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Initial commit of Facebook module implementation. This module was inspired by Kevin Riggle's Facebook-hacked-onto-Twitter implementation, but was rewritten to stand alone as its own module and use the new Facebook Graph API. It requires the Facebook::Graph CPAN module. Signed-off-by: Edward Z. Yang <>
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2  Facebook.par - Facebook support for BarnOwl
5  The Facebook module implements Facebook support for BarnOwl.
8  (1) Create an empty file ~/.owl/facebook (you can use the command
9  `touch ~/.owl/facebook`), in order to enable the module.
11  (2) Run ":reload-module Facebook" inside BarnOwl.
13  (3) Follow the instructions in the admin message.  BarnOwl will
14  ask you to log in via an OAuth URL, and run ':facebook-auth'
15  with the resulting URL.  It will then ask you to record the
16  resulting access token in your ~/.owl/facebook file, so you do
17  not have to login on subsequent BarnOwl sesions.
19  This token is valid until you change your
20  Facebook password or you revoke permissions for Barnowl at:
23  (4) Start receiving wall updates in Barnowl!
24      You can post updates with the ":facebook" command.
27  Facebook.par polls for normal messages once a minute. To disable
28  polling, you can unset the 'facebook:poll' variable in BarnOwl.
31  * We support commenting on wall posts, but not /displaying/ comments
32    to a wall post.
33  * We currently expose the underlying post ID for disambiguating
34    instances.  Use something more user-friendly.
35  * No messaging support.
36  * No auto-completion support.
37  * No posting to an arbitrary user's wall.
38  * See code comments for more work items!
41  This module uses 100% undeprecated Facebook Graph API, and should be
42  an interesting case study of how to implement a desktop application in
43  the new Facebook world order.  In particular, we do not use the old
44  infinite session keys trick described in
45  <>,
46  instead, we use offline_access to get non-expiring tokens.
48  If we decide to extend our permissions to include read_friendlists
49  (for filtering) and rsvp_event (RSVP from BarnOwl), we will need
50  to make sure the UI for upgrading is correct.
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