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    1 == Zephyr, AIM, Jabber, IRC ==
     1= Plugins =
    3 These are either built into BarnOwl or live as plugins in the main tree.
     3BarnOwl implements a plugin system that allows for additional functionality to be implemented as add-on perl modules. This page exists to have a semi-centralized list of out-of-tree plugins that you can add to your Barnowl.
     5 * For instructions on installing plugin modules, see [wiki:UsingPlugins]
     6 * For instructions on creating a plugin, see [wiki:CreatingAModule]
    58== Twitter ==
    7 The [ BarnOwl Twitter plugin].  Send and receive public and direct messages via Twitter and Twitter-like services (eg.  Mirror select zephyrs to Twitter.
     10||Author:||Nelson Elhage `<>`||
     15This plugin implements Twitter support for BarnOwl. You can send and
     16receive public and direct messages via Twitter and Twitter-like
     17services (eg.  You can also optionally mirror select
     18zephyrs to Twitter.
     20The Twitter plugin will be part of the main barnowl distribution
     21starting with BarnOwl 1.7.
     23== Alias ==
     25||Author:||Nelson Elhage `<>`||
     30The Alias plugin allows you to change the displayed name of select classes, for example to abbreviate long class names or to hide private class names from shoulder-surfers.
     32== DevUtils ==
     34||Author:||Nelson Elhage `<>`||
     38The DevUtils plugin contains some utilities of use to BarnOwl plugin developers. At the moment, it contains only the `eperl` command, which allows you to enter perl into the edit window and have it evaluated, with several options for how to display the result.
     40== ZStatus ==
     42||Author:||Nelson Elhage `<>`||
     46The ZStatus plugin exposes the `zstatus` and `zbars` commands, for sending status bars to Zephyr that look something like:
     51       [Zephyr status dashboard]
     52              barnowls [<span style="color:red">========  </span>] <span style="color:red">(8/10)</span>
     53                ponies [<span style="color:green">===       </span>] <span style="color:green">(3/10)</span>