Jan 27, 2014:

11:33 PM Ticket #280 (Logging twitters should be better about conversations) created by jgross@mit.edu
In perl-logging (hopefully soon to be merged), twitters are logged …
10:53 PM Ticket #279 (:reply to a twitter message should mimic twitter's behavior) created by jgross@mit.edu
At twitter.com, reply means "stick anything matching '(@[ ]+ +)*' …
10:51 PM Ticket #278 (Twitter should resolve t.co urls) created by jgross@mit.edu
BarnOwl should (optionally?) display the linked urls rather than the …
10:45 PM Ticket #277 (Twitter error message should say length of message) created by jgross@mit.edu
The error message I get is currently OWL ADMIN Perl …
10:44 PM Ticket #276 (Display number of twitter characters) created by jgross@mit.edu
Twitter should, on keystroke, update the display to include the number …
10:43 PM Ticket #275 (Twitter auto-word-wrap) created by jgross@mit.edu
There should be a variable which, when set, will split twitter …

Jan 25, 2014:

12:36 PM Ticket #274 (irc-rejoin code is broken for > 20-26 channels) created by jgross@mit.edu
The rejoin code works great for 20 channels. When I had 26 channels, …

Jan 23, 2014:

6:30 PM Ticket #273 (Document dependencies for Twitter SSL) created by andersk@mit.edu
Commit c53f5e8053c27ca530b9a921c09e572783e8ff46, which was …
6:24 PM Changeset [9ae6095] by Nelson Elhage <nelhage@nelhage.com>
Merge pull request #160 from nelhage/twitter Some misc twitter fixes and improvements
5:52 PM Changeset [140429f] by Nelson Elhage <nelhage@nelhage.com>
Implement :twitter-favorite
5:51 PM Changeset [0d53dfb] by Nelson Elhage <nelhage@nelhage.com>
Kill the client-side tweet length check. Just let the API do the check. Since we don't shorten URLs, our check is way wrong anyways.
5:45 PM Changeset [7ff3907] by Nelson Elhage <nelhage@nelhage.com>
squelch the legacy_list_api warnings

Jan 14, 2014:

4:56 PM Changeset [c53f5e8] by Alex Dehnert <adehnert@mit.edu>
Use SSL by default As per https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/24239 and https://twitter.com/perl_api/status/423210390684565504, the Twitter API now requires SSL connections, so go use them.

Jan 13, 2014:

7:51 PM Ticket #272 (Display jabber names, not just JIDs) created by kchen@mit.edu
It would be useful if barnowl displayed jabber names and not just JIDs …

Jan 7, 2014:

6:02 PM Changeset [4733d68] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Note conflict of loggingdirection and classlogging The description of loggingdirection specifies that it applies to all messages, and thus overrides classlogging. This implements option (2) of trac #242.
6:02 PM Changeset [2688bd5] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Log loopbacks to loopback file in ~/zlog Not to ~/zlog/loop{sender,recip}. If compatibility logging is on, loopbacks get logged to ~/zlog/people/loopback, which is what happened before this branch.
6:02 PM Changeset [611236e] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Add log-to-subdirectories, a compatibility frob If disabled (the default), then logging of jabber and AIM messages behaves how it used to. If enabled, then each protocol gets its own subdirectory.
6:02 PM Changeset [cc27237] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Use g_utf8_casefold and g_utf8_normalize We define a convenience function compat_casefold in util.c for reuse in filters.
6:02 PM Changeset [4b9c3b9] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Update IRC logging to be more idiomatic Based on a message from kini on #oplss at 2013-07-27 12:40: freenode / #oplss / kini 2013-07-27 12:40 (kini!kini@unaffiliated/kini) jgross: the standard format is "[timestamp] <username> message", one line per message freenode / #oplss / kini 2013-07-27 12:41 (kini!kini@unaffiliated/kini) non-message events are usually notated as "* event description", e.g. "* kini (unaffiliated/kini) joined #oplss", or whatever
6:02 PM Changeset [9367711] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Add a comment about existence of logging dirs
6:02 PM Changeset [33d384a] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Remove irc: from irc message filenames
6:02 PM Changeset [50a3240] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Log to subfolders of a base path A different subfolder for each protocol.
6:02 PM Changeset [101aedb] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Add IRC logging filename generation Based on asedeno's comment "For IRC I'd probably want a combination of network and (channel or nick)."
6:02 PM Changeset [c0d31b3] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Log different realms to different files
6:02 PM Changeset [681ce76] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Ignore kerberos instances in the sender and recipient when logging This fixes trac-#151 (Handle logging of personal zephyrs from different instances of Kerberos principals sanely). Stripping the instance is only done for the filename, not for the actual log contents.
6:02 PM Changeset [1210b54] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Moved the last of the logging-related variables to perl We seem to have picked logpath as the string variable we test in tester.c. Since this is no longer in C, I've replaced it with personalbell (no particular reason for that choice).
6:02 PM Changeset [023f405] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Moved logging-specific variables to perl But only the ones that could be moved losslessly, i.e., no special validsettings and not enums.
6:02 PM Changeset [bf61c61] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Moved notification of message logging to perl
6:02 PM Changeset [6e764aa] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Moved the checking of whether or not to log messages to perl
6:00 PM Changeset [f511c1e] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Moved outgoing zephyr error logging to perl
6:00 PM Changeset [e38cc20] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Scrapped the last bits of C code dealing with jabber. We still have an OWL_PROTOCOL_JABBER in owl.h, but it does no harm being there, and we don't use any of the other ones except for AIM. I figure there's no harm in waiting and ripping all of them out at the same time in perl/AIM
6:00 PM Changeset [dca6255] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Moved log file name generation to perl I don't think that the class/personal distinction is the best for general protocols, but I don't know what should replace it. I've made class-logging default to only zephyr (a slight change from previous behavior, where jabber MUC's would be logged to $classlogpath, as well as all non-private non-login messages from other protocols), but made logging path generation overridable. TODO: Decide whether or not to filter out more 'bad' characters. Perhaps we should remove '!' because it indicates history in some shells and makes things obnoxious, or '~' becase it indicates homedirs in many shells. * '/' is for separating directories, and we don't want to accidentally make subdirectories We first NFKC for zephyrs, and then apply lc. The zephyr servers apply case-folded NFKC (so says http://zephyr.1ts.org/browser/zephyr/server/zstring.c). We should probably use Unicode::CaseFold instead of lc. I'm also not sure what the order case-adjustment and normalization should be. We first NFKC, then apply lc, to jabbers, as per http://xmpp.org/internet-drafts/attic/draft-ietf-xmpp-nodeprep-03.html (though I can't actually find anything that specifies the case-folding algorithm, nor the ordering). We now use lc instead of g_utf8_strdown to normalize AIM screennames.
6:00 PM Changeset [e7ab1d7] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Made owl_util_makepath available from perl There's probably a better way to do this. Maybe sub makepath { my $filename = shift; $filename =~ s{ ^ ~ ( [^/]* ) } { $1 ? (getpwnam($1))[7] : ( $ENV{HOME} || $ENV{LOGDIR} || (getpwuid($>))[7] ) }ex; return $filename; } (http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/perl/cookbook/ch07_04.htm) or something. Additionally, I'm not sure why PREINIT: char *rv = NULL; CODE: { rv = foo(); RETVAL = rv; } OUTPUT: RETVAL CLEANUP: g_free(rv); is the paradigm for functions returning strings, when foo returns `char *` and not `const char *`. I've removed the `= NULL` part of the initlization, which I assume is left over from when we had to NULL-check things before freeing them, but I've copied the rest of the code.
6:00 PM Changeset [c877a63] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Moved log generation code to perl.
6:00 PM Changeset [db1a2f8b] by Jason Gross <jgross@mit.edu>
Display log file name on failure to open file Also, make owl_log_error be like printf. This will be more useful in the next commit, when we display error codes.
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