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BarnOwl 1.4 Release Notes

The BarnOwl Developers are pleased to announce the release of BarnOwl
version 1.4.

It has been installed in the Athena locker, and you can download it
from the website [1] or get the source from Github [2]. BarnOwl 1.4
contains various bug fixes and new features, including most notably:

* Better support for non-ASCII unicode characters in many places,
  including both sending and receiving non-ASCII characters over AIM
  and IRC.

* When using background colors (via "filter -b"), the lines containing
  colored messages will now be uniformly colored across the entire

* Tab completion for the 'aimwrite' command has been added.

* Several small but annoying edit window bugs have been fixed,
  including the behavior of zdots with trailing whitespace in the

The full Changelog is available online [3].

Thank you for using BarnOwl, and we hope you enjoy the new release. As
usual, any bug reports, questions, or feature requests can be directed
to the developers at <>.

- Nelson Elhage
for the BarnOwl developers