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ColorUtils is a module for BarnOwl written by asedeno to make managing color filters easy.

To get started, copy /afs/ into ~/.owl/modules/ and then start barnowl.

If you already have a running barnowl, ":reload-module ColorUtils.par" should load the module into it.

Once you have ColorUtils loaded, three new command will be added to barnowl:

  • setcolor -- set the color for the current message; bound to 'c'.
  • savecolors -- persist the current color settings to file.
  • loadcolors -- load color settings from file.

setcolor [-b] [-i] <color>

  • -b -- set the background color, rather than the foreground color
  • -i -- For zephyr classes, color the particular instance. This is the default for class message.
  • color -- one of the colors listed in :show colors

Note: Colors are only persisted when the savecolors command is run, not when setcolor is used.

color settings are stored in two files in ~/.owl

  • colormap -- foreground color mappings.
  • colormap_bg -- background color mappings.