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classlogging=on and loggingdirection=out is stupid and easy to do by mistake

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The loggingdirection controls whether incoming messages, outgoing messages, or both get logged. classlogging controls whether any class messages get logged. Given that all class messages are incoming, setting loggingdirection to out and classlogging to on is stupid. I'd suggest doing (at least) one of the following:

  1. make loggingdirection apply only to personals, and having classlogging=on log all class messages
  2. noting this conflict explicitly in the docs for classlogging and loggingdirection
  3. outputting a warning when classlogging=on and loggingdirection=out are both set

I'm a fan of (1) above, personally.

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I've implemented (1) in a commit to perl-logging, at Branch is still blocking on perlvariables.

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Is this a good idea? I assume the point of loggingdirection is for multi-BarnOwl setups where only one BarnOwl is logging incoming messages, but every BarnOwl logs outgoing personals. Change (1) would increase the number of variables you need to flip between different BarnOwls in such a setup.

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I've now implemented a combination of (2) and (3) in that pull request, at Anders' suggestion; the docs for loggingdirection mention that it overrides variables like classlogging, and, if loggingdirection is out, you get a warning every time you get a non-personal message that would be logged if loggingdirection were both, but is not logged.

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PR#54 now only does (2), and does not output a warning. This is the way it's been for some time.

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