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Jun 26, 2003, 11:41:16 PM (21 years ago)
James M. Kretchmar <>
master, barnowl_perlaim, debian, owl, release-1.10, release-1.4, release-1.5, release-1.6, release-1.7, release-1.8, release-1.9
Cleaned up ChangeLog and set version to 2.0.4 for another beta release
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  • ChangeLog

    r8d24696 r4d42508  
    3 2.0.4-pre-2
     4        Made command line option -n actually work
     6        Implemented styles, including the 'default' 'basic' and 'oneline'
     7          styles.  A 'perl' style is available if a format_msg() function
     8          is found in .owlconf
     9        Added the 'default_style' variable
     10        Added the 'toggle-oneline' command
     11        The 'o' key is bound to 'toggle-oneline'
     12        Internally, the one view now has a name, 'main', and message
     13          recalcuations are done in place when its filter is changed.
    414        Added filter field 'login' which can take the values 'login'
    515           'logout' or 'none'
    616        Added the perl variable $owl::login, just as above
    717        Updated the 'login' and 'trash' filters appropriately
    8         Fix for checking for DES
    9         Bug fix in using makemsg when no curses window present
    10         $owl::auth now works
    11         Use new function to delete zephyr subs from file
    12         New 'sepbar_disable' variable can turn off sepbar info
     18        Fix for checking for DES in build system
     19        Bug fix in using makemsg when no curses window is present
     20        The variable $owl::auth now exists in perl
     21        Use new internal function to delete zephyr subs from file
     22        New 'sepbar_disable' variable can turn off sepbar info display
    1323        Updated contributor info
    14         added the 'show view' command.
    15         removed 'set style'
    16         A style is now part of a view, the view command has been revamped
     24        Added the 'show view' command
    1725        Bug fix in owl_regex
    1826        Fixed personal aim messages logging to class directory
    19         Log "LOGIN" or "LOGOUT" for AIM buddy messages message
    20         zwrite -m now logs and displays an outgoing message
     27        Log "LOGIN" or "LOGOUT" for AIM buddy messages
     28        zwrite -m now correctly displays an outgoing message and logs
    2129        zwrite -s now works
    22         Don't allow sending to AIM users with spaces
     30        Strip spaces in AIM usernames on aimwrite send
    2331        Removed libfaim/config.log from CVS
    2432        Fixed some easy fixed-length buffers
    25         Wordwrap incoming AIM messages.
     33        Wordwrap incoming AIM messages
    2634        Fixed bug causing buddies not to be added to buddy list during
    2735          ingorelogin timer
    2836        Translate &lt; &gt; &amp; &quot; &nbsp; &ensp, &emsp, &endash and
    2937           &emdash
    31 2.0.4-pre-1
    32         Make command line option -n actualy work
    33         'set style' now works.  Possbile values at the moment are
    34            'default' 'basic' or 'perl', but the last only if a
    35            format_msg() function is found in .owlconf
    36         Added the 'oneline' style
    37         Added the 'default_style' variable
    38         Added the 'toggle-oneline' command
    39         the 'o' key is bound to 'toggle-oneline'
    40         Really use just one view now, named 'main' and recalculate
    41           messages when its filter is changed
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