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The BarnOwl developers are pleased to announce the release of BarnOwl
version 1.10.

It has been installed in the barnowl Athena locker for wheezy, jessie,
trusty, and xenial.  You also can download it from the website [1] or get
the source from GitHub [2].

BarnOwl 1.10 is primarily a maintenance release consisting of several years of internal improvements and bug-fixes to BarnOwl. The most user-visible change is that the Facebook module has been temporarily dropped from the locker build of BarnOwl, as it does not work against the current Facebook API and also breaks module reloading. We hope to bring you more exciting new features later this year. The full Changelog is available online [3].

Thank you for using BarnOwl, and we hope you enjoy the new release.  As
usual, any bug reports, questions, or feature requests can be directed to
the developers at <>.

Adam Glasgall
for the BarnOwl developers