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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#107 IRC topic change should specify network/channel and not be an admin message new defect major
#126 Allow the current message to not be in the current filter new enhancement major
#139 Jabber does not verify the server’s SSL certificate new defect major
#145 jwrite guesses wrong JID new defect major
#205 Segfault on :multi loopwrite; loopwrite; edit:cancel; edit:cancel new defect major
#216 Should coalesce quickly consecutive IRC messages from the same user new enhancement major
#217 Digest::SHA1 removed from Debian/Ubuntu in favor of Digest::SHA new defect major
#232 BarnOwl should automatically reconnect to Zephyr new enhancement major
#253 owl_message_create_from_znotice might crash if z_opcode is NULL? new defect major
#259 Putting sub lines in .owl/startup results in confusing startup failure new defect major
#269 jabberlogin fails: Can't locate object method "fileno" new defect major
#270 Uses Net::Twitter::Lite with deprecated Lists API new defect major
#273 Document dependencies for Twitter SSL new defect major
#284 Reply to failed-decrypt should be crypted new defect major
#286 zcrypt truncates messages at about 4000 bytes new defect major
#116 display issues new defect minor
#118 Search matches overlapping a screen edge are not highlighted new defect minor
#152 Sync Perl module patches for Jabber with upstream new task minor
#169 :help filter lies new defect minor
#171 Jabber chat state notifications are displayed as empty messages new defect minor
#214 XMPP priority should be configurable new enhancement minor
#220 Pressing Tab multiple times should cycle through tab completion options that didn’t fit on the screen new enhancement minor
#224 zcrypt has pointless arbitrary message length restriction new defect minor
#249 Investigate support for bidi (Arabic/Hebrew) new defect minor
#252 zcrypt: Silly memory leak new defect minor
#265 Support @roman new defect minor
#271 Use Twitter stream API new enhancement minor
#283 Module for Exchange EWS notifications new enhancement minor
#285 Misparses @i(foo @invalid() bar) new defect minor
#101 pm_to_blib is really really loud new enhancement trivial
#102 Makefile.PL spews “Cannot determine {perl version,author,license} info from lib/BarnOwl/Module/*.pm” accepted defect trivial
#215 PgUp/PgDn prints “already at first/last message” too eagerly new defect trivial
#288 Reply CC ordering leaks Perl hash randomization entropy new defect trivial
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