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Fix spelling of words (via ispell) in some files
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    r7869e48 re3a0d71  
    9898 * Add a configure flag to enable/disable building with krb4.
    9999 * Fix an infinite loop on 'view -r args'.
    100  * Free paths to Zephyr dot-files when non-existant
     100 * Free paths to Zephyr dot-files when non-existent
    101101 * Jabber: Accept a -m argument to jwrite to set the message.
    123123 * zcrypt: Implement AES encryption support using GPG.
    124124 * Add usage messages to everything in scripts/
    125  * Split zcrypt into an external, standalong binary.
     125 * Split zcrypt into an external, standalone binary.
    126126 * Fix minor documentation typo
    127127 * Document the init/cleanup vs. new/delete naming conventions.
    216216 * Fix an off by one error in some editwin code.
    217217 * Make zdots work even if the buffer has trailing whitespace.
    218  * Fix pseudo-login interation with zephyr initialization.
     218 * Fix pseudo-login interaction with zephyr initialization.
    219219 * Correct the --with-libzephyr help message in the configure script.
    220220 * Set the UTF-8 flag on on strings we pass to Perl.
    360360 * Fix logging of personal jabbers from JIDs containing / -nelhage
    361361 * Fix Jabber breakage under reload-modules. -asedeno
    362  * Make reload-moduled correctly re-run startup hooks. -asedeno
     362 * Make reload-module correctly re-run startup hooks. -asedeno
    363363 * Squelch Jabbers with no bodies, such as typing notifications. -asedeno
    364364 * Various small spelling and grammar fixes. -geofft
    371371 * Fix a segfault on retrieving zephyr subs when the user doesn't
    372372   have any or has expired tickets. -asedeno
    373  * Don't complain about non-existant ~/.owl/startup when starting. -asedeno
     373 * Don't complain about non-existent ~/.owl/startup when starting. -asedeno
    374374 * Fix narrowing to personals in IRC. -alexmv
    375375 * Don't segfault retrieving subscriptions without valid tickets. -asedeno
    449449   * more strict utf-8 byte fetching.
    450450     This probably still needs more work. - asedeno
    451    * Strip formmating characters when dumping to
     451   * Strip formating characters when dumping to
    452452     file. - asedeno
    453453   * fixing bugs in editwin bufflen calculations. - asedeno
    454    * Fix search code so higlighting actually works. - asedeno
     454   * Fix search code so highlighting actually works. - asedeno
    455455   * Remove options for libcurses and libncurses. This really only works with
    456456     libncursesw. - asedeno
    501501 * Add a new struct member to the global to hold an escaped aim screenname.
    502502    populate the aforementioned new struct member. - asedeno
    503  * Removed our debian subdirectory, per Debian guidelines, at broder's
     503 * Removed our Debian subdirectory, per Debian guidelines, at broder's
    504504   request. - geofft
    505505 * Make `all' the first target so we build the modules by default - nelhage
    658658  - nelhage
    659659 * Adding 256-color support. This requires a version of ncurses that supports
    660    ABI-6. Colors beyond the first eight are refered to by number. - asedeno
     660   ABI-6. Colors beyond the first eight are referred to by number. - asedeno
    661661 * Correctly escape {} and () in regular expressions - nelhage
    662662 * When generating filters, change single quotes and double quotes into
    699699 * Cause perl to always be loaded, even if no owlconf is present. - hartmans
    700700 * Implemented an extensible perl module system - hartmans
    701  * Exposed owl_fuction_popless_text() and owl_fuction_popless_ztext() to
     701 * Exposed owl_function_popless_text() and owl_function_popless_ztext() to
    702702   perl - asedeno
    703  * Support multiple simaltaneous Jabber connections - asedeno
     703 * Support multiple simultaneous Jabber connections - asedeno
    704704 * Fixed a segfault on subbing without a .zephyr.subs file - nelhage
    705705 * Implemented Jabber Roster support - asedeno
    732732        Don't crash when sending/logging outgoing
    733733           AIM message and not logged in [BZ 90]
    734         Don't crash when senging to someone not on AIM buddy list [BZ 94]
     734        Don't crash when sending to someone not on AIM buddy list [BZ 94]
    735735           (patch from Alex Vandiver)
    738738        Don't crash doing zlocate with bad tickets. [BZ 12]
    739         Metion the path for the owlconf in intro.txt [BZ 54]
     739        Mention the path for the owlconf in intro.txt [BZ 54]
    740740        Print better error message if startup fails due to unreadable
    741741           .owlconf [BZ 57]
    745745          readable.  Still prints an error either way if zephyr reports a
    746746          failure. [BZ 19]
    747         Fixed some small memory leaks in logging if files unwriteable
     747        Fixed some small memory leaks in logging if files unwritable
    748748        If the variable logfilter is set it names a filter.  Any messages
    749749          matching this filter are logged.  This is an independent
    782782        Fixed a case where doing "aim addbuddy" instead of "addbuddy aim"
    783783          would cause a segfault.
    784         pexec will now incrimentally display data as it is output
     784        pexec will now incrementally display data as it is output
    785785          by the child process.  Additionally, commands running under
    786786          pexec may now be killed by quitting out of the popless window.
    870870        Better 'status' command
    871871        Use '+' for popwin corners when 'fancylines' is off
    872         Allow TERMINFO to be overridden in the envrionment
     872        Allow TERMINFO to be overridden in the environment
    873873        Command line arg -D turns on debugging and deletes previous
    874874          debugging file
    924924        Allow 'hostname' in filters.
    925925        Fixed bug in reporting when no one is subbed to a class
    926         Added an extral newline in logging incoming zephyrs
     926        Added an extra newline in logging incoming zephyrs
    927927        An admin message is displayed when you are logged out of AIM
    928928        Print an error message and admin message if an AIM send fails
    933933        Added feature for capturing stderr messages
    934934           from commands and displaying them in the errors buffer.
    935         Create an admin message explaning that a zephyr couldn't
     935        Create an admin message explaining that a zephyr couldn't
    936936           be sent
    937937        Better reporting of perl errors (both into the errqueue
    10051005        Bug fix to make zwrite -m work with -c/-i
    10061006        Fixed documentation bug in aimwrite
    1007         Initialze $owl::auth
     1007        Initialize $owl::auth
    10081008        Fix in autoconf for des425
    10091009        Reformatted editwin.c and added capability of doing password-style
    10311031        The 'o' key is bound to 'toggle-oneline'
    10321032        Internally, the one view now has a name, 'main', and message
    1033           recalcuations are done in place when its filter is changed.
     1033          recalculations are done in place when its filter is changed.
    10341034        Added filter field 'login' which can take the values 'login'
    10351035           'logout' or 'none'
    10711071        Added the 'newlinestrip' variable, on by default, that strips
    10721072          leading and trailing newlines from incoming messages.
    1073         Fixed a case sensitivity probelm in owl_message_is_personal and
     1073        Fixed a case sensitivity problem in owl_message_is_personal and
    10741074           owl_message_is_private
    10751075        The message object now uses a list of attributes internally, in
    10761076          prep. for supporting new messaging protocols
    1077         owl_function_info now uses fmtext instead of one staticly sized
     1077        owl_function_info now uses fmtext instead of one statically sized
    10781078          buffer
    10791079        in owl_message_get_cc() require that the colon be present after
    10821082          messages if they're encountered
    10831083        In filters 'true' and 'false' are now valid tokens.
    1084         The 'all' filter has been redefinied to be 'true' and there is a
     1084        The 'all' filter has been redefined to be 'true' and there is a
    10851085          'none' filter defined as 'false'
    10861086        Fixed bug in 'unsub' command that could cause file corruption
    11041104        added the 'alert_filter' variable, defaults to 'none'.
    11051105        added the 'alert_action' variable, which is an owl command that
    1106           will be executed when new messages arive that match the
     1106          will be executed when new messages arrive that match the
    11071107          alert_filter
    11081108        added the 'term' command which takes the 'raise' and 'deiconify'
    11331133        CTRL and META are now OWL_CTRL and OWL_META.  OWL_CTRL moved to
    11341134          keypress.c
    1135         do_encrypt declaired static
     1135        do_encrypt declared static
    11361136        if we don't have des functions, do not try to build in zcrypt
    11371137        kill the newmsgproc function on exit
    11541154        'addbuddy zephyr <user>' and 'delbuddy zephyr <user>' now work.
    11551155        'isloginout' and 'isprivate' are now message attributes
    1156         improved 'info' function lists seperate info for zephyr, aim and
     1156        improved 'info' function lists separate info for zephyr, aim and
    11571157           also prints all message attributes
    11581158        AIM logging (both in and out) now works
    11691169        The 'zlocate' command can now handle multiple users
    11701170        The simple user format for "To:" is in effect again
    1171         Prettyed up the zwrite line for using 'reply' on a zaway
     1171        Prettied up the zwrite line for using 'reply' on a zaway
    11721172        Added a workaround for a libzephyr bug that caused zwrites to fail
    11731173          if zephyrs were sent just before and just after renewing tickets
    1205         'zlog in' will now take an optional thrid argument to set the
     1205        'zlog in' will now take an optional third argument to set the
    12061206             'tty' variable before setting the zlocation
    12071207        There is now a 'zlist' command that acts like 'znol -l'
    12081208        'l' is bound to 'zlist'
    1209         Fixed memory leak uninitialzed memory read in fmtext
     1209        Fixed memory leak uninitialized memory read in fmtext
    12101210        viewwin will now say "End" instead of "More" when at the end
    12111211        Added a debugging message indicating the result of topmsg
    12341234        Temporary fix to bug where C-SPACE would cause the key handler to
    12351235             lock up.
    1236         Messages now have a direciton (in, out or none).  Filters can
     1236        Messages now have a direction (in, out or none).  Filters can
    12371237             match on this direction
    12381238        Outbound messages are no longer type 'admin' but are of the
    14701470        Fixed memory mishandling bug
    1471         Fixed bug in redfining the filter attached to the current view
     1471        Fixed bug in redefining the filter attached to the current view
    14721472        M-n will narrow to message, instance on non-personal, class
    14731473             MESSAGE messages
    1474         M-N behavies like M-n except that on class messages it narrows
     1474        M-N behaves like M-n except that on class messages it narrows
    14751475            to class and instance
    14761476        line wrap earlier, to account for tabbing
    14771477        fixed typo in help
    14781478        'status' command now displays info on terminal color support
    1479         zephyr @ formatting is now case independant
     1479        zephyr @ formatting is now case independent
    14801480        added support for color terminals
    14811481        zephyr @color(foo) now works
    15311531        on reply only quote class / instance when necessary
    15321532        C-r allows you to edit the reply line
    1533         don't use unecessary options in reply line
     1533        don't use unnecessary options in reply line
    15341534        display 'info' errors in msgwin, not popup
    1535         impelemnted aexec, pexec commands
     1535        implemented aexec, pexec commands
    15361536        the zsig now goes through ztext formatting
    15371537        messages have id numbers now
    15481548        load-subs with no argument loads the default subs file
    15491549        '<truncated>' is now when the *current* message is truncated
    1550         the reply-lockout filter (with default) specifices messages that
     1550        the reply-lockout filter (with default) specifies messages that
    15511551           cannot be replied to.
    15521552        in the configfile owl::receive_msg is run whenever a message is
    15601560        zaway_msg, zaway_msg_default and zaway are all user variables now.
    15611561        zsig variable overrides zsigproc
    1562         If there's no appendtosepbar don't interfear with the sepbar
     1562        If there's no appendtosepbar don't interfere with the sepbar
    15631563        Changed: owl_message_get_numlines will return 0 of m is NULL
    15641564        Added login messages to messages marked by owl_function_delete_automsgs
    16011601              are generated from variable.c by
    16021602              The help.c messages for variables now calls into variable.c
    1603               so all information about most variables is in one place.
    1604         Cleaned out code from global.c and command.c that was made obselete
     1603              so all information about most variables is in one place.   
     1604        Cleaned out code from global.c and command.c that was made obsolete
    16051605              by variable overhaul.
    16061606        The set command now takes a -q option to not log a message.
    16851685        fixed a trailing space bug in the parser
    1686         impelemented the "burning ears" feature
     1686        implemented the "burning ears" feature
    16871687        have admin messages do ztext parsing
    16881688        fixed bug in reporting which M- key was pressed
    17221722        display the realm if not local
    17231723        implemented M-f, M-b, M-d, M-<, M-> in editwin
    1724         implemnted word wrapping in editwin
     1724        implemented word wrapping in editwin
    17251725        implemented M-q (paragraph-fill) in editwin
    17261726        fixed bug that caused owl to segfault logging a 'weird' class
    17461746        added subscribe command
    17471747        subscribe to login messages from .anyone by default
    1748         'loginsubs' variarble controlls automated login messages
     1748        'loginsubs' variable controls automated login messages
    17491749        redisplay the editwin after a resize
    17501750        leave the cursor in the editwin if active
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