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1The Twitter module implements Twitter support for BarnOwl. It also
2supports automatic mirroring of some subset of Zephyrs you send to
5To configure it, first
7* Add your twitter credentials to ~/.owl/twitter as a JSON hash, e.g.
8{"user":"nelhage", "password":"sekrit" }
9* Load the module (cp Twitter.par into ~/.owl/modules and :reload-module Twitter)
10* Set the twitter:class, twitter:instance, and twitter:opcode
11  variables to the destination you want messages to be mirrored
12  from. By default, they are -c $YOUR_USERNAME -i status -O twitter
13  Setting twitter:opcode to "" will cause "normal" (i.e. no opcode)
14  messages to that class/instance to be mirrored. A value of '*'
15  works as a "match-anything" wildcard for any of the fields.
17Twitter.par will also receive twitters and inject them into barnowl as
18messages of type 'twitter'. It polls for normal messages once a
19minute, and direct messages every other minute. To disable polling,
20you can unset the 'twitter:poll' variable in BarnOwl.
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