Oct 11, 2012:

10:40 PM Ticket #222 (Warn on weak zcrypt keys) created by adehnert@mit.edu
Given the difficulties in #221 and a recently-discovered weak key, I …
10:36 PM Ticket #221 (Add script for generating zcrypt keys) created by adehnert@mit.edu
Creating a zcrypt key has some pitfalls for the unwary user: in …

Oct 5, 2012:

6:00 PM Ticket #220 (Pressing Tab multiple times should cycle through tab completion ...) created by andersk@mit.edu
If I type, say, :irc-<Tab>, I see […] It would be cool if I …

Sep 25, 2012:

5:08 AM Ticket #219 (Horizontal scrolling with right-to-left text should DTRT) created by jgross@mit.edu
If I send a Hebrew message in BarnOwl, the Hebrew is all …

Sep 24, 2012:

11:06 PM Changeset [290e2d0]release-1.10 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Bump version for development.
9:16 PM Changeset [489df88]release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
BarnOwl 1.9rc1
9:15 PM Changeset [f43c777]release-1.10release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Facebook has EVEN MORE dependencies

Sep 17, 2012:

9:50 AM Changeset [96ee74c]release-1.10release-1.9 by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Document that the Facebook module wants a moose Or a mouse apparently. Also that other dependency.

Sep 12, 2012:

7:53 PM Changeset [ea0c453]release-1.10release-1.9 by Adam Glasgall <adam@crossproduct.net>
Merge pull request #100 from davidben/master Use Digest::SHA in Jabber module instead of Digest::SHA1, since Digest::SHA1 has been abandoned and removed from distributions.
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