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[bad4496]1.TH BARNOWL 1 "24 Jun 2011"
[7d4fbcd]2.SH NAME
[bad4496]3BarnOwl \- tty\(hybased zephyr client
[7d4fbcd]4.SH SYNOPSIS
[fa1b15b]5.B barnowl
11[\-c \fICONFIGFILE\fP]
12[\-t \fITTY\fP]
13[\-s \fICONFIGDIR\fP]
[fa1b15b]16.B BarnOwl
[bad4496]17is a fully integrated tty\(hybased instant messaging client.  Currently
18it supports AOL Instant Messenger, MIT Zephyr, Jabber, IRC, and Twitter.  It is
19curses\(hybased, allows for emacs\(hystyle editing of outgoing messages, and
20uses Perl as an extension and configuration language.  \fBBarnOwl\fP will
[fa1b15b]21also run happily without a configuration file.
[bad4496]23Once \fBBarnOwl\fP is started, typing \(oqh\(cq will display a help screen.
24Typing \(oq:\(cq enters command mode, allowing the user to type a \fBBarnOwl\fP
[fa1b15b]25command line.
[bad4496]27.SH OPTIONS
28The following command\-line options are avilable when running \fBBarnOwl\fP:
30\fB\-n\fP, \fB\-\-no\-subs\fP
31Do not subscribe to zephyr messages on startup.  By default, \fBBarnOwl\fP
[5f82eb3]32subscribes to the default subscriptions and to anything found in
[bad4496]33\fI~/.zephyr.subs\fP.  When this option is used, no subscriptions are loaded.
36\fB\-c\fP, \fB\-\-config\-file\fP=\fIFILE\fP
[8135737]37Specify an alternate config file for \fBBarnOwl\fP to use.  The config file is
38an arbitrary Perl script evaluated in the \fImain\fP package, and if it
39overrides the \fIBarnOwl::startup\fP method that is run when \fBBarnOwl\fP
40starts.  (Compare \fI~/.owl/startup\fP, which contains \fBBarnOwl\fP commands
41that are run at startup after the config file is loaded.)
43By default, \fBBarnOwl\fP uses the first of \fI~/.owl/\fP,
44\fI~/.barnowlconf\fP, or \fI~/.owlconf\fP that exists.
47\fB\-s\fP, \fB\-\-config\-dir\fP=\fIDIR\fP
48Specify an alternate configuration directory.  By default, \fBBarnOwl\fP uses
52\fB\-t\fP, \fB\-\-tty\fP=\fITTY\fP
53Specify the tty name to use for the zephyr location.
56\fB\-v\fP, \fB\-\-version\fP
57Print the version number of \fBBarnOwl\fP and exit.
60\fB\-d\fP, \fB\-\-debug\fP
61Enable debugging.  By default, debugging information is placed in
65\fB\-h\fP, \fB\-\-help\fP
66Print command\(hyline option help.
[bad4496]68.SH AUTHORS
[fa1b15b]69Written by Nelson Elhage and Alejandro Sedeno at the Massachusetts
[bad4496]70Institute of Technology.  Based on Owl by James Kretchmar.
[7d4fbcd]72Comments, questions, and bug reports may be mailed to
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