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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#71 :irc-msg could select network more cleverly nelhage@MIT.EDU enhancement major IRC
#78 :irc-msg username fails iff the current message is of type IRC defect major IRC
#87 Can’t send non-ASCII over IRC defect major IRC
#109 :irc-join channel without # fails silently defect minor IRC
#117 Can’t join #ubuntu+1 anymore. defect critical IRC
#149 Net::IRC is abandoned defect major IRC
#218 IRC continously reconnects if nickname is already in use defect minor IRC
#3 Test ticket nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major internals
#9 Delete/Expunge crash nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major internals
#10 barnowl needs a test system nelhage@MIT.EDU enhancement major internals
#15 barnowl crashes on :dump nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major internals
#18 ANSI C compliance nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor internals
#31 Pressing `i' on a zephyr with high-bit characters in a unicode locale can cause segfault nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major internals
#36 loopwrite messages have extra linebreak in body defect trivial internals
#44 BarnOwl::new_variable_* clobbers the old value defect major internals
#45 :reload-modules should work on PARs defect major internals
#46 perl should be able to examine existing filters defect minor internals
#50 Make barnowl unsuspendable enhancement minor internals
#51 popless_ztext does not display last line if no ending newline defect minor internals
#54 owl doesn't like filters that use a subfilter twice defect major internals
#56 Trac Search error defect major internals
#58 Multibyte characters in the last column of the window are misrendered defect major internals
#60 input window doesn’t accept tabs defect major internals
#61 barnowl crashes when .zephyr.subs is unwritable and you attempt to use "unsub" defect major internals
#62 Sometimes outgoing zephyrs don't appear until another one happens defect minor internals
#64 Error in gmake modules_clean defect minor internals
#68 hang on searching for a too-long string defect minor internals
#70 "unpunt foo *" causes segfault defect major internals
#73 Log, but don't display, subset of subscriptions enhancement major internals
#81 M-q messes with end-of-sentence spacing when period is in quotes defect minor internals
#85 incorporate Twitter functionality into main owl distribution enhancement minor internals
#89 Do a release task major internals
#92 zdots are accepted, but not filtered out defect major internals
#94 zwrite "moo'moo" segfaults defect critical internals
#98 Present more strings to perl as Unicode defect major internals
#105 BarnOwl-to-other-AIM-client encoding problem defect major internals
#108 delete-prev-word with multibyte characters loses some bytes after the cursor too defect major internals
#111 Receipt of your own zephyrs delayed by a second defect major internals
#113 ^Z should be bindable to commands. defect major internals
#115 Unbindkey function defect major internals
#120 ‘make check’ fails on perl < 5.9.4 or ≥ 5.10.1 defect major internals
#123 Fix whitespace in :blist defect major BarnOwl 1.5 internals
#124 Allow cancelling IRC reconnects defect major BarnOwl 1.5 internals
#125 configure should check for more things defect minor internals
#130 Use-after-free with pexec defect major BarnOwl 1.6 internals
#131 Segfault on malformed CC line defect major internals
#132 Reply does not handle newlines correctly defect minor BarnOwl 1.5 internals
#133 :unsub doesn't work if ~/.zephyr.subs is a symlink defect minor internals
#134 perl extensions can confuse the editwin defect minor internals
#137 Barnowl improperly wraps particular message defect major internals
#147 colorztext should force recomputation of message fmttext defect minor internals
#158 ./configure --without-zephyr && make fails with undefined reference to `error_message' defect major internals
#161 commands in startup which request input fail oddly defect minor internals
#166 warning: implicit declaration of function ‘pselect’ defect minor internals
#172 These tickets should go somewhere defect blocker internals
#175 "startup" command produces error when run for the first time defect minor internals
#184 Default zsigs are empty defect blocker internals
#191 multiple BarnOwls in AFS should DTRT with respect to logging defect major internals
#199 Don't send -O ping to -c message -i personal defect minor internals
#203 Unsafe strcat on overlapping strings in owl_zephyr_smartstripped_user defect major internals
#227 Include a buzzfilter in core enhancement minor internals
#234 make clean; make -j8 sometimes fails defect major internals
#289 warning: implicit declaration of function ‘strchrnul’ in zephyr.c defect minor internals
#7 Presence notification variable asedeno@MIT.EDU enhancement trivial jabber
#20 jmuc presence -a gives incorrect error message nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor jabber
#24 Display both nickname and JID in presence information nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor jabber
#25 `:jmuc join sipb' logs you out of jabber nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major jabber
#30 Jabber reply-to-sender fails to quote spaces in sender name nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor jabber
#121 locker barnowl doesn't kerberize jabber on lunatique or ringworld defect minor jabber
#143 jwrite fails on jids including a dash (-) defect minor jabber
#202 Add Any::Moose to the locker defect blocker locker
#243 Add Ouch to the locker defect blocker locker
#200 Trac 'component's for a new ticket should be updated defect major meta
#251 barnowl-1.10dev tag is not annotated defect minor meta
#268 Release 1.9 enhancement critical meta
#6 want ability to punt filters nelhage@MIT.EDU enhancement minor ui
#16 Default style doesn't display opcodes nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor ui
#39 Confusing error messages when accidentally sending to a user on a class defect minor ui
#41 "End" key doesn't work in popup screens defect minor ui
#43 one-line style should be fixed defect minor ui
#48 barnowl should allow searching in popups enhancement minor ui
#63 zwriting multiple users looks like zwriting one user adehnert@MIT.EDU defect minor ui
#66 Option to show date in the default style nelhage@MIT.EDU enhancement minor ui
#67 "down" can't go to an empty final line in editwin asedeno@MIT.EDU defect minor ui
#74 :show variable zsig misleading defect minor ui
#75 Should be able to ^Y after ^K enhancement minor ui
#77 view_home setting in .owlconf gets overridden defect minor ui
#91 :startup and wordwrap interact poorly defect major ui
#95 new editwin had message-sending regression with . followed by only blank lines nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor ui
#96 keybindings for sending to a user often results in mixes as not added to command history enhancement minor ui
#99 Backspacing past the top of the editwin does not scroll text defect minor ui
#100 typewindelta hides status messages defect minor ui
#103 message text is arbitrarily selected, which messes with (background) colors defect major ui
#127 context bug with :eperl defect major BarnOwl 1.6 ui
#146 Timestamps in info view should include a timezone enhancement trivial ui
#174 Narrowing to instance names with quotes doesn't quite work defect minor ui
#176 viewuser should support non-zephyr protocols defect minor ui
#2 smartnarrow to -c MAIL -i INBOX breaks nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor zephyr
#4 Pseudo-logins do not display for all users nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor zephyr
#8 smartnarrow on CC'd personals should include all people in the CC list geofft@MIT.EDU enhancement minor zephyr
#11 Sending to -c message -i personal is broken nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major zephyr
#12 Non-personal pings are confusingly displayed nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor zephyr
#14 ping displays random junk for zsig nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor zephyr
#22 zcrypt segfaults nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major zephyr
#23 smartnarrow does not always do what I want with un and .d geofft@MIT.EDU defect minor BarnOwl 1.6 zephyr
#26 loadsubs doesn't work with ~ paths nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor zephyr
#28 alt-n problem with unclasses nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor zephyr
#32 Want way to reload .anyone subs nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor zephyr
#35 Cause unsub to warn user if user wasn't subbed to begin with nelhage@MIT.EDU enhancement minor zephyr
#38 Narrowing fails with daemon messages for printer error defect minor zephyr
#40 R and C-r don't DWIM on personals defect minor zephyr
#65 ability to set exposure arbitrarily enhancement major zephyr
#144 Need better notification when sending a zephyr fails defect major zephyr
#148 misleading text for sender on zwrite to multiple people without -C defect minor zephyr
#168 Deal with multi-line zsigs defect trivial zephyr
#173 Barnowl does not visually distinguish between messages to -c foo and -c foo @FOREIGN-REALM defect minor zephyr
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