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Make barnowl unsuspendable

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Users not infrequently suspend barnowl and then later find they lose subs. Pine seems to have a good model for this -- by default, you can't suspend pine, and if you enable the setting that lets you suspend pine, pine prints a warning message when you do suspend it. The alping warning message is:

Alpine suspended. Give the "fg" command to come back. Warning: Your IMAP connection will be closed if Alpine is suspended for more than 30 minutes

I don't know how accurate the 30 minute guideline is, but I've heard of people's (barn)owls losing subs before that long, I assume because the protocol is different.

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So far as I can tell, BarnOwl is no longer suspendable.

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Um, okay. So, I have a BarnOwl 1.2.1 that won't suspend. Nobody else seems to have unsuspendable BarnOwls of any form, rerunning 1.2.1 doesn't give me an unsuspendable BarnOwl, and my other BarnOwls are suspendable...

So... false alarm. Sorry, folks.

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I believe this should be fixed on master. 'Z' prints a (hopefully)helpful error, and points at the ':suspend' command, which you can use to suspend if you really want.

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