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Countermeasures to prevent mixing

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We should add some optional features to make it harder to accidentally mix (send a reply to the wrong message).

  • There's a suggestion on the UserVoice to "highlight" the message or context being replied to, and "dim" other messages.
  • Since I use plenty of colors in my barnowl, it would be useful for the reply, as I'm typing it in the edit window, to be in the same coloring as it would be if it were a received message.
  • I suspect narrowing to only the current message while replying would be quite effective, although it's a little strong.

These probably don't want to be enabled by default, but would be worth documenting prominently. If they're options, that means it's worth implementing more than one of them, so people can use whichever is most useful to them.

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rnjacobs suggests disabling replies unless you're narrowed, and has an implementation of this in current barnowl, by defining the reply-lockout filter using the "perl" filter qualifier to check if you're somewhere other than your home filter, actually. Cleaned up a bit, that would also be a great option.

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