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(edit) @8cec8f7   7 years jasongross9 Log loopbacks to loopback file in ~/zlog Not to ...
(edit) @5dee79a   7 years jasongross9 Add log-to-subdirectories, a compatibility frob If disabled (the ...
(edit) @d2ba33c   7 years jasongross9 Use g_utf8_casefold and g_utf8_normalize We define a convenience ...
(edit) @47225c9   7 years jasongross9 Update IRC logging to be more idiomatic Based on a message from kini ...
(edit) @6ddfb07   7 years jasongross9 Add a comment about existence of logging dirs
(edit) @15b87cc   7 years jasongross9 Remove irc: from irc message filenames
(edit) @dce72c1   7 years jasongross9 Log to subfolders of a base path A different subfolder for each protocol.
(edit) @9a34040   7 years jasongross9 Add IRC logging filename generation Based on asedeno's comment "For ...
(edit) @3374de9   7 years jasongross9 Log different realms to different files
(edit) @94b4b99e   7 years jasongross9 Ignore kerberos instances in the sender and recipient when logging ...
(edit) @03fbf66   7 years jasongross9 Moved the last of the logging-related variables to perl We seem to ...
(edit) @42779f8   7 years jasongross9 Moved logging-specific variables to perl But only the ones that could ...
(edit) @4ead7b3   7 years jasongross9 Moved notification of message logging to perl
(edit) @5093c6f   7 years jasongross9 Moved the checking of whether or not to log messages to perl
(edit) @9bfab40   7 years jasongross9 Moved outgoing zephyr error logging to perl
(edit) @ff528e6   7 years jasongross9 Scrapped the last bits of C code dealing with jabber. We still have ...
(edit) @eea7bed4   7 years jasongross9 Moved log file name generation to perl I don't think that the ...
(edit) @da7341e   7 years jasongross9 Made owl_util_makepath available from perl There's probably a better ...
(edit) @7f463cf   7 years jasongross9 Moved log generation code to perl.
(edit) @a619eda   7 years jasongross9 Describe get_variable_info
(edit) @ca52fe9   7 years jasongross9 Remove useless 'use Data::Dumper'
(edit) @4bbe53a   7 years jasongross9 Add a comment for documentation As per ...
(edit) @0d2c358   7 years jasongross9 Remove a useless 0 + perl cast
(edit) @958752c   7 years jasongross9 Set default deferred logging interval to 1 hour
(edit) @8a06468   7 years jasongross9 Clarify a comment about deferred logging mode As per ...
(edit) @253f37f   7 years jasongross9 Change int ret to int errnum as per PR review As per ...
(edit) @4511ac3   7 years jasongross9 Better UI for :flush-logs and flush-logs-interval We now only print ...
(edit) @565a43c   7 years jasongross9 Print a message about how many logs are flushed
(edit) @89e4294   7 years jasongross9 Add comments to logging.c We note that defer_logs is only accessed on ...
(edit) @e38f315   7 years jasongross9 logging.c: Make bool defer_logs static It's not used outside the ...
(edit) @604303c   7 years jasongross9 Give a bit more feedback when flushing logs It's a bit hard to tell ...
(edit) @1917e53   7 years jasongross9 Don't say that logging has resumed if it hasn't
(edit) @874fd19   7 years jasongross9 Fix the sense of drop_failed_logs Previously, :flush-logs was ...
(edit) @edb14cc   7 years jasongross9 Let the user know when the logs have been flushed I've found it a bit ...
(edit) @9d6e37c   7 years jasongross9 Add a variable to auto-flush logs every n minutes
(edit) @e6f21ea   7 years jasongross9 Add ETIMEDOUT to the list of errors for defer_logs This is for AFS blips
(edit) @77beb3c   7 years jasongross9 Add a -f flag to :flush-logs This allows us to bypass any troublesome ...
(edit) @ec36247   7 years jasongross9 Defer failed log messages Previously, when we failed to open a ...
(edit) @e47e1b0   7 years jasongross9 Display log file name on failure to open file Also, make ...
(edit) @8eb72d2   7 years jasongross9 Use eq not == for string comparison in
(edit) @a4b854a   7 years jasongross9 Make spacing in more uniform
(edit) @20ec886   7 years jasongross9 Fix variable names, remove dead variables
(edit) @38db1a1   7 years jasongross9 Fix spelling in
(edit) @268c7e8   7 years jasongross9 renew command implemented :renew in barnowl prompts for a password, ...
(edit) @1f92f39   7 years jasongross9 Revamp set/unset completion - unset <tab> only completes takes_on_off ...
(edit) @81e93c3   7 years jasongross9 Add BarnOwl::get_variable_info Returns a dictionary about a given ...
(edit) @a95b564   7 years jasongross9 Descriptions should be empty, not NULL It's annoying for code that ...
(edit) @bf21c4e   7 years jasongross9 Correct tab-completion for set/unset They only allow -q at the front.
(edit) @41677d2   7 years jasongross9 Fix :set usage string Variable isn't optional. Rather either you pass ...
(edit) @678a7650   7 years glasgall add ChangeLog entry for 1.10
(edit) @370d94d   8 years glasgall bump version on master for next dev cycle
(edit) @b18151c   8 years glasgall BarnOwl 1.10rc1 release-1.10
(edit) @392b5cf   8 years glasgall add cpanfile to release-1.10
(edit) @4ced41e   8 years xyzzy-github Merge pull request #156 from andersk/dist scripts/do-release: Build ... release-1.10
(edit) @39caad0   8 years xyzzy-github Merge pull request #164 from andersk/filterproc filterproc: Rewrite ... release-1.10
(edit) @bc308eb   8 years andersk scripts/do-release: Build distribution with ‘make distcheck’ This has ... release-1.10
(edit) @866b391   8 years andersk Support baking a version into the tarball with ‘make dist VERSION=…’ ... release-1.10
(edit) @02514d9   8 years andersk Don’t distribute version.c Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.10
(edit) @0f5af62   8 years jgross Add facebook dependencies to cpanfile We don't put them inside a ... release-1.10
(edit) @becd617   8 years jgross Use a cpanfile release-1.10
(edit) @3d20ce1   8 years jgross Update .travis.yml away from legacy infrastructure Following ... release-1.10
(edit) @53d6269   9 years xyzzy-github Merge pull request #165 from JasonGross/smartnarrow-view Add some ... release-1.10
(edit) @ff58239   9 years andersk Avoid strchrnul This is a GNU extension. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.10
(edit) @4379288   9 years jgross Buffer IRC rejoins This fixes ... release-1.10
(edit) @d4f33f1   9 years jgross Clean up ircnets on socketless disconnect This allows recovery from ... release-1.10
(edit) @8fcd3e7   10 years jgross Add some see-alsos to smartnarrow and smartfilter release-1.10
(edit) @5f3f1e4   10 years jgross Travis doesn't know about Perl 5.19 So tell it to use Perl 5.20 instead. release-1.10
(edit) @e8db357   10 years andersk filterproc: Rewrite using GIOChannel The old poll() loop was ... release-1.10
(edit) @94b9ee0   10 years andersk owl_variable_bool_get_tostring_default: Remove dead <invalid> case ... release-1.10
(edit) @18380fd   10 years andersk owl_zephyr_load{subs,loginsubs}: Eliminate useless stat call Placates ... release-1.10
(edit) @b61ad80   10 years andersk owl_function_debugmsg: Be sure to match va_start with va_end Found by ... release-1.10
(edit) @cba6b9c   10 years andersk owl_util_file_deleteline: Prevent FD leak in error paths Found by ... release-1.10
(edit) @9ae6095   10 years nelhage Merge pull request #160 from nelhage/twitter Some misc twitter fixes ... release-1.10
(edit) @140429f   10 years nelhage Implement :twitter-favorite release-1.10
(edit) @0d53dfb   10 years nelhage Kill the client-side tweet length check. Just let the API do the ... release-1.10
(edit) @7ff3907   10 years nelhage squelch the legacy_list_api warnings release-1.10
(edit) @c53f5e8   10 years adehnert Use SSL by default As per ... release-1.10
(edit) @7dcef03   10 years andersk Use the Glib slice allocator for fixed-size objects The slice ... release-1.10
(edit) @d779a1a   11 years andersk Remove redundant per-module .gitignore, .hgignore files This is all ... release-1.10
(edit) @59f4fd6   11 years andersk perl/modules/.gitignore: Add META.json, MYMETA.json ... release-1.10
(edit) @7834bb5   11 years andersk .gitignore: Add other kinds of tags Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.10
(edit) @7792bac   11 years andersk .gitignore: Add compile This is pulled in by Automake ≥ 1.14. ... release-1.10
(edit) @f1095da   11 years andersk .gitignore: Reorganize Divide .gitignore into logical sections, and ... release-1.10
(edit) @ba9a1be   11 years andersk .gitignore: Remove core, jabber.log Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.10
(edit) @ebcdf4d   11 years andersk owl_zephyr_smartstripped_user: Simplify, fixing overlapping strcat ... release-1.10
(edit) @21dc927   11 years andersk Test owl_zephyr_smartstripped_user Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.10
(edit) @ebc6f77   11 years andersk Humanize zsigs Stop throwing away parts of multiline zsigs; we have ... release-1.10
(edit) @6f87658   11 years andersk Sync ChangeLog with release-1.9 branch Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.10
(edit) @c55930e   11 years andersk Show Zephyr charset in info popup Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.10
(edit) @41064be   11 years ezyang change BarnOwl::Module::Jabber::getServerFromJID to use ... release-1.10
(edit) @926c721   11 years ezyang fix cmd_join in BarnOwl/Module/ to use $chan, not $channel which ... release-1.10
(edit) @441fd42   11 years andersk Replace the last few “Barnowl”s with “BarnOwl”s Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.10
(edit) @ca1fb26a   11 years andersk Be smarter about rebuilding on version number changes Signed-off-by: ... release-1.10
(edit) @685cca7   11 years andersk Remove C files from BUILT_SOURCES They are already built through ... release-1.10
(edit) @76e80de   11 years jgross Update completion for :irc-{join,part} release-1.10
(edit) @be43554   11 years jgross Add a ~/.owl/ircchannels file, persist channels All irc channel ... release-1.10
(edit) @ae2b830   11 years jgross owl_util_file_delete_line in perl release-1.10
(edit) @c84c365   11 years jgross remove a space release-1.10
(edit) @ecd4edf   11 years ezyang Added perl methods to register and unregister idle watchers. release-1.10
(edit) @120dac7   11 years ezyang Added a hook for wakeup/user input. I wanted to add a hook that got ... release-1.10
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