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  • variable.c

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    111111  OWLVAR_ENUM( "loggingdirection" /* %OwlVarStub */, OWL_LOGGING_DIRECTION_BOTH,
    112                "specifices which kind of messages should be logged",
     112               "specifies which kind of messages should be logged",
    113113               "Can be one of 'both', 'in', or 'out'.  If 'in' is\n"
    114114               "selected, only incoming messages are logged, if 'out'\n"
    138138                    "location of users in your .anyone file.  If a user is present\n"
    139139                    "but sent no login message, or a user is not present that sent no\n"
    140                     "logout message, a pseudo login or logout message wil be created\n",
     140                    "logout message, a pseudo login or logout message will be created\n",
    141141                    NULL, owl_variable_pseudologins_set, NULL),
    152152                 "If non empty, any messages matching the given filter will be logged.\n"
    153                  "This is a completely separate mechanisim from the other logging\n"
     153                 "This is a completely separate mechanism from the other logging\n"
    154154                 "variables like logging, classlogging, loglogins, loggingdirection,\n"
    155155                 "etc.  If you want this variable to control all logging, make sure\n"
    198198  OWLVAR_PATH( "newmsgproc" /* %OwlVarStub:newmsgproc */, NULL,
    199199               "name of a program to run when new messages are present",
    200                "The named program will be run when owl recevies new.\n"
     200               "The named program will be run when owl receives new\n"
    201201               "messages.  It will not be run again until the first\n"
    202202               "instance exits"),
    213213                 "Called every time you start a zephyrgram without an\n"
    214214                 "explicit zsig.  The default setting implements the policy\n"
    215                  "descripted in the documentation for the 'zsig' variable.\n"),
     215                 "described in the documentation for the 'zsig' variable.\n"),
    217217  OWLVAR_STRING( "zsig" /* %OwlVarStub */, "",
    297297              "number of seconds after AIM login to ignore login messages",
    298298              "This specifies the number of seconds to wait after an\n"
    299               "AIM login before allowing the recipt of AIM login notifications.\n"
     299              "AIM login before allowing the receipt of AIM login notifications.\n"
    300300              "By default this is set to 15.  If you would like to view login\n"
    301301              "notifications of buddies as soon as you login, set it to 0 instead."),
    428428int owl_variable_pseudologins_set(owl_variable *v, const void *newval)
     430  static owl_timer *timer = NULL;
    430431  if (newval) {
    431432    if (*(const int*)newval == 1) {
    432433      owl_function_zephyr_buddy_check(0);
     434      if (timer == NULL) {
     435        timer = owl_select_add_timer(180, 180, owl_zephyr_buddycheck_timer, NULL, NULL);
     436      }
     437    } else {
     438      if (timer != NULL) {
     439        owl_select_remove_timer(timer);
     440        timer = NULL;
     441      }
    433442    }
    434443  }
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