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(edit) @7834bb5   4 years andersk .gitignore: Add other kinds of tags Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ...
(edit) @7792bac   4 years andersk .gitignore: Add compile This is pulled in by Automake ≥ 1.14. ...
(edit) @f1095da   4 years andersk .gitignore: Reorganize Divide .gitignore into logical sections, and ...
(edit) @ba9a1be   4 years andersk .gitignore: Remove core, jabber.log Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ...
(edit) @ca1fb26a   5 years andersk Be smarter about rebuilding on version number changes Signed-off-by: ...
(edit) @1c22155   5 years andersk Get rid of all our embedded copies of Module::Install Signed-off-by: ...
(edit) @553fd38   5 years andersk Update .gitignore Commit 353719a2ddec4d6a8458ee42af37514fedbd80bf ...
(edit) @b58dea1   5 years geofft .gitignore: Add MYMETA.yml We already ignore META.yml, and see ...
(edit) @81691e8   6 years davidben Put back in .gitignore It's generated by ./ release-1.9
(edit) @65d3fba0   6 years davidben Remove emacs and vim files from .gitignore If you want these ignored, ... release-1.9
(edit) @f93cc34   8 years davidben Add tester.bin to .gitignore, remove perl_tester tester.bin was added ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @de18326   8 years nelhage Use the wrapper script to run the tester. release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7d03c8d   8 years nelhage Add zcrypt to our build system. release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1703f72   9 years davidben Add .*.swp to .gitignore For vim swap files. Signed-off-by: David ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @42ad917   9 years davidben Add perl_tester to run perl in barnowl environment Main function ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b9c8d28   9 years andersk perl/modules/ Convert to automake. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @37f27bc   9 years nelhage Switch the build system to using automake. Use automake for the build ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d5ef539   9 years nelhage Build to barnowl.bin and replace 'barnowl' with a wrapper script. The ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3071c69   9 years nelhage gitignore Makefile.old debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @0741984   9 years alexmv Ignore a couple more kinds of emacs temp files debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @03285f5   9 years nelhage Add to gitignore and sort it. debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @81eb08f   9 years nelhage gitignore aclocal.m4 debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6b7e7a5   9 years nelhage gitignore: *~ Signed-off-by: Greg Price <> debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(add) @ee0574c   10 years andersk First they .gitignore you, debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
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