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(edit) @f47696f   12 years davidben Add owl_string_appendf_quoted for easy construction of command lines. release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @2bc6ad35   12 years davidben Add owl_quote_arg and owl_string_append_quoted_arg Also add unit ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d275eb2   12 years davidben Replace atokenize with glib's g_strsplit_set Glib's had ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @fa90c34   12 years davidben Fixup owl_util_recursive_resolve_link to handle relative symlinks ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9b9efa2b   12 years davidben Punt owl_util_max and owl_util_min in favor of MAX and MIN glib ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @950e2da   12 years kcr Fixed :unsub to make it work if ~/.zephyr.subs is a symlink (trac 133) ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5fca55f   12 years kcr I/O errors on writing subscription file in :unsub are no longer ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c1f1e1e   13 years davidben Add convenience method for connecting a window to a signal release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ad788b5   13 years davidben Move the sepbar stuff into a separate file release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @385fda9   13 years davidben A fairly hacky job of porting sepbar to owl_window We now use the new ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @05ca0d8   13 years davidben Implement our own owl_signal_connect_object This is actually more ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4e33cb2   13 years davidben Punt a lot of needrefreshes Move the actual needrefreshes into the ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9a7b4f2   13 years nelhage Use zcrypt from our own bin directory. release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f449096   13 years davidben Drop calls to update_panels outside main loop One call is sufficient. ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @46d940a   13 years andersk atokenize: Use owl_strdup instead of memcpy. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @40d22cf   13 years andersk Rename owl_parsefree to owl_parse_delete. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1672650   13 years andersk Rename atokenize_free to atokenize_delete. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8ae2de9   13 years davidben Attach PANELs to all of our WINDOWs We replace wnoutrefresh with ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @a61daae   13 years andersk owl_util_file_deleteline: Fix a leak. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @96c3265   13 years kcr Tighten up sepbar() release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1b9d3cc   13 years geofft atoi("puce") == 0 Signed-off-by: Geoffrey Thomas <> release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @a3e61a2   13 years kcr Rewrite color name<->number mapping code Make it data-driven, as ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @0697f09   13 years asedeno Drop owl_animate_hack. release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @435001d   13 years alexmv sys/stat.h is needed for "struct stat" release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @946058b   13 years kcr rewrite owl_util_file_deleteline Rewrite owl_util_file_deleteline to ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6ace255   13 years kcr owl_getline, owl_getline_chomp, and owl_slurp For the glorious ... release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f119757   13 years andersk g_utf8_next_char can’t return NULL; remove redundant checks. ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c79a047   13 years andersk Correctly prototype functions with no parameters as foo(void), not ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @da60ba9   13 years davidben Cause unsub to warn user if user wasn't subbed Add a return value to ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @eea72a1   13 years nelhage owl_new_sv: Escape non-utf8 strings before erroring with them. ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @36486be   13 years andersk Replace several owl_malloc, sprintf sequences with owl_strdup or ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4083c49   13 years andersk Fix unchecked accesses to s[strlen(s) - 1]. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e30ed92   13 years nelhage skiptokens: Handle quotes more correctly. This fixes ctl's bug about ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8bce750   13 years nelhage Move all regression tests into tester.c. release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9e5c9f3   13 years andersk Add const qualifiers for owl_view *. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3eb599d   13 years andersk Add const qualifiers for owl_messagelist *. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e19eb97   13 years andersk Add const qualifiers for char * and void *. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @fa4562c   13 years andersk Prepare code for adding const qualifiers for char * and void *. ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @65b2173   13 years andersk Split up declarations for adding const qualifiers for char * and void ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4d86e06   14 years andersk Get rid of a whole bunch of useless casts. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d43edd2   14 years andersk Death to RCS keywords. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <> release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7f6a8a2   14 years andersk Quash a zephyr 3 warning by adding some missing consts. ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3e8ff1e   14 years nelhage Implement owl_text_expand_tabs, and tests. release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7bf51d5   14 years nelhage Correctly read the BARNOWL_DATA_DIR environment variable. getenv() ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4b17a6c   14 years nelhage Zephyr: Always send in UTF-8, never iso-latin-1. debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f34dd65   14 years nelhage Kill a whole bunch of unused code. I generated a list of dead ... debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e97c4a30   14 years geofft util.c: Fix double-free from owl_zephyr_delsub. Also fix general ... debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6eaf35b   14 years andersk Correct format specifiers for longs. debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @601733d   15 years asedeno The color default has been -1 for a while now, so we match what curses ... debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ee310eb   15 years asedeno Merged revisions 909-923 via svnmerge from ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @af1920fd   15 years asedeno Portability - removing C++ style comments. barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @84027015   15 years asedeno editwin.c - lots of utf-8 cleanup that I had been putting off. util.c ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c1522ec   15 years asedeno Eliminating a warning by un-internalizing a new fmtext function. barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7b1d048   15 years asedeno first pass at outbound zephyr -> iso-8859-1 sanitizing. Not that we ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6201646   15 years asedeno Fixing bug encountered when last field was not null-terminated. barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5376a95   15 years asedeno First pass at incoming zephyr -> UTF-8 sanitizing. This only operates ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @28ee32b   15 years asedeno UTF-8 - first pass unicode changes: * remove downstr() from text.c, ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5bc0f68   15 years asedeno Merged revisions 777-778 via svnmerge from ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @89f5338   15 years asedeno Moving owl_get_datadir to util.c so make test'' works again. barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @93ee554   15 years asedeno Merged revisions 734-776 via svnmerge from ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @34509d5   15 years asedeno GLib/Unicode branch - adding glib dependency. Linking BarnOwl to ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @04166e9   15 years nelhage Don't read before the start of the string for an instance barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @93f65b6   16 years nelhage Clean up an unused var warning. barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1cf3f8d3   16 years nelhage Make the built-in regression tests output TAP and add a perl wrapper ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c2c5c77   16 years asedeno Adding 256-color support. This requires a version of ncurses that ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d524c83   16 years nelhage free() should be owl_free() barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @95caa16   16 years nelhage Fix a pair of stupid minor memory leaks. barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f166580   16 years asedeno This is better still. barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @59916e8   16 years asedeno Once more, dealing better with free(). barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @be5aa09   16 years asedeno Fixing a bug reported over zephyr in which narrowing would permanently ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7a20e4c   16 years nelhage smartnarrowing to an unclass is now the same as narrowing to the ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @0138478   16 years nelhage Test failures now print out file/line numbers barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @fe67f1f   19 years kretch Do OLC formatting for anything coming from olc.matisse Improvements to ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1bb1e67   19 years nygren Fix two minor issues found by valgrind barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @330bcec   19 years kretch In the sepbar, reverse video the view name when it's not set to ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @40458b9   19 years kretch Filters of filters now work barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4b660cc   19 years kretch Now have a set of 'aaway' commands and variables just like the ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c65d81e   19 years kretch New 'away' command, just an alias to zaway for now. 'A' key now bound ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8766d44   19 years kretch Fixed bug in owl_util_makepath barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f36222f   19 years kretch Do ~ expansion in 'dump' command. barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @12c35df   19 years kretch Fixed replies to loopback messages Fixed smartnarrow on ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e3d9c77   19 years kretch Write owl_text_quote Moved some functions between util.c, text.c and ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c15bbfb   19 years kretch Added the 'fancylines' variable. Enabled OWL_STDERR_REDIR by default barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6a50af2   19 years kretch Fixed bug removing newlines in backup files barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @836ea3a3   19 years kretch Converted more error messages to use the error queue barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f1e629d   20 years nygren New API for perl message formatting functions. Legacy ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3ba3af0   20 years kretch Better formatting for idle time in buddy list barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5b85d19   20 years kretch Idle time reported in minutes, not seconds barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @de03334   20 years kretch Idletimes now appear in the buddylist barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e6449bc   20 years kretch Owl should build now without zephyr, enabling it to act as a ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @09489b89   20 years kretch First pass at making owl build without zephyr barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e7cc1c3   20 years kretch More detailed usage from -h Special cased replies for webzephyr users ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e4eebe8   20 years kretch Reformatted util.c in new code style barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @73624b4   20 years kretch New 'sepbar_disable' variable can turn off sepbar info Updated ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5ea6fea   20 years kretch Made the oneline format a little more compact and stripped off local ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b2b0773   20 years kretch Changes to help build on OSX barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @378fa14   20 years kretch Fixed bug in 'startup' command barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @65ad073   20 years kretch 'addbuddy zephyr <user>' and 'delbuddy zephyr <user>' now work. barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @38cf544c   20 years kretch Added the 'startup' and 'unstartup' commands The $HOME/.owl directory ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7c8060d0   20 years kretch Zaway now obeys the smart strip variable barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
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