Nov 15, 2008:

8:49 AM Changeset [799b60e]debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9 by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@mit.edu>
Add the :show quickstart command. In an effort to make barnowl more self-documenting, add a ':show quickstart' command, which displays about two lines on using each protocol, a getQuickstart perl hook, and references to this command in the startup message and :help. Signed-off-by: Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@mit.edu>

Nov 3, 2008:

6:36 PM Ticket #53 (barnowl sometimes crashes with Jabber) created by kchen@MIT.EDU
barnowl sometimes crashes when using Jabber with an error message that …

Nov 2, 2008:

3:21 PM Changeset [e729e3b] by Evan Broder <broder@mit.edu>
Changelog entry for 1.0.3-0debathena1
3:06 PM Changeset [3e9485d] by Evan Broder <broder@mit.edu>
Merge branch 'master' into debian Conflicts: .gitignore

Oct 31, 2008:

4:21 PM WikiStart edited by nelhage@MIT.EDU
4:17 PM barnowl-1.0.3-src.tgz attached to Download by nelhage@MIT.EDU
BarnOwl 1.0.3 source tarball.
3:19 PM Changeset [43a306c]debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9 by Nelson Elhage <nelhage@mit.edu>

Oct 30, 2008:

12:47 AM Changeset [7e78e49]debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9 by Kevin Chen <kchen@mit.edu>
Remove svkversion script and OWL_SVN_REVNO.

Oct 29, 2008:

9:38 PM Changeset [3f3ee61]debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9 by Alejandro R. Sedeño <asedeno@mit.edu>
Factor the code used to populate zsigs out of the function used to parse zwrite lines, and call it only when we're sending a message. Now users with a zsigproc will only have it called once when sending a zephyr.

Oct 16, 2008:

1:31 PM Changeset [e979da9]debianrelease-1.4release-1.5release-1.6release-1.7release-1.8release-1.9 by Alejandro R. Sedeño <asedeno@mit.edu>
We should never see a Byte-Order-Mark in XMPP bodies. If we do, strip them out.
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