Oct 28, 2011:

1:53 AM Ticket #205 (Segfault on :multi loopwrite; loopwrite; edit:cancel; edit:cancel) created by andersk@mit.edu
BarnOwl segfaults on `:multi loopwrite; loopwrite; edit:cancel; …[…]

Oct 17, 2011:

8:15 PM Changeset [a19c9a3] by GitHub Merge Button <merge-button@github.com>
Merge 389d48749c4eb68f218e9fd6faf953ba542bfb75 into ef4074b758108eb46e2b1884e950d6f092a01260
8:12 PM Changeset [389d487]release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Switch to interactive context before sourcing the startup file There are no invariants that don't hold before the previous place we flip the interactive bit; although default_style is applied afterwards, there is still a style set before that code. There is no code which reads the READCONFIG bit, so no behavior should change from there. Setting the interactive bit makes owl_function_load{login,}subs noisier, but that's fine. A number of commands were labeled OWL_CTX_INTERACTIVE, but that doesn't change much because, unless the command is OWLCMD_*_CTX, the bits are ignored. What does change is that .owl/startup is allowed to leave with a context on the stack. In particular, this /finally/ fixes #161. More fundamentally, this makes .owl/startup identical to the user having run those commands in succession, which is a nice simplification.

Oct 15, 2011:

8:17 PM Changeset [822e9bd] by Jed Davis <jld@panix.com>
Fix SASL digest-uri to be acceptable to ejabberd. This is, approximately, 68ad6bc and 8fe68e0 from the XML-Stream repo. The problem is that, if example.com pointed SRV records at foo.example.com, we'd send "xmpp/foo.example.com" (which is, arguably, what RFC 2831 calls for, but community consensus seems to disagree) rather than "xmpp/example.com". ejabberd would also accept "xmpp/foo.example.com/example.com", and that would follow RFC 2831 more closely, but I don't want to introduce divergence from the upstream unless there's an observed interoperability problem that would be fixed by it.

Oct 14, 2011:

12:09 AM Ticket #204 (zpunt command should be consistent with the subscribe command) created by jgross@mit.edu
:sub message * @cs.cmu.edu and :zpunt message * @cs.cmu.edu both …
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