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Multiple account support Accounts are specified as a list of hashes in the ~/.owl/twitter file. Adds 'poll_for_tweets', 'poll_for_dms', 'publish_tweets', 'default_sender', and 'account_nickname' options to the twitter account hashes. They do about what they say on the tin. Add arguments to :twitter, :twitter-direct, and :twitter-atreply to specify the service to use (by nickname), with sane defaults, plus documentation.
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1The Twitter module implements Twitter support for BarnOwl. It also
2supports automatic mirroring of some subset of Zephyrs you send to
5To configure it, first
7* Add your twitter credentials to ~/.owl/twitter as a JSON hash, e.g.
8{"user":"nelhage", "password":"sekrit" }
9* Load the module (cp Twitter.par into ~/.owl/modules and :reload-module Twitter)
10* Set the twitter:class, twitter:instance, and twitter:opcode
11  variables to the destination you want messages to be mirrored
12  from. By default, they are -c $YOUR_USERNAME -i status -O twitter
13  Setting twitter:opcode to "" will cause "normal" (i.e. no opcode)
14  messages to that class/instance to be mirrored. A value of '*'
15  works as a "match-anything" wildcard for any of the fields.
17Twitter.par will also receive twitters and inject them into barnowl as
18messages of type 'twitter'. It polls for normal messages once a
19minute, and direct messages every other minute. To disable polling,
20you can unset the 'twitter:poll' variable in BarnOwl.
22Twitter.par now supports other Twitter-compatible microblogging
23services, like To enable this, set the 'service' parameter
24in your config hash to the API URL of your service. You will likely
25also need to set 'apihost' and 'apirealm'. See Net::Twitter or your
26blogging service's documentation for more information.
28Twitter.par also supports using multiple Twitter and Twitter-compatible
29microblogging accounts from the same instance.  To enable this, add
30additional hashes to your ~/.owl/twitter file (wrapped in a JSON list,
31eg. [{"account_nickname":"twitter","user":"nelhage","password":"sekrit"},
35By default, public messages (excluding at-replies) are sent to all
36accounts listed except those with publish_tweets set to false.
38There are several additional account-specific parameters that control the
39behavior of Twitter.par when using multiple accounts:
41* account_nickname (string, required if multiple accounts are in use)
42    Specify a short name by which you can refer to the account, eg.
43    "identica" (eg. :twitter-direct nelhage identica would send a direct
44    message to @nelhage on from your account nicknamed "identica").
45* default_sender (boolean, default false)
46    If true, direct messages and at-replies you send without specifying an
47    account will be sent using this account.  If no account has this parameter,
48    such messages will be sent using the first account listed.
49* poll_for_tweets (boolean, default true)
50    If true, tweets sent by your friends on this account will be displayed
51    in your BarnOwl message list.
52* poll_for_dms (boolean, default true)
53    If true, Direct Messages sent to you by your friends on this account
54    will be displayed in your BarnOwl message list.
55* publish_tweets (boolean, default true)
56    If true, tweets you send without specifying an account (either with the
57    :twitter command or mirrored from a zephyr class) will be published to
58    this account.
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