Aug 18, 2011:

1:21 PM Ticket #199 (Don't send -O ping to -c message -i personal) created by kchen@mit.edu
I'm guessing this bug still exists, since -c message -i personal …

Aug 15, 2011:

11:32 PM Ticket #198 (Recovery instructions for ticket-failed messages) created by rlhatton@mit.edu
Currently, barnowl offers no instruction to the user of how to recover …

Aug 7, 2011:

6:20 AM Ticket #197 (BarnOwl sometimes segfaults on $m->delete_and_expunge called from the ...) created by jgross@mit.edu
If you call $m->delete_and_expunge with the object passed to the …

Aug 3, 2011:

7:08 PM Ticket #196 (Tab completion is incorrect after `:set $variable-name `) created by jgross@mit.edu
When you tab after :set $valid-variable-name , you get -q. The …
7:06 PM Ticket #195 (Completion for `:set` should provide appropriate options for bool and ...) created by jgross@mit.edu
Currently, we provide completion for variable names for :set, but …
6:55 PM Changeset [6edc38b] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Complete unstartup command just like startup command
6:49 PM Ticket #194 (Tabbing at the beginning of a command with words after it adds space) created by jgross@mit.edu
If I tab from the middle of a command that is already completed, for …

Aug 1, 2011:

11:28 PM Changeset [0071c88] by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Restore correct semantics of message 'time' attribute This rewrites part of 4ebbfbc5360fa004637dd101f5a0c833cdccd60a. We can't replace every instance of ctime with a user-formatted time, as the time attribute is not user-formatted. It is (unfortunately) the API for perl to override the timestamp and owl_perlconfig_hashref2message expects a particular format for strptime. We should not then flip the values around once they reach C. (Especially not a locale-dependent one.) Rename *_to_timestr functions to owl_util_format_* so it is clear the function should only be used for user-formatted times.

Jul 31, 2011:

1:55 AM Changeset [6ddeb17] by GitHub Merge Button <merge-button@github.com>
Merge 3b17b576fd1ea9cad1bfe24591b287425172db9a into 9078f69bca3842103a42b6ff02451b229988753a
1:53 AM Changeset [3b17b57]release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Kill owl_function_lastmsg_noredisplay Now that owl_window exists and owl_mainwin_redisplay merely sets a dirty flag, we don't have to care that it only gets called once. It's cheap.

Jul 30, 2011:

3:11 AM Changeset [9078f69]release-1.9 by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@mit.edu>
Remove ^noc from reply-lockout Given our current user base and how it is no longer primarily people in MIT's Network group, the danger of having legitimate classes starting with "noc" overrides the usefulness of having -c noc itself and affiliated classes in reply-lockout. This leaves reply-lockout with just class ^mail$. Ideally we'd write an Athena-specific customization module... Signed-off-by: Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@mit.edu> Reviewed-by: David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>

Jul 25, 2011:

1:39 AM Changeset [42247d8] by GitHub Merge Button <merge-button@github.com>
Merge a74a04441b9bb3d375840a9198cd9c529be66f9f into f271129fbb186598811b923e406d65f9d2b3031a
1:35 AM Changeset [a74a044]release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Free the owl_message created for testing It's safe to do so now.
1:35 AM Changeset [b9517cf]release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Explicitly store whether an owl_message has a ZNotice_t We should remove it altogether in perlmessages, but in the meantime, we shouldn't be crashing on faked incoming zephyr messages. Also drop the attempted fake ZNotice_t in owl_perlconfig_hashref2message. No one could have relied on it safely today because any such message would crash on delete.
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