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2  Facebook.par - Facebook support for BarnOwl
5  The Facebook module implements Facebook support for BarnOwl.
8  (1) Create an empty file ~/.owl/facebook (you can use the command
9  `touch ~/.owl/facebook`), in order to enable the module.
11  (2) Run ":reload-module Facebook" inside BarnOwl.
13  (3) Follow the instructions in the admin message.  BarnOwl will
14  ask you to log in via an OAuth URL, and run ':facebook-auth'
15  with the resulting URL.  It will then ask you to record the
16  resulting access token in your ~/.owl/facebook file, so you do
17  not have to login on subsequent BarnOwl sesions.
19  This token is valid until you change your
20  Facebook password or you revoke permissions for Barnowl at:
23  (4) Start receiving wall updates in Barnowl!
24  You can post updates with the ":facebook" command.
27  * Polling Facebook is pretty slow (on order of a second or more),
28    and blocks the entire BarnOwl interface.  We have a plan for
29    fixing this, which involves creating an async version of
30    Facebook::Graph.  I have been in contact with the original
31    author JT Smith about this.
33  * BarnOwl will not receive all comments for news feed items, only
34    comments for items that were recently published.  There is not
35    currently a way to see starks for conversations that you did not
36    participate in, and the only way to see starks for conversations
37    you did participate in are Facebook's email notifications.  (This
38    is a deficiency of the Facebook API, see
40  * By default, BarnOwl will not display posts from organizations (such
41    as bands you have liked) or application invites.  This is a
42    judgment of taste from the original author.  This is not currently
43    configurable.
45  * Users and applications that you have hidden via the Facebook
46    web interface will show up in the BarnOwl stream.  (This appears to
47    be a deficiency of the Facebook API, see
49    Users are encouraged to work around this by using traditional Zephyr
50    filters.
52  * We are missing support for some notable features, including
53    messaging (Facebook has not publically released the API for this,
54    though we could sign up for the whitelist), events (seeing
55    unresponded to events requires a custom FQL query
57    notifications (not supported in Graph API yet).
60  * Smarter name de-duplication (see Facebook/ for details.)
61  * URL minification.
62  * Multiple accounts.  (Does anyone do this? I don't think so...)
63  * Zephyr class mirroring.
66  Facebook.par polls for normal messages once a minute. To disable
67  polling, you can unset the 'facebook:poll' variable in BarnOwl.
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