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     2The BarnOwl Developers are pleased to announce the release of BarnOwl
     3version 1.3.
     5It has been installed in the Athena locker, and you can download it
     6from the website [1] or get the source from Github [2]. The full
     7Changelog is available online [3], but there are a couple of features
     8I am particularly happy to announce:
     10 * BarnOwl now supports tab-completion! This includes command names
     11   themselves, as well as the arguments to most common client, zephyr,
     12   IRC, and Jabber commands.
     14   Currently Zephyr only completes using classes and users it has seen
     15   messages to/from, so it will take a little while to "spin up" in a
     16   new BarnOwl. We plan to add reading of Zephyr subscriptions and
     17   .anyone files soon.
     19   Please let us know at <> if there are other
     20   commands you would like to see completion implemented for.
     22   Thanks to new developer David Benjamin <> for
     23   writing code to complete many of the barnowl-control commands,
     24   including completing filter expressions in :filter and :view -d.
     26 * The editwin code has been almost completely rewritten. In addition
     27   to be much cleaner, the new code fixes several small but annoying
     28   bugs, and implements C-y to yank the result of the last C-k or C-w.
     34In addition, there are were new features in 1.2, which I failed to
     35send an announcement about, that are worth mentioning:
     37 * BarnOwl now supports personal messages to arbitrary instances
     38   better, e.g. 'zwrite nelhage -i barnowl', in both display and in
     39   the UI for interacting with them. In addition, BarnOwl now
     40   subscribes you to <message,*,%me> by default so that you can
     41   receive these messages.
     43   We encourage you to try this feature out and let us know if you
     44   find useful, and how it could be improved.
     46   Thanks to new developer Alex Dehnert <> for taking
     47   charge on the planning and almost all of the implementation of this
     48   feature.
     50 * BarnOwl now handles ^C specially and allows it to interrupt some
     51   long-running operations. In particular, searching a long message
     52   list, which can take quite a while, can now be aborted using ^C.
     54 * The message list now supports a "mark" and in addition to the
     55   current point. You can save where you are with Control-Space, move
     56   somewhere else, and then go back with Control-x Control-x.
     58   Great for bouncing back and forth between catching up on a backlog
     59   of old messages, and reading what's happening now.
     61Thank you as always for using BarnOwl, and please let us know at
     62<> or on Zephyr on -c barnowl if you have any
     63comments, feedback, bug reports, or feature requests.
     65- Nelson Elhage
     66for the BarnOwl developers