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Last change on this file since ac70242 was ac70242, checked in by James M. Kretchmar <>, 21 years ago define DATADIR, for default owlconf. provide "all" and "install" rules. try also libdes and libkrb4, for people using heimdal see if des_ecb_encrypt is already prototyped. minor changes to work with new autoconf without needing acconfig.h. find the install program. test for use_default_colors since some versions of solaris don't have it, so we can at least compile something vaguely working there. keypress.c: ifdefs for keys not defined on at least some solarises. owl.c: don't call use_default_colors if we don't have it readconfig.c: added *commented out* code to try to find a system-default owlconf if the user doesn't have one. Have to ponder if I want this zcrypt.c: don't prototype des_ecb_encrypt if there is a prototype in des.h. zcrypt.c: include owl.h so we get the configure-generated config.h Change to to deal with new code style
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2# $Id$
4if ($#ARGV eq -1) {
5    @ARGV=`ls *.c`;
6    chop(@ARGV);
9foreach $file (@ARGV) {
10    open(FILE, $file);
12    print "/* -------------------------------- $file -------------------------------- */\n";
13    while (<FILE>) {
14        if (/^\S/
15            && (/\{\s*$/ || /\)\s*$/)
16            && !/\}/
17            && !/^\{/
18            && !/^#/
19            && !/^static/
20            && !/\/\*/)
21        {s/\s+\{/\;/; s/\)[ \t]*$/\)\;/; print "extern "; print;}
23    }
24    close(FILE);
25    print "\n";
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