messages logging to class directory
937        Log "LOGIN" or "LOGOUT" for AIM buddy messages
938        zwrite -m now correctly displays an outgoing message and logs
939        zwrite -s now works
940        Strip spaces in AIM usernames on aimwrite send
941        Removed libfaim/config.log from CVS
942        Fixed some easy fixed-length buffers
943        Wordwrap incoming AIM messages
944        Fixed bug causing buddies not to be added to buddy list during
945          ingorelogin timer
946        Translate &lt; &gt; &amp; &quot; &nbsp; &ensp, &emsp, &endash and
947           &emdash
950        Don't ring the terminal bell on mail messages.
951        Nuke <FONT>
952        Make the build work a little better on OSX
953        Fixed a bug in fmtext
954        Expanded the size of the hostname buffer
957        Fixed bug in 'startup' command.
960        Moved newmsgproc stuff to a function procedure
961        Added the 'newlinestrip' variable, on by default, that strips
962          leading and trailing newlines from incoming messages.
963        Fixed a case sensitivity probelm in owl_message_is_personal and
964           owl_message_is_private
965        The message object now uses a list of attributes internally, in
966          prep. for supporting new messaging protocols
967        owl_function_info now uses fmtext instead of one staticly sized
968          buffer
969        in owl_message_get_cc() require that the colon be present after
970          cc.
971        Added some defenses against resize crashes, and put in debug
972          messages if they're encountered
973        In filters 'true' and 'false' are now valid tokens.
974        The 'all' filter has been redefinied to be 'true' and there is a
975          'none' filter defined as 'false'
976        Fixed bug in 'unsub' command that could cause file corruption
977        In the zlist function, give a more detailed error message if
978          the file cannot be opened.
979        Renamed old instances of zsig_exec in the code to zsigproc
980        Don't print the stderr from zsigproc
981        Added a 'loadloginsubs' command to load login subscriptions from a
982          file
983        Added a 'loadsubs' command to eventually phase out the 'load-subs'
984          command
985        Made M-n work on classes and instances with spaces in them
986        Zaway now obeys the smart strip variable
987        Hacked the build system to not have the -E link problem on Athena
988        Added ZResetAuthentication in a number of places to fix problems
989          with stale tickets
990        Added some hooks for malloc debugging
991        M-p is bound to 'view personal' by default
992        loadsubs and loadloginsubs only print messages if in interactive
993          mode
994        added the 'alert_filter' variable, defaults to 'none'.
995        added the 'alert_action' variable, which is an owl command that
996          will be executed when new messages arive that match the
997          alert_filter
998        added the 'term' command which takes the 'raise' and 'deiconify'
999          options.  It assumes xterm for now.
1000        only 'make distclean' will nuke core and ~ files now
1001        fixes to owl_function_do_newmsgproc from Stephen
1002        converted functions.c to new code style, which I'm giving a shot
1003 define DATADIR, for default owlconf.
1004 provide "all" and "install" rules.
1005 try also libdes and libkrb4, for people using heimdal
1006 see if des_ecb_encrypt is already prototyped.
1007 minor changes to work with new autoconf without needing acconfig.h.
1008 find the install program.
1009 test for use_default_colors since some versions of
1010          solaris don't have it, so we can at least compile something
1011          vaguely working there.
1012        keypress.c: ifdefs for keys not defined on at least some solarises.
1013        owl.c: don't call use_default_colors if we don't have it
1014        readconfig.c: added *commented out* code to try to find a
1015          system-default owlconf if the user doesn't have one.  Have to
1016          ponder if I want this
1017        zcrypt.c: don't prototype des_ecb_encrypt if there is a prototype in
1018          des.h.
1019        zcrypt.c: include owl.h so we get the configure-generated config.h
1020        Change to to deal with new code style
1021        Remove some ancient stuff from zcrypt.c
1022        General cleanup to
1023        CTRL and META are now OWL_CTRL and OWL_META.  OWL_CTRL moved to
1024          keypress.c
1025        do_encrypt declaired static
1026        if we don't have des functions, do not try to build in zcrypt
1027        kill the newmsgproc function on exit
1028        Added libfaim
1029        Added basic AIM support, including the "aimlogin", "aimwrite" and
1030           "aimlogout" commands
1031        New built-in filters 'aim' and 'zephyr'.
1032        Do ZResetAuthentication() before zlog_in and zlog_out as well.
1033        Print AIM login / logout notifications
1034        The 'alist' command prints a list of aim buddies logged in
1035        The 'blist' command prints users from all protocols
1036        The 'l' key is now bound to 'blist' instead of 'zlist'
1037        Started work on 'addbuddy' and 'delbuddy' command but they DO NOT
1038          WORK yet
1039        Removed a bit of faim code that allowed commands to be executed.
1040        The 'B' key is now bound to 'alist'
1041        Added the 'startup' and 'unstartup' commands
1042        The $HOME/.owl directory is created on startup if it does not exist
1043        Added the 'aim_ingorelogin_timer' variable
1044        'addbuddy zephyr <user>' and 'delbuddy zephyr <user>' now work.
1045        'isloginout' and 'isprivate' are now message attributes
1046        improved 'info' function lists seperate info for zephyr, aim and
1047           also prints all message attributes
1048        AIM logging (both in and out) now works
1049        Disabled 'addbuddy' and 'delbuddy' for aim since it doesn't work yet
1050        Hacked the Perl build stuff not to link with iconv
1053        Class pings are displayed differently now
1054        Updated owlconf.simple example to format outgoing messages.
1057        Outgoing messages now go through the config for formatting
1058        Zaway now makes an outgoing message, instead of an admin message
1059        The 'zlocate' command can now handle multiple users
1060        The simple user format for "To:" is in effect again
1061        Prettyed up the zwrite line for using 'reply' on a zaway
1062        Added a workaround for a libzephyr bug that caused zwrites to fail
1063          if zephyrs were sent just before and just after renewing tickets
1064        Fixed a memory bug in getsubs
1065        Added receive support for zcrypt messages
1066        Added the 'zcrypt' variable which controls whether or not zcrypt
1067          messages are decrypted
1068        'reply' is disabled for zcrypt until sending zcrypt works
1069        Started implementing zcrypt command
1070        More updates to the intro doc
1073        Started adding code for newmsgproc.  It doesn't fully work yet!
1074          Don't use it.
1075        Added search, '/' and '?' to basic help.
1076        Will attempt to keep the current message as close as possible
1077             to the previous current message after an expunge.
1078        "set <variable>" and "unset <variable>" now work for boolean variables.
1079        Fixed a bug in owl_function_calculate_topmsg_normal that caused a
1080          segfault
1081        Fixed some typos in the intro doc
1082        Removed old zlog functions from zephyr.c
1083        Implemented the dump command
1084        New startup message
1087        Patch to fix memory bug in replying to CC messages
1088        If we're on Athena and have static krb (or other) libraries, use
1089          them
1090        Added "athstatic" program to the release, which handles the above
1091        Cast to an int for isspace, to make gcc -Wall quiet
1092        Added 'zlist' and 'l' to basic help.
1095        'zlog in' will now take an optional thrid argument to set the
1096             'tty' variable before setting the zlocation
1097        There is now a 'zlist' command that acts like 'znol -l'
1098        'l' is bound to 'zlist'
1099        Fixed memory leak uninitialzed memory read in fmtext
1100        viewwin will now say "End" instead of "More" when at the end
1101        Added a debugging message indicating the result of topmsg
1102          calculations
1103        You can now use %me% in filters
1104        The built-in personal filter is updated to do so
1105        Fixed a bug in moving the pointer after an expunge
1106        Fixed up the normal scrolling code.  Now it should always
1107          land on a message, but it's still not optimal.
1108        Added the variable 'smartstrip' which will strip kerberos
1109          instances out for the 'reply' command.
1110        Added -R/usr/athena/lib to the build for Athena
1111        Started updating the intro document
1112        Small changes to help / about
1113        The 'subscribe' and 'unsubscribe' commands (and their aliases) now
1114          update .zephyr.subs by default.  If either is given the '-t'
1115          (for "temporary") option the .zephyr.subs will not be updated
1116        Turned off beeping for hitting the top or bottom of the list of
1117          messages
1118        Made daemon.webzephyr a special case for smartstrip
1119        Added 'out' as a default filter for outgoing messages
1122        Added filters "ping", "auto" and "login" by default.
1123        Added "body" as a valid field to match on in a filter.
1124        Temporary fix to bug where C-SPACE would cause the key handler to
1125             lock up.
1126        Messages now have a direciton (in, out or none).  Filters can
1127             match on this direction
1128        Outbound messages are no longer type 'admin' but are of the
1129             appropriate message type (i.e. 'zephyr') and are direction
1130             'out'.
1131        Smartnarrow now works on outgoing messages
1132        'info' updated to show more information for admin and outgoing
1133             messages
1134        Renamed pretty_sender to short_zuser and renamed long_sender to
1135             long_zuser
1136        Moved zsig generation to the zwrite object
1137        Print the zsig used for outgoing messages
1138        The tty variable now controls the zephyr location tty name
1141        Added the 'search' command.
1142        '/' is a keybinding for 'search'
1143        '?' is a keybinding for 'search -r'
1144        Fixed stristr, which was completely broken
1145        renamed owl_fmtext_ztext_stylestrip to owl_function_ztext_styletsrip
1146             and put it in functions.c
1147        Attempts to stay near the current message when switching views.
1148             When switching from an empty view to one we've previously
1149             been in, the new current message position will attempt
1150             to be close to the current position from the last
1151             time we visited that view.
1152        Fixed bug in readconfig.c that prevented building under perl 5.005.
1153        Switched "C-x C-x" to only "startcommand quit"
1154        'getsubs' prints closer to the order you sub in.
1155        Modified the behavior of last so that "> >" will clear the screen.
1156        The new behavior of last is:
1157              Moves the pointer to the last message in the view.
1158              If we are already at the last message in the view,
1159              blanks the screen and moves just past the end of the view
1160              so that new messages will appear starting at the top
1161              of the screen.
1162        Fixed a typo in the help for smartzpunt.
1163        Fixed functions to handle curmsg being past the end of the view.
1166        New framework for command handling.
1167        New framework for keymap handling.
1168        Added commands for everything that is bound
1169             to a key (do 'show commands' to get the full list).
1170        Added 'multi' and '(' commands to allow multiple commands
1171             to be specified on a line.             
1172        Added user keybindings with bindkey command.
1173        Added command aliases (eg, "alias foo bar").
1174        Added undelete command that parallels the delete command.
1175        Added additional options to delete command.
1176        The reply command now takes arguments.
1177        Added 'edit:insert-text' command.
1178        Added 'show zpunts' to show active punt filters.
1179        Added 'show variable <name>' and 'show variables'.
1180        Added 'show command <name>' and 'show commands'.
1181        Added 'show keymap <name>' and 'show keymaps'.
1182        Added 'M-u' to undelete all messages in current view.
1183        Fixed dotsend so that the zephyr will still send if there
1184             is whitespace after the dot but not on the same line.
1185             This should resolve an issue where dotsend wouldn't work
1186             if you'd gone up and edited a zephyr.
1187        Bug in page down fixed
1188        C-t will transpose characters
1189        Fix the scrolling bug where we would sometimes fail to scroll
1190             the screen down, leaving the current message off
1191             the bottom of the screen.
1192        Refixed 'login or login' typo in help
1193        Fixed M-u description
1194        Removed 'first' and 'last' from basic command help
1195        Added M-N to basic key help
1196        Added M-D, M-u to basic key help
1197        Fixed a quoting problem in
1198        Changed top of help to use 'show' instead of M-x
1199        Fixed a bug in the summary field for user-created aliases
1200        Added "reply zaway" which sends a zaway response to the current msg.
1201        Added "edit:delete-prev-word" command and bound M-BACKSPACE to it.
1202        Some buffer overruns fixed
1203        Variables now have a summary and a long description.
1204                Only the summary is shown with help.
1205                The long description is shown with "show variable foo".
1206        Added a 'scrollmode' variable which determines how the screen
1207             will scroll as the cursor moves.  The default behaves
1208             identically to previous versions of owl.
1209             The following modes are supported:
1210             normal      - This is the owl default.  Scrolling happens
1211                           when it needs to, and an attempt is made to
1212                           keep the current message roughly near
1213                           the middle of the screen.  (default)
1214             top         - The current message will always be the
1215                           the top message displayed.
1216             neartop     - The current message will be one down
1217                           from the top message displayed,
1218                           where possible.
1219             center      - An attempt is made to keep the current
1220                           message near the center of the screen.
1221             paged       - The top message displayed only changes
1222                           when user moves the cursor to the top
1223                           or bottom of the screen.  When it moves,
1224                           the screen will be paged up or down and
1225                           the cursor will be near the top or
1226                           the bottom.
1227             pagedcenter - The top message displayed only changes
1228                           when user moves the cursor to the top
1229                           or bottom of the screen.  When it moves,
1230                           the screen will be paged up or down and
1231                           the cursor will be near the center.
1232        Added owl_sprintf which returns the formatted string, or NULL.
1233                The caller must free this string.
1234                This will allocate enough memory and thus
1235                avoid potential some buffer overrun situations.
1236        Simple implementation of 'zwrite -m' (doesn't yet log an outgoing
1237                message as having been sent.)
1238        The "Not logged in or subscribing to messages" error
1239                now includes the name of the recipient.
1240        The "disable-ctrl-d" variable may also be set to "middle"
1241                which will result in ctrl-d only sending at the
1242                end of the message.  This is now the default.
1243                This also added a command "editmulti:done-or-delete".
1244        Fixed a bug in the "reply -e" command.
1245        Always clear the command buffer before executing the command.
1246                (So that interactive commands can sanely do start-command.)
1247        Fixed preservation of e->dotsend across owl_editwin_clear().
1248        Added history for multiline edit windows (eg, for zephyr composition).
1249                The M-n and M-p keys will cycle through the history ring.
1250                In particular, it is now possible to edit the command line
1251                of a zephyr being composed:  C-c it and restart it
1252                and then M-p to get the aborted composition back.
1253        Added owl::send_zwrite(command, message) to the perl glue
1254                to allow for the direct sending of multi-line messages.
1255                For example:  owl::send_zwrite("-c foo -i bar", "hello");
1256        Changed owl_fmtext_print_plain to return an alloc'd string to
1257                avoid buffer overrun risks.
1258        Added owl::ztext_stylestrip("...") function to perlglue
1259                 which returns the ztext with formatting stripped out.
1260        Added colorztext variable which can be used to disable @color()
1261                 strings arriving in messages after it is set.
1262                 (Currently, changing its value won't reformat messages).
1263        Outgoing zephyr logging now obeys the logpath variable.
1264        The '~' character in logpath and classlogpath now gets
1265                 replaced with the user's home directory.
1266        Added simple implementation of smartnarrow-to-admin that
1267                 creates a "type-admin" autofilter.
1268                 This was done mostly so that M-C-n and M-C-p do something
1269                 sane on admin messages.
1270        Added opera to the allowed options to the webbrowser variable.
1271        Fixed some buffer overruns in the "reply" command.
1272        When repying to "all" on a message that begins with "CC:" (eg, sent
1273                 with "zwrite -C", the reply line will be constructed
1274                 from the sender and the usernames on the CC: line
1275                 of the message being replied to.
1276        There is no such thing as C-R, so left C-r as it is but added:
1277                 M-r --- edit reply to all
1278                 M-R --- edit reply to sender
1279        Added RCS Id strings to all files.
1280        'show keymaps' shows details of all keymaps after summary list.
1281        Added --no-move option to delete command.
1282                In particular, delete-and-always-move-down may now
1283                be implemented with
1284                '( delete --no-move ; next --skip-deleted )'.
1285        Folded the nextmsg and prevmsg commands and functions together into
1286                one command which takes arguments.
1287                Added '--filter <name>' option (eg, for next_personal),
1288                '--skip-deleted' option, and
1289                '--last-if-none'/'--first-if-none' options.
1290                Help updated accordingly. 
1291                In particular, the 'personal' filter is now used
1292                for 'next personal'. 
1293                Added --smart-filter and --smart-filter-instance options
1294                to the next and prev commands.
1295        Updated examples/owlconf.erik with the above.
1296        Made owl_function_fast*filt return a string and not do the
1297                narrowing, to make it more general.
1298        Added a smartfilter command that creates a filter
1299                based on the current message and returns the name
1300                of the filter.
1301        Added M-C-n and M-C-p keybindings to "move to next message
1302                matching current" and "move to previous message
1303                matching current"
1304        Added variables edit:maxfillcols and edit:maxwrapcols which
1305                will limit how wide editing paragraphs may get before
1306                they get wrapped.  This is a max and may be narrower
1307                depending on the current size of the window.
1308                If 0, the max is unlimited.  Default is 70 columns for
1309                edit:maxfillcols and unlimited for edit:maxwrapcols.
1310        Added smartzpunt command with key binding of "C-x k".
1311                This starts a zpunt command filled in with
1312                the proposed zpunt.
1313        Fixed a memory reference bug in delete and undelete commands.
1314        Added support for perl to call directly back into owl.
1315        Changed the implementation of owl::command("...") to immediately
1316                call back into owl.  This allows perl to get the return
1317                value of strings returned by owl commands.
1318        Added the getview command which returns the name of the current
1319                view's filter. 
1320        Added the getvar command which returns the value of a variable.
1321        Added an example to examples/owlconf.erik which uses TAB to
1322                narrow and restore the view. 
1323        Added an example to examples/owlconf.erik which uses M-c to
1324                color messages matching the current one green.
1325        Integrated change to fix problem with popup blinking on new zephyrs.
1326        C-l and resizes will now refresh an open viewwin (eg, help).
1327        Updated doc/code.txt to include info about filters, commands,
1328                contexts, and keybindings.
1329        Exec commands cleaned up to not have buffer-size limitations
1330                and to not mess up spaces.  exec also returns a string
1331                of the output now.
1332        Integrated changes from 1.1.3, and added docs for "zlocate -d"
1333                and new show commands.
1334        Show with arguments produces help on show.
1335        Fix a bug in readconfig caught by efence (where we'd try to read before
1336                the beginning of a string if it was empty).
1337        The perl command doesn't do makemsg directly, but instead
1338             returns the string and it will get printed if it
1339             was run interactively.
1342        'show subs' and 'show subscriptions' are now the same as 'getsubs'
1343        zlocate now takes an optional -d argument
1344        'show terminal' / 'show term'
1345        '>' / last doesn't set the last message at the top of the screen now
1346        implemented _followlast as an unsupported feature
1347        include 'default' in the 'show colors' list
1348        added help for 'zpunt' and 'zunpunt'
1349        changed the bug address in the startup message
1350        can now do 'show status'
1351        can now do 'show version'
1352        'status' / 'show status' includes the owl version number now
1353        'show terminal' includes whether the terminal can change colors
1354        fixed off by one bugs in paging / scrolling viewwin
1355        don't downcase the sender when getting the log name for personals
1356        support @owl::fields as well as @fields
1357        downcase class/inst filter names in auto filters
1360        Fixed memory mishandling bug
1361        Fixed bug in redfining the filter attached to the current view
1362        M-n will narrow to message, instance on non-personal, class
1363             MESSAGE messages
1364        M-N behavies like M-n except that on class messages it narrows
1365            to class and instance
1366        line wrap earlier, to account for tabbing
1367        fixed typo in help
1368        'status' command now displays info on terminal color support
1369        zephyr @ formatting is now case independant
1370        added support for color terminals
1371        zephyr @color(foo) now works
1372        'D' for deleted messages is now not bold, unless it's the current
1373          message
1374        F1 displays the help screen
1375        added filter colors
1376        added the 'colorview' command
1377        added the 'show colors' command
1378        users who don't have a .zephyr.subs get a simpler format for
1379          incoming messages
1380        If colors are available 'show filters' will show a filter in the
1381          color associated with it.
1382        Added the zpunt and zunpunt commands
1383        Lines in the subs file starting with '-' are zpunted
1384        Include login/logout messages in auto user filters
1385        'V' changes to the home view ('all' by default)
1388        Fixed perl, aperl, and pperl commands to deal with quoting
1389              and spaces in a saner manner.
1390        Removed all owl_get_* methods for booleans and switched
1391              cases where they were used to owl_is_*
1392        Changes to owlconf.erik to use some new features.
1393        Increased the size of the help buffer (as it
1394              was overflowing and truncating the help message).
1395        Variables prefixed with a _ are not shown in help
1396              or by printallvars (and prefixed Not Yet Implemented
1397              variables with this).
1398        Fix typo in help
1399        include stdio.h in functions.c
1400        remove stale "q to quit" from bottom of info message
1401        fix downward scrolling more than a page
1402        use authentication for zlocate, by default
1403        fixed buffer over run in info command on long messages
1404        call 'perl <file>' from Makefile to avoid hardcoding perl paths
1405        in Makefile don't build owl_prototypes.h unless necessary
1406        store the time for admin messages
1407        display admin message time in 'info' command
1408        fixed an editwin M-> last character bug
1411        reply is a normal function now
1412        'R' does reply to sender
1413        'T' tells you how many messages were marked for deletion
1414        local realm removed from login / logout messages
1415        added command history
1416        better runtime / starttime reporting in 'status' command
1417        leave the pointer near the current message after expunge
1418        C-l recenters editwin
1419        implemented zlocate
1420        @italic works the same as @i
1421        on reply only quote class / instance when necessary
1422        C-r allows you to edit the reply line
1423        don't use unecessary options in reply line
1424        display 'info' errors in msgwin, not popup
1425        impelemnted aexec, pexec commands
1426        the zsig now goes through ztext formatting
1427        messages have id numbers now
1428        'info' prints the msgid
1429        added the 'filter' command
1430        added the 'view' command
1431        added the 'show filter' command
1432        added the 'viewclass' (and 'vc') commands
1433        added the 'viewuser' (and 'vu') commands
1434        M-n will filter to the current class or user
1435        'v' starts a view command
1436        M-D will delete all messages in current view
1437        added the 'delete' (and 'del') command
1438        load-subs with no argument loads the default subs file
1439        '<truncated>' is now when the *current* message is truncated
1440        the reply-lockout filter (with default) specifices messages that
1441           cannot be replied to.
1442        in the configfile owl::receive_msg is run whenever a message is
1443          received
1444        added the beep command
1445        added the contributors file
1446        declare ZGetSubscriptions and ZGetLocations since the includes
1447          don't seem to
1448        fixed bug in displaying last line in popwin if no final '\n'
1449        'T' uses the 'trash' filter now
1450        zaway_msg, zaway_msg_default and zaway are all user variables now.
1451        zsig variable overrides zsigproc
1452        If there's no appendtosepbar don't interfear with the sepbar
1453        Changed: owl_message_get_numlines will return 0 of m is NULL
1454        Added login messages to messages marked by owl_function_delete_automsgs
1455        Added owl_function_delete_by_id(id) which acts independent of view
1456        Added "-id <id>" option to delete command
1457        Fixed an arg checking bug in delete command
1458        Added owl::id to perl namespace with message id
1459        Fixed a memory corruption bug in readconfig.c (where right
1460              after the strdup to "out", we'd strcat a \n onto the end.
1461              This would be triggered whenever owl::format_msg returned
1462              a string not ending in a newline
1463        Added 'X' keybinding which expunges and then switches to
1464              a view defined by the variable "view_home" which defaults
1465              to "all"
1466        Consolidated readconfig.c somewhat to remove duplication.
1467              owl_config_execute now returns a string.
1468        Added an example config file that does vt-style formatting.
1469              (examples/owlconf.vtformat)
1470        Added the 'perl', 'aperl', and 'pperl' commands which will
1471              evaluate perl expressions.
1472        Fixed bug where pclose zsigproc would cause zombies
1473        Can set zsigproc or zsig to "" to disable
1474        Added support for multiple browsers (galeon and none were added).
1475              Configure with the "webbrowser" variable.
1476        Changing typewinsize height triggers resize event.
1477        Added zsig variable which will be used if no zsigproc and non-empty.
1478        Added "make test" rule to Makefile which will run regression tests,
1479              and added regression testing framework to tester
1480        Fixed to ignore static declarations.
1481        Added dict.c which contains string->ptr dictionary routines
1482              and the owl_dict type.
1483              These include regression tests.
1484        Overhaul/rewrite of variable handling.  Variables are now managed
1485              in an owl_vardict (in g.vars) which contains a dictionary
1486              of owl_variable's.  Each owl_variable has dispatch functions
1487              for validating values, setting it and getting it,
1488              and for setting it to and from string values.
1489              The variable.c file contains the list of variables.
1490              Stubs for the owl_global_<varname>_get functions and friends
1491              are generated from variable.c by
1492              The help.c messages for variables now calls into variable.c
1493              so all information about most variables is in one place.   
1494        Cleaned out code from global.c and command.c that was made obselete
1495              by variable overhaul.
1496        The set command now takes a -q option to not log a message.
1497        Fixed a bug where set and print with no arguments would
1498              print "Undefined variable" in addition
1499              to running owl_function_printallvars.
1500        debug is now a variable that can be turned on and off.
1501        Fixed mail,inbox message parsing in examples/owlconf.erik
1502        Made zaway_msg and zaway_msg_default into variables
1503        Changed owl_function_makemsg and owl_function_debugmsg
1504               to use varargs (ie, so they can now take a format
1505               string with args).
1506        Don't allow " and \ characters in URLs with the "w" command.
1507        Removed lots of build warnings.
1508        Popwins are wider by default so help messages fit better.
1509        Added an atokenize_free function.
1510        Fixes to work with an older version of libzephyr.
1511        Added dependencies on header files to
1512        Added pageup and pagedown key bindings to message list
1513        Added pageup and pagedown to viewwin
1514        Added configfile section to doc/intro.txt (from example config file)
1515        Added appendtosepbar variable which may contain text which will
1516              be appended to the sepbar.  This allows the configfile
1517              to put information about pings and logins into
1518              the sepbar.  (It may be worth also providing a variable
1519              which enables this by default, but for now this allows
1520              for experimenting with what works well.)
1521        Added doc/code.txt which gives a brief overview of the code.
1522        Added tags makefile rule and added TAGS to distclean rule.
1525        fix frees in loadsubs and loadloginsubs
1526        don't return in owl_free
1529        'print' and 'set' with no arguments prints all variables
1530        Added the 'unsubscribe' and 'unsub' command
1531        Renamed the 'unsub' command to 'unsuball'
1532        Added the 'getsubs' command which is like zctl ret
1533        Fixed bug in logging messages sent to more than one recipient
1534        Support '-C', '-O', and '-n' options to zwrite
1535        Fixed bug in owl_editwin_delete_char when there are no later chars
1536          after the cursor
1537        Make "more" and "truncated" work in the status bar
1538        enable printing of zsigproc and loginsubs variables
1539        only allow message scrolling if the message is actually off the
1540          screen
1541        'T' will mark all automated message for deletion
1542        'P' will go to the next personal message
1543        'M-P' will go to the previous personal message
1544        replying to a login message goes to the user now
1545        added a status command
1546        added the intro doc to the release
1547        fixed off by one bug in viewwin
1548        added complete online help
1549        pass $owl::realm in configfile
1550        fixed editwin wordwrapping on the last line
1551        fixed editwin problem with key_right past the last char
1552        print an error and quit if the configfile can't be parsed
1553        got rid of owl_mainwin_calculate_topmsg
1554        fixed off by one error in calculating topmsg upwards
1555        you can now reply to an admin message
1556        don't display an error about keypress on window resize
1559        fixed bug in viewing messages longer than the screen
1560        indicate in the sepbar if there is a non zero vert offset
1561        send on '.' on a line by itself
1562        added disable-ctrl-d variable
1563        fixed bug where C-k did not delete the last \n in the buffer
1564        make non-character meta keys work
1565        use ZSendNotice instead of ZSendList
1566        implemented <, >, M-< and M-> in viewwin
1567        removed the spaces at the bottom of viewwin
1568        added 'about' command
1569        fixed bug using 'M' with no current message
1570        changed message object to use char *'s to save on memory
1571        change malloc, realloc, strdup and free to use owl hooks so that
1572           debugging can be added
1575        fixed a trailing space bug in the parser
1576        impelemented the "burning ears" feature
1577        have admin messages do ztext parsing
1578        fixed bug in reporting which M- key was pressed
1579        C-g will now cancel commands like C-c
1582        implemented owl_function_full_redisplay().
1583        C-l uses owl_function_full_redisplay().
1584        when a popwin exists to a full redisplay.  (fixes bug)
1585        improved the owl_editwin_process_char logic
1586        removed all unnecessary wrefresh's and replaced with wnoutrefesh
1587        owl_editwin_redisplay now takes an argument to optionally doupdate()
1588        improved the cut-and-paste speed by not doing a usleep the first
1589          time through the loop after getting a keypress.
1590        nuked typwin.c and associated stuff.  It's useless now.
1591        added viewwin code for paging windows
1592        curly braces work for zephyr formatting
1593        @i in zephyr formatting will be displayed as underlined text
1594        turned off idlok
1595        implemented viewwin
1596        implemented viewwi in popwin for pageable popwins
1597        help, info now use pageable popwins
1598        bound 'M' to bring the current message up in a popwin
1599        return, space bar, 'b' and backspace now scroll within a message
1600        turned off resize message
1601        C-v and M-v page the main window
1602        implemented owl_message_is_mail
1603        some build cleanup
1607        added owl_message_is_personal and have things use it
1608        added owl_message_is_private
1609        fixed 'print personalbell' and have 'set personalbell'
1610           print a message
1611        bold only on message_is_personal
1612        display the realm if not local
1613        implemented M-f, M-b, M-d, M-<, M-> in editwin
1614        implemnted word wrapping in editwin
1615        implemented M-q (paragraph-fill) in editwin
1616        fixed bug that caused owl to segfault logging a 'weird' class
1617        M-x is a keysym for ':'
1618        added smart bolding and userclue
1619        fixed a bug causing pings to beep even if rxping is off
1622        fixed bug in logging code
1625        implemented personal logging
1626        implemented class logging
1627        implemented resize of typewin
1628        fixed the backspace problem
1629        -v command line option prints the version number
1632        load-subs will report error opening file
1633        skip comment lines in loadsubs and loadloginsubs
1634        changed internal references to rxping and txping
1635        fix replying to a blank instance
1636        added subscribe command
1637        subscribe to login messages from .anyone by default
1638        'loginsubs' variarble controlls automated login messages
1639        redisplay the editwin after a resize
1640        leave the cursor in the editwin if active
1641        fix problems in the build system
1642        added displayoutgoing variable
1643        temporarily removed error printing for zlog in / out
1646        fixed bug in "message sent to <foo>" for zwrite
1649        help updated
1650        zaway key set to caps A
1651        support zephyring other realms
1652        rxping variable for receiving pings
1653        txping variable for sending pings
1654        function in place to resize typwin
1655        C-l to refresh
1656        personal bell variable
1657        beta message now an admin message
1660        Added the debug command and flag
1661        Fixed bug in printing fields in info command
1662        Added owl_fmtext_append_ztext and use it
1663        Better formating for pings and login zephyrs
1664        make tester depends on proto
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