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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#107 IRC topic change should specify network/channel and not be an admin message new defect major
#216 Should coalesce quickly consecutive IRC messages from the same user new enhancement major
#245 Revisit IRC color handling new defect major
#258 irc-msg sometimes duplicates spaces new defect major
#274 irc-rejoin code is broken for > 20-26 channels new defect major
#287 mIRC color-stripping code strips too much new defect major
#57 Multi-line IRC messages should be broken into multiple messages new geofft defect minor
#160 IRC conversation detection doesn't detect msgs addressing multiple people new enhancement minor
#206 IRC's /list command is unavailable new defect minor
#226 barnowl should not allow line breaks in IRC messages new enhancement minor
#262 When I attempt to irc-msg a non-joined channel, I get a "message" from it new defect minor
#282 IRC appends a trailing space to messages new defect minor
#189 IRC should say "not connected to any networks" on irc-join rather than "specify network with -a" new defect trivial
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