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Note that Twitter.par now receives messages.
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1The Twitter modules automatically mirrors selected zephyrs to your
2personal class to your twitter feed.
4To configure it, first
6* Add your twitter credentials to ~/.owl/twitter as a JSON hash, e.g.
7{"user":"nelhage", "password":"sekrit" }
8* Load the module
9* Set the twitter:class, twitter:instance, and twitter:opcode
10  variables to the destination you want messages to be mirrored
11  from. By default, they are -c $YOUR_USERNAME -i status -O twitter
12  Setting twitter:opcode to "" will cause "normal" (i.e. no opcode)
13  messages to that class/instance to be mirrored. A value of '*'
14  works as a "match-anything" wildcard for any of the fields.
16As of Thanksgiving weekend 2008, Twitter.par will also receive
17twitters and inject them into barnowl as messages of type
18'twitter'. Currently, it polls every 45 seconds, and there's no way to
19disable polling once loaded. There's also no direct message
20support. Bug me if fixing any of these is important to you.
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