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(edit) @441fd42   9 years andersk Replace the last few “Barnowl”s with “BarnOwl”s Signed-off-by: Anders ...
(edit) @ca1fb26a   9 years andersk Be smarter about rebuilding on version number changes Signed-off-by: ...
(edit) @120dac7   9 years ezyang Added a hook for wakeup/user input. I wanted to add a hook that got ...
(edit) @499224d   9 years andersk barnowl --help: Write to stdout and exit successfully Signed-off-by: ...
(edit) @4d9e311c   10 years davidben Don't do the stderr redirect hack if !isatty(2) stderr has already ... release-1.9
(edit) @8135737   11 years davidben rename default config file to .owl/ motivations: to make clear ... release-1.9
(edit) @389d487   11 years davidben Switch to interactive context before sourcing the startup file There ... release-1.9
(edit) @3b17b57   11 years davidben Kill owl_function_lastmsg_noredisplay Now that owl_window exists and ... release-1.9
(edit) @f271129   11 years jgross Fix up headers The additions to owl.h and some of the removals were ... release-1.9
(edit) @a7fac14   11 years davidben Assign all watched signals to a dummy no-op disposition Otherwise ... release-1.9
(edit) @b8a3e00   11 years davidben Consistently use BarnOwl or barnowl BarnOwl refers to the program, ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @2244836   11 years davidben Use g_io_add_watch in the stderr redirect We may actually be able to ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @bbb7876   11 years davidben Replace the stdin reader with a GIOChannel watch We ignore the ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4f746f8   11 years davidben Bump required glib version to 2.16 Debian Lenny's version is 2.16.6-3 ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @cc305b5   11 years glasgall Move log-writing onto a background thread. Currently, Barnowl writes ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @44976fe   11 years glasgall Make owl_select_post_task take a context argument Make ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6476c0e   11 years andersk stderr_redirect_handler: Handle partial or failed reads ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f97c1a6   11 years davidben Merge branch 'g_main_loop' The logic in owl_select_prune_bad_fds ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1d21d9f   11 years davidben Use sigwaitinfo instead of sigwait Eh, may as well give the signal ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ba12b44   11 years davidben Add owl_select_post_task helper function Honestly, the only thing ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @117b2ba   11 years davidben Move owl_process_input_char to owl.c It would be nice to move some ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @08e9842   11 years davidben Cleanly destroy the signal thread on shutdown This isn't strictly ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6bd485e   11 years davidben Reset signal dispositions and mask, in case our parent was lame Also ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @47128d9   11 years davidben Allow interrupts to be taken at any point This way we can catch ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1491439   11 years davidben Don't deliver SIGALRM through the signal thread We don't do anything ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e2cc848   11 years davidben Just ignore SIGPIPE altogether There's not much point in switching ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @81db142   11 years davidben Make owl_signal_init take a signal-thread callback Instead of pushing ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3535a6e   11 years davidben First go at sigwait-based signal handling Instead of relying on ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6b4033f   11 years davidben Also make owl_process_messages a GSource This is the second ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4cc49bc   11 years davidben Make the owl_window redraw hook a GSource (Should this be a ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3b8a563   11 years davidben Remove NULL checks before calling g_free g_free handles the NULL ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9efa5bd   11 years davidben Clamp the number of color pairs to 256 without ext-color Debian ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @a2a8833   11 years davidben Kill --remove-debug option It doesn't do anything sensible anymore. ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c809f5e   11 years davidben Use owl_function_command_norv when we don't care about the result ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3472845   11 years andersk Replace owl_sprintf with g_strdup_printf. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d4927a7   11 years andersk Replace owl_strdup with g_strdup. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ddbbcffa   11 years andersk Replace owl_free with g_free. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ab9bf01   11 years andersk Disable special handling of START and STOP characters (^Q and ^S) ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7488f27   11 years andersk Use STDIN_FILENO instead of 0 Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @099597c   12 years davidben Don't reset colorpairs in the middle of drawing Resetting colorpairs ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d3941a0   12 years davidben Use g_strjoinv in owl_global_set_startupargs It's much nicer than ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b03c714   12 years davidben Update copyright notices for 2011 release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @bc14adc   12 years nelhage Punted __unspecified__ default value for default_style. variable.c ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ca6a47e   12 years davidben In the startup message, suggest quickstart before help It looks like ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9c678a5   12 years davidben Actually set the context interactive in the startup routine This got ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @de6f317   12 years davidben Move zephyr and ncurses shutdown into main They are initialized in ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3ecd78b   12 years davidben Move the event loop to owl_select as owl_select_run_loop Also adds a ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8402a093   12 years davidben Move the error signal logging to a pre_select_action This reduces our ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e488ec5   12 years nelhage Merge branch 'security' release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @205e164   12 years asedeno Use fpathconf to disable signals Just using 0 is not portable. POSIX ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d296c9a   12 years davidben Merge branch 'owl_window' Conflicts: global.c release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d12a8c7   12 years nelhage Keep the debug file open persistently. release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @0be3efd   12 years davidben Move g_type_init into owl_global_init Ensures that the tester and ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5cc7e5e   12 years davidben Kill owl_global_needrefresh Not necessary now. Internal state for ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @dec60b4   12 years nelhage Merge branch 'perl-tester' release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ea7daa8   12 years davidben Remove the global notifier release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @044f19f   12 years davidben Don't use signals for dirtying the sepbar I'm less convinced the ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @07b59ea   12 years davidben Maintain the cursor location with the context stack release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4dd115f   12 years davidben Set the sepwin as the default cursor location This lets us get rid of ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d6f2d21   12 years davidben Hook up and use the message-received signal in the sepbar release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @99ce51c   12 years davidben Punt the arguments to owl_global_resize We're not using them, and ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @fa65671   12 years davidben Remove the relayout code The signals take care of it now. release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @385fda9   12 years davidben A fairly hacky job of porting sepbar to owl_window We now use the new ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f6fae8d   12 years davidben Port the editwin to owl_window The others are still unmanaged for ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @a57f87a   12 years davidben Move the update_panels into owl_window_redraw_scheduled release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @053f751   12 years davidben For prototyping, use a GObject-backed owl_window It gives us many ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4e33cb2   12 years davidben Punt a lot of needrefreshes Move the actual needrefreshes into the ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @449af72   12 years davidben First draft of Nth iteration of owl_window framework release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @04b16f8   12 years nelhage Set up filters and a view in the tester. release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3aa0522   12 years davidben Deprecate the main loop hook, use on-demand perl timer Users without ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3687413   12 years davidben Only enable pseudologin timer when we use it The feature defaults to ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @0881cdd   12 years davidben Use a separate pad for input wgetch calls a wrefresh on regular ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @bcff94d   12 years davidben Drop pointless doupdate before the event loop release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1b5b975   12 years andersk Make terminal refreshes a pre-select action. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f7cf6c2   12 years davidben Allow scheduling of relayouts as well as resizes release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1cfcab7   12 years nelhage Update copyright notices for 2010. release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @98d296d   12 years nelhage Remove owl_global_is_typwin_active This is now redundant with ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f449096   12 years davidben Drop calls to update_panels outside main loop One call is sufficient. ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d64f963   12 years davidben Prefer popwin to typwin for cursor placement If we somehow have a ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8099357   12 years davidben Remove some mentions of global windows from main Sadly, we can't kill ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b928b3a   12 years davidben Remove popwin special-casing Finally, we can have our cake! Now that ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8ae2de9   12 years davidben Attach PANELs to all of our WINDOWs We replace wnoutrefresh with ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @91634ec   12 years andersk Add owl_message_delete to fix leaks. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1915073   12 years andersk main: Don’t leak the default tty name. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @2a17b63   13 years nelhage Push and pop contexts whenever we change context. This allows us to ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b752f1e   13 years nelhage Allow ^Z to be rebound. Rather than catching SIGTSTP and doing things ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @129e609   13 years nelhage Use a owl_dict to store the list of filters. Cathy Zhang reported ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6c81223   13 years asedeno Fix _followlast behavior. I broke _followlast in ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @18fdd5f9   13 years asedeno Switch C to the new I/O Dispatch API. Signed-off-by: Alejandro R. ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @23fddad   13 years kcr refactor & rename filter creation & storage management ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @84ea53c   13 years kcr data-driven owl_setup_default_filter Factor out a bunch of calls to ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @26255f0   13 years asedeno Add a message processing pre-select action. release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @0697f09   13 years asedeno Drop owl_animate_hack. release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @dbf94e9   13 years asedeno Revert "Process zephyr prior to owl_select(). [more]" This reverts ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @40bda84   13 years nelhage Catch ^Z and display a message instead of suspending. release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c79a047   13 years andersk Correctly prototype functions with no parameters as foo(void), not ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4e4847c   13 years nelhage Don't include owl.c when running codelist. release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f350fc3   13 years nelhage Add equivalent long options for all short options. release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @799f36c   13 years nelhage Use getopt(3) for option parsing. While we're at it, refactor option ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7967433   13 years nelhage Refactor startup into functions, and some clean up. release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
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