Aug 28, 2013:

6:36 PM Changeset [f1a71c8] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
Merge 441fd42c37f0c4bde4b84cd57720625d4787ab73 into ca1fb26a9a22aea6ecd68b0150859ef065c6afc5
6:34 PM Changeset [441fd42] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
Replace the last few “Barnowl”s with “BarnOwl”s Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
3:12 PM GettingStarted edited by lfaraone@mit.edu
merge in barnowl-specific documentation to this page (diff)

Aug 15, 2013:

3:16 PM Ticket #267 (Disconnects from gmail Jabber don't cause auto-reconnect or roster to ...) created by kchen@mit.edu
When gmail Jabber disconnects me, barnowl both fails to auto-reconnect …

Aug 13, 2013:

12:09 PM Ticket #266 (jabberlogout logs out wrong account) created by kchen@mit.edu
If you are logged into two different jabber accounts, A and B, and run …

Aug 12, 2013:

7:12 PM Ticket #265 (Support @roman) created by andersk@mit.edu
BarnOwl doesn’t support zwgc’s @roman tag (that cancels any …

Aug 11, 2013:

4:40 PM Changeset [883b421] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
Merge ca1fb26a9a22aea6ecd68b0150859ef065c6afc5 into 76e80dee6b4f058b982a12b57bc4ec5220eb2e13
4:36 PM Changeset [ca1fb26a] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
Be smarter about rebuilding on version number changes Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
12:43 AM Ticket #264 (Barnowl/zwrite should dedup CC lists) created by achernya@mit.edu
Otherwise recipients get multiple copies of a message, and you can …

Aug 9, 2013:

10:00 PM Changeset [685cca7] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
Remove C files from BUILT_SOURCES They are already built through normal dependency chains. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
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