Oct 6, 2017:

10:46 PM Changeset [f4287ad] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
owl_log_makemsg_main_thread: Fix format string injection bug Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
10:25 PM Changeset [1958790] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
zephyr_zwrite: Use owl_function_zwrite This adds outgoing personals to the message list, and supports zcrypt, all for the low low price of āˆ’4 LoC. (Iā€™m not sure why anyone would use this interface, though, given the existence of BarnOwl::zwrite('andersk', '-m', 'message').) Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
10:22 PM Changeset [d400776] by Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
Fix M-LEFT binding, and also bind C-LEFT, C-RIGHT Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
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