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  • May 30, 2008: BarnOwl 1.0.1 Released. Fixes some small bugs in .owlconf backwards-compatibility, Jabber, and the copyright notice. See the ChangeLog.
  • May 27, 2008: BarnOwl 1.0.0 Released. Download a source tarball from the download page.

Welcome to BarnOwl

BarnOwl is a curses-based IM client forked from the ktools owl project. BarnOwl currently supports Zephyr, AIM, and Jabber, and aims to be easily extensible and customizable through a perl plugin interface.

  • GettingStarted with BarnOwl on Athena
  • The old MediaWiki If you find anything useful there that's not here, move it over!


Screenshot of mostly standard BarnOwl. BarnOwl 1.0.1, demonstrating personal and class zephyrs, running under screen and gnome-terminal.

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