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(edit) @7803326   11 years jgross editwin callback for canceling the editwin The code for editwin ... release-1.9
(edit) @f271129   12 years jgross Fix up headers The additions to owl.h and some of the removals were ... release-1.9
(edit) @6829afc   12 years davidben Define CALLER_OWN macro Replace our exising uses of ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d427f08   12 years nelhage Use G_GNUC_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT Have gcc warn us when we ignore the ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4fd211f   12 years davidben Use owl_function_makemsg to report no search matches It's not really ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @237d02c   12 years davidben Remove default_{attrs,fgcolor,bgcolor} from owl_fmtext They didn't ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @ddbbcffa   12 years andersk Replace owl_free with g_free. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @96828e4   12 years andersk Replace owl_malloc with g_new and g_new0. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @cedbe9d   12 years davidben Punt the ~s at the end of a popless text They seem to confuse ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4c0ac34   12 years davidben Don't leak editwins in the viewwin All the objects we pass the ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @09065ed   12 years davidben If popless:start-search is passed "", continue search Matches ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @118c919   12 years davidben Name search argument consider_current Adding yet another enum for a ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4a41f16   12 years davidben Pass deactivate_cb as argument to owl_editcontext_new release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1b8c3f8   12 years davidben owl_viewwin doesn't need to keep track of cmdline release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d2fd2f7   12 years davidben Add popless:start-search and bind to / and ? The command line is ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b6cf72f   12 years davidben FINALLY! Add a popless:search command That took a while. release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9c1e61d   12 years davidben Add OWL_SEARCH_CONTINUE and OWL_SEARCH_MATCH_CURRENT Instead of ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @09ceee3   12 years davidben Add a command-line to the viewwin It's triggered via ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @6a35938   12 years davidben Add an unspeakably ugly version of reverse search I think we really ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @60c1386   12 years davidben Split the viewwin's status bar into its own window release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @2640b63   12 years davidben Rearrange some viewwin functions The two constructor should be ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b8742ba   12 years davidben Add half an implementation of owl_viewwin_search release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9116936   12 years davidben Draw ~s in empty viewwin lines, to mimic less release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @fa23002   12 years davidben Never move the screen up when during an owl_viewwin_down We already ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d574d61   12 years davidben Add owl_viewwin_up and owl_viewwin_down So we have one consistent ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9eb38bb   12 years davidben Likewise, don't reuse a global owl_viewwin This means we don't have ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @61c1f19   12 years davidben Don't export owl_viewwin_set_window. release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5b68c05   12 years davidben Update the viewwin when the global search string changes This will ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @449c682   12 years davidben Honor the do_search argument to _owl_fmtext_curs_waddstr It hasn't ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @0b9e607   13 years davidben Rename redisplays to redraw Gives a target to grep for and matches ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @69873f7   13 years davidben The viewwin should take references to its window release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7a6e6c7   13 years davidben Use signals for redraw and resize release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @5f7eadf   13 years davidben Don't leave a sketchy pointer to the viewwin's window We really ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @c447d9c   13 years davidben Also drop winlines/wincols from the viewwin struct Deduplicating data ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @68f63a2   13 years davidben Port owl_viewwin to owl_window A number of hacks. This is just a test ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @fe4c786   13 years davidben Avoids segfault on NULL curswin for viewwin When the screen is too ... release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @f449096   13 years davidben Drop calls to update_panels outside main loop One call is sufficient. ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4cca591   13 years davidben Drop doupdate call in owl_viewwin_redisplay Instead, set refresh flag ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @963b471   13 years andersk Rename owl_viewwin_free to owl_viewwin_cleanup. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @7ab0020   13 years andersk Rename owl_fmtext_free to owl_fmtext_cleanup. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8ae2de9   13 years davidben Attach PANELs to all of our WINDOWs We replace wnoutrefresh with ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3e55268   13 years andersk owl_viewwin_init_fmtext: Don’t leak the temporary formatted text. ... release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @dd6af02   13 years asedeno Revert 7b4d90e... and just fix #51 owl_fmtext_truncate_cols once ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @4083c49   13 years andersk Fix unchecked accesses to s[strlen(s) - 1]. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @075ba92   13 years andersk Add const qualifiers for owl_fmtext *. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @e19eb97   13 years andersk Add const qualifiers for char * and void *. Signed-off-by: Anders ... release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @d43edd2   14 years andersk Death to RCS keywords. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <> release-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @47519e1b   15 years asedeno text entry: * first pass at utf-8 text entry. This is not yet ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @9866c3a   15 years asedeno Reworked the fmtext format to use in-line formatting. Characters used ... barnowl_perlaimdebianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @8721756   19 years nygren oops. make sure to null out reference to viewwin close hook after ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @afbf668   19 years nygren pexec will now incrimentally display data as it is output by the ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @b2b0773   20 years kretch Changes to help build on OSX barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @3a2daac   20 years kretch viewwin will now say "End" instead of "More" when at the end Added a ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @af2ca19   20 years kretch Fixed memory leak and buffer overrun in fmtext barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(edit) @1aee7d9   21 years nygren * Added RCS Id strings to all files. * 'show keymaps' shows details of ... barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
(add) @7d4fbcd   21 years kretch Initial check in barnowl_perlaimdebianowlrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9
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