Feb 13, 2013:

2:36 PM StraightforwardTickets created by adehnert@mit.edu
Create page with query
2:31 PM WikiStart edited by adehnert@mit.edu
Add reference to straightforward tickets (diff)

Feb 9, 2013:

4:40 AM Ticket #241 (Discourage sending to certain classes (reply -c $group-auto -> $group?)) created by adehnert@mit.edu
Many groups have a "$group-auto" class that receives automated …

Feb 4, 2013:

9:08 PM Ticket #240 (Mode to automatically delete old messages) created by geofft@mit.edu
This is a …
9:02 PM Ticket #239 (Allow access to this Trac to non-MIT folks) created by geofft@mit.edu
I wonder why we don't hear from non-MIT users of barnowl that often.…
8:52 PM Ticket #238 (Countermeasures to prevent mixing) created by geofft@mit.edu
We should add some optional features to make it harder to accidentally …
8:46 PM Ticket #237 (Allocate memory from a file-backed pool) created by geofft@mit.edu
On most Athena shared machines, there's a lot more disk space …
8:34 PM Ticket #236 (jroster and jlist should be better documented and maybe have better UI) created by geofft@mit.edu
1:01 PM Ticket #235 (zcrypt: mass decryption) created by adehnert@mit.edu
It would be nice for core to have functionality for decrypting crypted …

Feb 1, 2013:

10:24 PM Ticket #234 (make clean; make -j8 sometimes fails) closed by jgross@mit.edu
6:26 PM Ticket #234 (make clean; make -j8 sometimes fails) created by jgross@mit.edu
BarnOwl's build process does not seem to be thread safe. I've seen it …
4:19 PM Ticket #147 (colorztext should force recomputation of message fmttext) closed by jgross@mit.edu

Jan 30, 2013:

10:14 AM Ticket #233 (BarnOwl should grow a url-minifier) created by jgross@mit.edu
I would find it useful to be able to set an option that says "any url …

Jan 25, 2013:

1:40 PM Ticket #232 (BarnOwl should automatically reconnect to Zephyr) created by andersk@mit.edu
After so much time has been wasted telling users to loadsubs, …

Jan 19, 2013:

8:05 PM WikiStart edited by davidben@mit.edu
Remove link to old mediawiki (diff)
4:26 PM StyleTemplate created by davidben@mit.edu
2:41 PM 72-color-combinations created by davidben@mit.edu
what is this I don't even
2:21 PM GettingStarted edited by davidben@mit.edu
Link to SIPB's owl-screen docs as replacement for mediawiki Getting … (diff)
1:55 PM Filters edited by davidben@mit.edu
Add a note about colors, adapted from doc/intro.txt (diff)

Jan 18, 2013:

6:07 PM Ticket #231 (barnowl filters should match Zephyr normalization rules) created by geofft@mit.edu
Zephyr normalizes class names to NFKC when determining whether a …

Jan 17, 2013:

11:23 PM Ticket #230 (zcrypt: Key file path discovery in message comment) created by geofft@mit.edu
It'd be pretty nifty to allow provisioning a zcrypt class by saying …
11:16 PM Ticket #229 (zcrypt: Options support, and some common enhancements) created by geofft@mit.edu
(Filing this as a single ticket, since the mechanism for enhancements …
11:00 PM Ticket #227 (Include a buzzfilter in core) closed by geofft@mit.edu
duplicate: dupe of #228 (price and I were talking about this in personals, and I …
10:54 PM Ticket #228 (Provide buzzfilter) created by price@mit.edu
I have a handy command for dealing with trolls in my …
10:51 PM Ticket #227 (Include a buzzfilter in core) created by geofft@mit.edu
It's useful, and small.
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