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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#19 Jabber failures should be more descriptive new nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor
#21 barnowl assumes joining MUC successful new nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor
#27 barnowl should do something better with jabber typing notifications assigned defect minor
#37 Can't login to alternate account while having tickets new defect minor
#42 Better jabber account prediction new enhancement minor
#49 barnowl thinks jabberlogin succeeded when IO::Socket::SSL not available new defect minor
#53 barnowl sometimes crashes with Jabber new defect major
#59 Jabber empty message suppression doesn't work on MUCs new defect major
#79 Filter duplicate Jabber login notices new defect minor
#80 Jabber MUC login messages uninformative new defect minor
#83 new message notification from gmail new enhancement minor
#86 doesn't know how to deal with MUC invitations new defect major
#104 gChat error when accepting subscription request new defect major
#106 Jabber auto-away message should be configurable new asedeno enhancement minor
#136 Ctrl-C during jabberlogin results in weird state new defect minor
#138 jmuc presence -a can't possibly work new defect major BarnOwl 1.7
#139 Jabber does not verify the server’s SSL certificate new defect major
#145 jwrite guesses wrong JID new defect major
#152 Sync Perl module patches for Jabber with upstream new task minor
#165 Unable to login as alternate user to new defect minor
#167 barnowl should support Google 2FA new defect major
#171 Jabber chat state notifications are displayed as empty messages new defect minor
#177 Explicitly set jabber status should not be overridden new defect minor
#181 Display jabber names (not just jids) new enhancement major
#192 Editwin prompt for jwrite is slightly inaccurate when disable-ctrl-d is off new defect minor
#213 Lazily load Net::XMPP in Jabber module new defect major
#214 XMPP priority should be configurable new enhancement minor
#217 Digest::SHA1 removed from Debian/Ubuntu in favor of Digest::SHA new defect major
#236 jroster and jlist should be better documented and maybe have better UI new defect major
#254 Handle jabber word-wrapping properly new defect major
#255 jmuc needs tab completion new defect minor
#266 jabberlogout logs out wrong account new defect minor
#267 Disconnects from gmail Jabber don't cause auto-reconnect or roster to disappear new defect major
#269 jabberlogin fails: Can't locate object method "fileno" new defect major
#272 Display jabber names, not just JIDs new defect minor
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