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General Use

How do I execute a command?

Press the : key to open an input line where you can type a command. You can run the


command (or just press h) for a summary of some commonly-used commands, or use :show commands to show them al.

How do I see who is online?

Press the l key or run :blist

How do I add a buddy on Zephyr or AIM?

:addbuddy protocol name

where protocol is either aim or zephyr.


How do I make configuration changes stick across launches?

Prefix the command you used to edit the setting with "startup ", for example: :startup set edit:maxwrapcols 71

This will store the command into the .owl/startup file in your home directory, which you can also edit directly.

How do I enable logging?

To log personal Zephyrs/Jabbers/IMs: :set logging on

To log messages sent to Zephyr classes: :set classlogging on


How do I sign in to a Zephyr account?

barnowl automatically signs you in to your Zephyr account in your default realm (ATHENA.MIT.EDU).

How do I send a Zephyr message?

:zwrite USERNAME

or, if they're in a different realm, :zwrite USERNAME@REALM

or just press the z to open a command line with the zwrite filled in.

How do I subscribe to a Zephyr class?

subscribe class instance recipient

You may leave recipient blank if you wish to receive Zephyrs sent for anyone, and you can use * as a wildcard for the instance. Unlike other Zephyr clients, barnowl will add your subscription to your .zephyr.subs file by default. If you don't want it to do so, add the -t option to the subscribe command.

sub is an alias for unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from a Zephyr class, repeat the command but with unsubscribe: unsubscribe class instance recipient


What is a JID?

A JID is a Jabber ID. It takes the form in the case of Athena, your JID is

How do I sign in to a Jabber account?

:jabberlogin JID

How do I send a Jabber message?

jwrite JID

or, as a shortcut, you can press the j key to open a command line the jwrite pre-filled.

How do I join a Jabber conference?

Conferences have JIDs just like users do. A typical conference JID is; in the case of Athena, conferences are

:jmuc join

To later leave the MUC (multi-user chat):

:jmuc part

Can I see other users in a Jabber conference?

Unlike Zephyr classes, Jabber MUCs have a publicly-viewable roster, which you can see by doing:

:jmuc presence

or to see the roster for every MUC you are subscribed to, use:

:jmuc presence -a