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Complete fdc0c47   14 years nelhage Complete/ Use package variables instead of lexicals. This ...
Completion 4fbc7f5   14 years nelhage complete_flags: Pass the completer the argument number being completed ...
Message 30e7ffd   14 years adehnert Don't zcrypt shift-R replies to zcrypted messages In particular, if ...
Style 5550eb0   14 years nelhage Default style: Use strftime() on unix_time Instead of parsing ... 705 bytes ee183be   14 years nelhage Break into multiple files. Break out into .pm ... 806 bytes 203dcda   14 years nelhage Make text_{before,after}_point use new form for editwin functions. 1.1 KB ee183be   14 years nelhage Break into multiple files. Break out into .pm ... 1.2 KB fd8dfe7   14 years nelhage Load perl code from the filesystem at runtime. Remove and ... 3.0 KB f907cf0   14 years nelhage Show an error message if a completion module fails to load. 3.7 KB 41bbb8a   14 years asedeno Last change effectively aliased reload-module and reload-modules. ... 4.7 KB d1ae4a4   14 years nelhage Export a time_t for messages to perl as 'unix_time' Previously, the ... 6.4 KB 6e48560   14 years nelhage Implement tab completion for command names.
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