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vi-Style Movement Keys

If you're a heavy vi(,m) user, you may find yourself confused by applications, such as BarnOwl, which require you to leave the home row to move around. Adding these lines to your .owl/startup file will fix that and allow you to navigate normally.

# vi-style movement keybindings
bindkey recv k command recv:prev
bindkey recv j command recv:next
bindkey recv h command recv:shiftleft
bindkey recv l command recv:shiftright

# rebind the default bindings of those keys
bindkey recv H command help
bindkey recv L command blist
bindkey recv J command start-command jwrite

Display a Multi-Line Zsig

Some Zephyr users set multi-line zsigs, but the default style doesn't display them properly. This keybinding pops up a window containing the full zsig.

# display the full zsig of the current message
bindkey recv s command pperl BarnOwl::getcurmsg()->zsig