Sep 9, 2012:

6:30 PM Changeset [54d9b42] by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Merge a8c55b5229df5b40e00b717abd7f1f8fa52c18e2 into 4d9e311c006953157914f0491b8904e796ea3f19
6:26 PM Changeset [a8c55b5]release-1.10release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Use Digest::SHA in Jabber module instead of Digest::SHA1 The cool kids spell it without the 1 these days. More precisely, Digest::SHA1 no longer exists in precise. Also it's in perl itself these days. (We can just install Digest::SHA into the locker for the sysnames that need it.)

Aug 12, 2012:

9:11 PM Changeset [7c539a8] by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Merge 4d9e311c006953157914f0491b8904e796ea3f19 into 0a9ffc5232545cdaee5dacab62f1082c9230892e
9:11 PM Changeset [4d9e311c]release-1.10release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Don't do the stderr redirect hack if !isatty(2) stderr has already been redirected, so there's no point. This way if barnowl crashes, we have some hope of recovering the stderr by redirecting it to a file first. The pipe hack is still evil, but this is somewhat less insane.
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