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barnowl / xterm-color / andersk 16:59 (Anders Kaseorg)

[Continuing a conversation from -c scripts, of all places.]

BarnOwl has some weird display problems on with its default TERM=xterm-color.

Conventional wisdom has been to change that to TERM=xterm, which indeed seems to make this problem go away, but causes different problems in other applications:

Is it possible that the xterm-color display problem is actually a BarnOwl bug?

barnowl / xterm-color / andersk 17:02 (Anders Kaseorg) explains why you don’t want to use TERM=xterm-color with {XFree86,Xorg} xterm. This reasoning does not apply to, as it appears really doesn’t support bce. So I wonder if TERM=xterm-color might actually be the right setting.

barnowl / xterm-color / nelhage 17:03 (.lib section in a.out corrupted (81))


From that screenshot, it seems that the problems are mostly in the status bar?

barnowl / xterm-color / andersk 17:04 (Anders Kaseorg)

Looks that way. (The screenshot is geofft’s.)

barnowl / xterm-color / geofft 17:05 (Geoffrey Thomas)

I can generate more screenshots if you want

barnowl / xterm-color / nelhage 17:06 (Out of memory (12))

sometime not right now, and probably when asedeno and/or kcr are around, since they both know far more about curses than I do.

barnowl / xterm-color / geofft 17:07 (Geoffrey Thomas)

The first two hyphens on the sepbar default to a reverse video. The rest become reverse video when they're changed (e.g., zephyrs arrive)

barnowl / xterm-color / geofft 17:07 (Geoffrey Thomas)

Hm. That might actually be the only issue.

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