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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 Not every barnowl user has a pony nelhage@MIT.EDU defect critical internals
#13 :yes and :no UI suck nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major ui
#27 barnowl should do something better with jabber typing notifications defect minor jabber
#29 'search -r' is very slow nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor ui
#33 Pseudologins show the text "<uninitialized>" in log files defect minor zephyr
#69 BarnOwl fails to redraw properly on some terminals nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor ui
#129 Appropriate handling of multiple AIM accounts defect major AIM
#150 Handle logging of unicode equivalents sensically defect major logging
#151 Handle logging of personal zephyrs from different instances of Kerberos principals sanely defect major logging
#242 classlogging=on and loggingdirection=out is stupid and easy to do by mistake defect major zephyr
#84 expose away/idle functionality through perl interface (and make consistent across protocols) enhancement minor internals
#159 Rewrite logging.c in perl task minor logging
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