Jan 11, 2013:

12:30 AM Changeset [4626016]release-1.10 by Alejandro R. Sedeño <asedeno@mit.edu>
Remove completion for nonexistent ':show information'

Jan 10, 2013:

2:42 PM Changeset [007081e] by David Benjamin <davidben@mit.edu>
Make :loadsubs reload instanced personals too Right now if your subs get lost because something falls over, you have to manually sub to instanced personals to get them back. :loadsubs doesn't work. (Supposedly that code is for "backwards compatibility", but... it dates back to kretch. Probably because it's odd that :loadsubs [file] will also automatically load the default subs. But given that everyone runs :loadsubs with no argument to mean "oops zephyr fell over reload my subs please", I'm okay with adding more code to the "backwards compatibility" path. I doubt anyone actually runs :loadsubs with an argument anyway.) Also, while I'm here, get rid of that 'foo' variable. (Really? Really?! foo?!?)

Jan 5, 2013:

4:01 PM Changeset [f9325e9] by Jason Gross <jasongross9@gmail.com>
Merge 6f14b20022e0a3d8b14f536d7f2e22a4cc88eb64 into 048b1ff9986fa6f3572985dbf44dd262dcd81618
3:58 PM Changeset [6f14b20] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Replace comment about glib 2.22 with version check
3:36 PM Changeset [48848ae] by Jason Gross <jasongross9@gmail.com>
Merge f809cadc174962e158513b239f10be3d55d5b588 into 048b1ff9986fa6f3572985dbf44dd262dcd81618
3:34 PM Changeset [f809cad] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Defer failed log messages Previously, when we failed to open a logging file, we errored, and dropped the log message. This commit makes it so that, if the reason we failed was a permissions error, we instead add the log entry to a queue of messages to be logged eventually, and inform the user that logging has been suspended. The user must run :flush-logs to resume logging. If :flush-log has an fopen that fails with EPERM or EACCES, we re-defer messages and inform the user. On shutdown, BarnOwl will attempt to log all messages currently in the queue one last time.

Dec 12, 2012:

8:36 PM Changeset [4a6f8b0] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
Merge 048b1ff9986fa6f3572985dbf44dd262dcd81618 into 6401db33a7a1c3156833113bbe6e9eec7a571406
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