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VT Style Display

Users of jervt transitioning to barnowl may find barnowl's default formatting to be wasteful of screen real estate, especially on wide terminals. With a few quick configuration changes, BarnOwl's display can be set to emulate vt's output fairly closely.

Style Template

Download the attached style template perl file and place it in your .owl directory.

Startup Script Updates

Append the following settings into your .owl/startup script (or create it if it doesn't exist):

#minimize the input space
set typewindelta 1
set typewinsize 1

#owl users prefer that zephyrs get sent in tiny chunks
set edit:maxwrapcols 80

#import the style template
perl do "~/.owl/"

#set the style template to be the default style.
set default_style mystyle


No image "owlstyle.png" attached to VtStyle No image "vtstyle.png" attached to VtStyle