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#53 barnowl sometimes crashes with Jabber new defect major
#119 show how far you are in a long message new enhancement major
#129 Appropriate handling of multiple AIM accounts assigned defect major
#178 failure message from addbuddy is clobbered by inaccurate success message new defect major
#242 classlogging=on and loggingdirection=out is stupid and easy to do by mistake assigned defect major
#244 core dump in ZRetrieveSubscriptions when starting without zhm new defect major
#27 barnowl should do something better with jabber typing notifications assigned defect minor
#112 don't render zephyr markup in non-zephyrs and non-bodies new defect minor
#152 Sync Perl module patches for Jabber with upstream new task minor
#156 :help <command> <other stuff> should match :help <command> or emit an error new defect minor
#196 Tab completion is incorrect after `:set $variable-name ` new defect minor
#249 Investigate support for bidi (Arabic/Hebrew) new defect minor
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