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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#53 barnowl sometimes crashes with Jabber new defect major jabber
#59 Jabber empty message suppression doesn't work on MUCs new defect major jabber
#72 OS X Unicode input gives “Unable to handle keypress” reopened defect major internals
#82 BarnOwl should implement format=flowed new enhancement major ui
#88 OneLine mode fails on some zephyr markup new defect major ui
#90 Incoming tabs are misdisplayed new defect major ui
#97 [DoS] DNS should be asynchronous, and cache new defect major internals
#104 gChat error when accepting subscription request new defect major jabber
#37 Can't login to alternate account while having tickets new defect minor jabber
#47 Better module dependency checking new defect minor ui
#49 barnowl thinks jabberlogin succeeded when IO::Socket::SSL not available new defect minor jabber
#55 Sub to selected instances of -c filsrv new defect minor zephyr
#76 Should be able to escape single quotes with backslashes new enhancement minor ui
#79 Filter duplicate Jabber login notices new defect minor jabber
#80 Jabber MUC login messages uninformative new defect minor jabber
#83 new message notification from gmail new enhancement minor jabber
#93 Command history search new enhancement minor ui
#110 Add time window to prevent repeated away messages new enhancement minor internals
#112 don't render zephyr markup in non-zephyrs and non-bodies new defect minor ui
#101 pm_to_blib is really really loud new enhancement trivial internals
#102 Makefile.PL spews “Cannot determine {perl version,author,license} info from lib/BarnOwl/Module/*.pm” accepted defect trivial internals
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